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Bad trip


I had my first bad trip two days ago yes i drank orange juice and i think it enduced it but it was also the first time i smoked while i ate them, I aslo only ate an eighth i dont know what that is in grams but it was going good for about 3 hours and for no reason i started to have a bad trip started seeing demented stuff wanting to kill me otho i was scared of that thats all i could see i tried to calm down and breathe but ended up running around the house for like an hour.

Then i Barfed and ran around some more, I finally laid down and I convulsed in my bed for about an hour trying to get to sleep but i couldnt sleep in the end after seeing myself in my head over and over i finally woke up and tried to walk but they were almost dead my head hurt like no other and i had a bunch of fluid in my mouth.

now im experiencing dizzy spellls everytime i stand up from sitting or laying down for moer than a half hour.

any advice or more questions welcome 

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