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First 25I Trip

My first experience--nothing scary

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to take 25i together. He had done it before, but it was my first time--obviously I was nervous. This is my trip, organized by time.
I took a half tab of 25i at 1:30PM:

T+30 min. No noticeable change in anything. The taste of the tab was not terrible or good either.. Kind of a light inky taste.

T+ 45 min. Definitely starting to feel "funny." The come up starts to feel like I'm slap happy or a bit tipsy.

T+ 1hr 30min. My boyfriend put on Tycho (amazing choice) and I could feel the music touching my ears, moving through my head and coming back out. It felt as though I had dove into a pool of music. At this point, my emotional sensitivity was heightened and I was feeling EVERYTHING.

T+2hrs As I escaped into the music, I did not notice that my boyfriend had left the room. When he returned, he told me his friend was coming over (this particular friend tends to say things that hurt my feelings when I am sober). My good vibes collapsed and I felt a sheet of terror come over me. I think they saw it in my eyes because they rushed to my comfort and the fear went away. I am including this information because it was the first time I knew that my emotions were so intense. Yes, the feeling was terror, but that emotional rush really made me feel alive.

T+3hrs Boyfriend and I decided to lay on the couch together. Settling in with him gave me the opportunity to explore my closed-eye visuals. At this point, I could close my eyes and see full scenes playing out before me. At one point I saw people riding on escalators, a black and neon color scheme, a leaf floating in a green and brown river, and a lamppost in a dark rainy night. All of the scenes were very vivid with incredible color brightness.

T+5hrs I was asked to cook dinner. Ironically, I was peaking when I started to cook. Cooking is something I am normally very good at, so I expected my trip to hinder my abilities, but that was not the case. Instead, I found myself to be inspired, creating a masterpiece of a meal. The only negative effects were a rise in my body temperature that triggered mild hot flashes, but otherwise I was okay.

T+7hrs I started to come down slowly and with the come down came two things: the body fry sensation and incredible visuals. If I overexerted myself, my body would easily overheat and cause some sweating. However, the visuals were so vivid and amazing that I hardly noticed the hotness.

T+8hrs We lit up a bowl and smoked with friends who had just taken mushrooms. The cannabis kicked my trip back up a bit. It bought me about 2 hours of extra trip time. Although the trip was mild from that point, colors were still vivid and I still had closed-eye visuals.

T+10hrs My mind settled enough for me to fall asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I remembered having a nightmare, possibly attributed to the intense visuals I had before falling asleep.

I am a female, about 105 pounds and half a tab of 25i did all of this for me. Always consider your dosage, especially if you never tripped before like me. This experience gave me a ton of insight on my underlying feelings about people and every day things, like cooking and playing Magic the Gathering. My boyfriend and I are deeper in love after taking this together, which is the ultimate "win" for me from this experience. I am in no way recommending anyone to take 25i or other psychedelics-- this is just an account of my experience.

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