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Insane 5g Shroom Trip

Ego shattered

Alright, my friend "C" and I have been looking to do a high dose of shrooms for some time. After a week of rigorous searching and calling everyone we knew, we finally got ahold of around 10 grams of shrooms to split. Saturday morning I made my way over to his house at 8 in the morning to start tripping, and I have read that soaking them in cranberry juice will intensify the trip. So I crushed up my 5 grams put them in a glass and filled the glass with the juice. C did the same and we waited 10 minutes to let them soak and started to talk about what to expect. I had done shrooms about 5 times but he had never done them and was kind of scared. I assured him he would be alright and we drank the the concoction at 8:20.
Immediately after drinking we got in my car and drove into town to Super 1. We walked inside over to where to the drinks are all set up and each picked out something. Walked over to the counter to pay, but unfortunately there was quite a line. While standing in line I started to notice that things were beginning to shift and change form. All the lights in the store were much brighter and the Christmas lights that were strung up appeared to flow freely like the motion of a snake. I looked behind me to let C know we should probably hurry to get home fast, and his eyes were moving at 100 miles per hour looking at everything. We finally got to the front of the line and paid for our drinks. As we were walking out I began to wonder why the human race was so ill equipped to survive, while all other species on earth are so well equipped and adapted. We got back in the car and drove back to C's house.

Upon arriving I jumped out of the car and was about halfway to the door when I look back and C had refused to get out of the car. I got back in and asked him what was up and he said that the inside of the car was safe, and that if he left the car he might die. I assured him he would be okay and after 15 minutes of convincing he got out and we got into the house. So now its about 9 and we head downstairs to play some video games like we had planned. I turn the tv on and burst out in laughter. I dont know what the laughter was for I just couldnt stop laughing. While I was laughing at the TV, C was in the bathroom giggling at the mirror. He wouldnt come out for some time so I was waiting, and for some reason I felt I needed a blanket, and when I found one I wrapped it around myself like a slug and put in my headphones and closed my eyes. When I closed my eyes I could see every color in the universe as bright and vivid as I had ever imagined. And on top of that the blanket that was wrapped around me felt like the softest most amazing thing you could ever think of. When C was finally done in the bathroom, he found me rolling on the ground, wrapped in a blanket, laughing hysterically. He tapped me and asked if I was okay, I said yes and asked if he would be okay if I did this for 10 more minutes. He said okay and let me go about my business.

When I finally got up C had clothed himself in full winter apparel and said we were going on a journey up a mountain. I told him that was a bad Idea and we might get lost. He said we would be fine and that I needed to get my stuff on. So I put on my coat, got all ready and mentally prepared myself for the "trip". Right before walking out the door I told C I needed to pee and walked into the bathroom. Big mistake. I looked at myself in the mirror and my pupils had enveloped about 90 percent of the color part of my eye. Not only that, but my pupils were spinning counterclockwise while changing shapes. From a circle to an octogon to a hexagon to a pentagon to a sqaure to a triange and then repeat. When I was done staring at my pupils I went to take a piss and started to think about why we have to piss in a designated area and why it has to be flushed down the toilet never to be seen again. So I didnt flush, as to spare my pee of the awful flushing process.

I walked out of the bathroom to find C planking on a foot stool, telling me it was something that he normally did. By this time, both of us had forgotten that we were supposed to go on a journey up a mountain and sat in his living room and talked. I layed on the couch while he was still planking, and we went through a vicious loop cycle, from why we were wearing what we were wearing, how pretty it was outside, why we have to live the way we do, and why we cant just do whatever we want. And we cycled these topics for about 45 minutes to an hour. By now its about 11 and C gets a call from his sister Mel. I look at him and tell him not to answer it. He does anyways and puts it on speakerphone. This is how the conversation went:
"Hey, C where are you?" -Mel
"I'm on Mushrooms right now Mel." -C
"WHAT?" -Mel
"Yeah, and its pretty crazy." -C
"Are you serious?" -Mel
"No, just kidding, disregard anything Ive said." -C
He hung up the phone and looked at me happily, as though the conversation had gone exactly how he wanted. By this time my thoughts and emotions had begun to spiral into a bad trip. And I hope nobody cares but I am going to make a reference to Spongebob. For anyone who has seen the episode "Shanghaied", and remembers the "Fly of Despair" part, that is what was seeing every time I closed my eyes. I had begun to cry and ask him why he did that, and he only responded that being a nomad and traveling from place to place right now was the way he wanted to live his life and that he didnt care if anyone knew he was on mushrooms. He didnt actually feel this way, it was the mushrooms talking. So, I frantically began to text Mel and let her know not to tell anyone and let us know if anyone was on the way over to Cs dads house. She was really confused and scared but she agreed.

This calmed my nerves a bit so C and I went downstairs. This is where the trip got even crazier. I layed down on a bed and instantly lost touch with reality. I had no idea what was going on, walking was impossible, thinking was impossible. I was connected to everything, but I had no idea what anything was. I remember at one point I looked at my feet and then I thought my feet are the floor, and then I thought that the floor was the ceiling, and that the ceiling was everything. So my feet were everything. I had forgotten that I was wearing clothes and that the clothes I was wearing were a part of my body, and this was very troubling, because I had a lot of things in my pockets. So it felt like there were things on the the outside of my body, weighing me down, that I could not figure out how to get off of me. I stared at the wall and watched faces come out and speak to me in tongues I had never heard in my life. It was very scary but fascinating. 

After a while, I went and found C in his room and asked him to check his phone. He checked and Mel had said that his big sister (not Mel) was coming home very soon. We cleaned up the house to the best of our ability and left. We went to a park and just kinda sat and talked. He had begun to realize at this point that he had made a huge mistake and should not have told his sister. And I agreed but she saved our asses in the long run. As we were sitting and talking C said that he had to pee and I said okay go for it, and I assumed he would go to the bathroom that was at the park. Nope, instead of using the restroom, he walked into the middle of the park, whipped it out, and started peeing. I was very concerned at this point. But he had no idea what he was doing. After he got back to where I was I asked him if he realized that he just peed in the middle of the park, and he said he realized what he was doing halfway through but just decided to finish anyways. So we stayed at the park, until around 4. Just kind of talking and noticing distortions in time and space. We were coming down a lot and decided it would be all right to start heading home.

The moral of this story is: Make a solid plan, have a backup plan, and NEVER answer your phone. You never know what your going to say.
Happy Tripping

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