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Inside Joke

...with a tree


This was my third time tripping. While I took less than previous trips it was a very enjoyable experience.


A midst an intense class schedule and a busy semester, I got convinced to take a break one saturday morning and go for a trip. While the rest of my university awoke at 7am to begin pre-gaming then stumble to  the stadium to watch the football game, I went to my friend G's co-op to eat some shroom crepes (I know, aren't we fancy?). G,  his friend L (whom I had not met before that day), and I ingested about 1.8g's each. We then decided to take a walk to the forrest area on campus and climb up a hill we often hang out at. By the time we got up to the top of the hill it started to hit everyone. Silence fell upon us as we all dove into our heads. 

I lay back and looked at the trees that surrounded, felt the dirt under me, and thought about life. Not to bore you with my whole internal saga, but I came to the conclusion that I was finally at equilibrium, and it was very comforting. As us three trippers rolled in the dirt and thought our thoughts I suddenly made "eye contact" with this one tree. You know how you look at a friend and realize the absurdity of a situation, then you and the friend start cracking up while everyone else in the room give you both looks and asks, "what's so funny!?" Well that's exactly what happened with this tree and I. It sounds ridiculous, but we had an inside joke. I could barely hold in the laughter, I burst out giggling at the absurdity that both the tree and I recognized of us three trippers rolling around on the ground, and on top of that, the absurdity of the fact that I was currently having an inside joke with a tree. 

Every time I see that tree now, I can't help but crack a smile. I know it was on my level. 

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