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First time chasing the white rabbit

Acid, pot, and synthetics

9:58am - I get a phone call from a friend (we'll call him "Stutters") that he has some acid, and that he's going to give it to me for free. At first, I'm reluctant, because a few days earlier we got into an argument over something that resulted in some possessions of mine being broken. I say "sure whatever, come over", hoping he's being serious.

10:07am - Stutters arrives, and lo and behold, in his hand lied a wrapped-up piece of tin foil containing a small, wet piece of paper with a penis drawn on it (Stutters would give me this one). He puts it in my freezer for twenty minutes or so, and we chill around my house listening to psychedelic-sounding metal bands (Obscura, Decrepit Birth, Animals as Leaders, etc). I did this because Stutters told me that I have to be in the right mindset in order to not lose my mind on a trip.

10:29am - Stutters then asks me "Are you sure you want to trip on acid, man?", to which I reply "I'm ready for this." He tells me to place the piece of paper on my tongue and hold it there for ten minutes until "the [bad] taste goes away."*

*(I edited the actual quote since I understand swearing isn't exactly met with a warm welcome on this site.)

10:51am - I had done as Stutters instructed, but the taste was still there approximately 20 minutes after placing the paper on my tongue. Stutters then says it's okay to take it out now, which I do. Stutters then suggests we smoke some "fake-and-bake" (synthetic "weed" akin to K2, this particular brand being Golden Leaf), which we do in my garage. A small amount is all we ever need, so we take a few hits from his one-hitter and get unbelievably baked.

11:30am - Nothing is happening, and while I constantly remind Stutters of this, he and I both know this is going to take a while. To kill time, I'm sitting on the couch listening to the first Animals as Leaders album while observing Stutters play Call of Duty: Black Ops on my PS3.

11:41am - The clean guitar section in the song "CAFO" is playing on my headphones, and when I go to the bathroom to take a leak, I notice that just as I'm about to hear the guitar solo, the walls and the towel in my bathroom are moving as if they were breathing. Overwhelmed and amazed, albeit I was expecting this, I then tell my towel "Hey there, buddy. I know I might not treat you particularly well, but I appreciate what you do for me. Well, take care, buddy."

12:00-2:00pm - Remembering I have $10 on hand, I phone my friend (let's call him "Caveman") to hook me up with some bud. He agrees, and then Stutters calls our friend "Raver" to chill at my house. Raver and Stutters play COD while I observe the various fluorescent colors, geometrical shapes, and other oddities spawn of my hallucinations. More often than once, I feel various out-of-body sensations; I feel at my throat a dry, dead sensation I can only best describe as rusty, dead, and sandy. I'm observing the clock on my DVR, but I feel as if time has no meaning. I feel oscillations of out-of-body sensations, and my thoughts begin to branch out, transcending reality, separating being from flesh. The walls and floors continue to breathe, and now pearl-esque textures form from brick walls, spinning about. The shapes on the game on the TV were morphed from what the actual shapes were. Furthermore, Caveman takes fifty minutes to arrive to my house, and then upon getting there, he changes his mind about hooking me up(!). This only makes my trip even more confusing.

2:00-3:00pm - I decide that I want to play Killzone 2 while on acid, but then decide against it upon realizing the magnitude of the task I was aiming to achieve (I normally play that game on Elite difficulty, and on top of that, I didn't want to bore my friends, so I let them go back to playing COD). At one point, my entire living room appears to me in 8-bit graphics, like the old school Nintendo games. My thoughts are branching out even more now, causing more confusion, and I begin to feel as if all of my being were floating freely; muscles, bones, eyes, and various body organs, all separating about in a sensation of zero gravity. At this point, I had transcended reality at least three times.

Meanwhile, I'm still confused by the conundrum of Caveman not hooking me up, so I ask Stutters and Raver what exactly is going on. Caveman explains that even though it's raining outside, he doesn't want to travel the distance he has to to hook it up. I then hear my friends joking about Caveman taking the money and using it to buy alcohol instead. This causes even MORE confusion and begins to make me go paranoid.

3:00-4:00pm - After enough wagering, Caveman then finally decides to go get me some bud, and uses Raver's bike to do so. My friends, not being very good friends, continue to joke about Caveman buying alcohol instead, prompting me to run to the corner store of which he normally does so. Realizing that he's on a bike and that this is just stupid, I run back. The vivid colors of the sky and the suburban environment around me are obviously from the acid, which was apparently at the end of its peak. Running back into my alley way, the dead tree branches from peoples' backyards wiggle and brush about, forming ominous and grotesque shapes. I then just go back on my couch and let the acid hit me.

4:30pm - Caveman finally comes back with my 10 sack, easing my tension. When we decide to sit in the backyard to smoke some of the newly-purchased product, the three-dimensional textures return, this time forming a hieroglyph of what appears to be ancient Egyptian artwork. It was as if the texture were submerged underwater, in a glass tank. Stutters mixes some of his "fake-and-bake" with my weed, and we all take turns hitting the pipe. At the time, I had just finished listening to the second Animals as Leaders album, so now the acid was making me hear music in the back of my head. It was very simple music; a droning flute melody and ambient synthesizer, over what appeared to be an odd-time rhythm. I came to the conclusion that this is the music I should make for myself.

5:00-7:00pm - My acid trip is at its nadir now, only seeing colors flashing here and there at random (I assume this to be residual effects from the peak). The four of us walk around town and smoke weed in random spots. The day ends and we all power down, especially me. I conclude that despite the tension I felt during the trip, it was overall a good first trip on LSD and my first experience with psychedelics.

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