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Smoking Spice isn't Nice

A warning to the overconfident.

       I'm just gunna get straight to the point here. I'd like to talk about two separate occasions and use them as an example for anyone still questioning whether this shit is bad for you or not.

      A little background on myself. Unless a drug makes me feel extremely ill physically, I can handle it. I've been to concerts on LSD, hiking on mushrooms, and I've smoked DMT three times. If it wasn't for this trip experience, this story I'm about to tell you could have been worse.
      My friend and I smoked a few bowls(I wasn't keeping track because we were treating it like bud.)  I've smoked Kush Klimax before for extended periods of time when I was working for a company that required me to do extensive drug tests pretty often. This was different shit. The stuff I had smoked before was dried and leafy. This stuff was almost wet, and very fine. It was definitely plant matter, but nothing I had ever smoked.

 Anyway, after we got done smoking, I was just sitting on the couch, and I'm not quite sure when it started but all of a sudden I realized I was stuck in an infinite loop. I would look right, my friend would ask me if my brother was going to sleep, I'd see my brother walk out of the room, and I'd back at the tv, and then look left and see that entire situation repeat. This happened over and over and over and over at a faster and faster speed. I couldn't stop it, I couldn't speak or think it. It  was mind bending. It soon reached a pace where I got this feeling I was trapped in purgatory and this overwhelming feeling of tense pressure came over me combined with frustration. Everything began to vibrate and hum and it felt like electricity was coursing through my body.  I felt like just getting up and running straight through my friend and through the wall to see if I could escape this reality that I was trapped in. This is where it got weird. This gentle, all knowing voice in my head calmly told me this was a bad idea. I literally thought to myself right there, "Ok well I don't like whatever this is, so let's just bail alright?" Then I proceeded to take a deep breathe and just lay back and let go. Suddenly my senses washed back in with legitimate information and I heard my friend asking me if I was ok. I could barely talk for a few minutes and told him to give me a second to explain. I asked him if anything happened, and he said "Yeah you just stared at me for a minute or two, then you said "I don't want to do this anymore."  Then you stretched back real far and slid off the couch."

It seriously felt like I was trapped in that reality for eternity. This is some serious shit and I vowed to never smoke it again. As it turns out, I was lucky I was able to pull myself out. Not so lucky for this next guy...

My friend J didn't have any such qualms though, so a few days later(which happened to be yesterday) we are at my apartment and him and another guy(a friend of another friend of mine) smoke some spice. The one guy I've never met before, but I'm not sure I would have been able to forsee this anyway. After a few minutes, he holds both his arms up and they start just wobbling like jelly, like this guy is being controlled by a fucking puppet master. I can hear by the confused gibberish and the look on his face, compared with my past experiences with people doing hallucinogens, that shit is about to get real. And I wasn't wrong.

This guy must have been taken to the place I went to, only no such voice was there to help him out apparently. He actually gets up and starts running towards where my brother and his girlfriend are sitting. It's clear he's not stopping so me and my friend throw this guy bodily to the floor(this guy is about 190lbs solid muscle, played running back in high school according to my friend that brought him, I'm 150lbs amateur jiu jitsu practioner(not even belted lol)  and my friend J is a pretty well built surfer. When he hits the floor he starts thrashing violently. I had never seen anything like this. It wasn't a seizure and he wasn't mad. It was like a rabid demon being electrocuted. This dude flopped around so hard he shattered my christmas tree and most of the ornaments and presents under it. I got elbowed pretty hard in the head attempting to restrain him and almost choked him out at one point due to frustration that the whole episode was still going on after 15-20 minutes. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and literally wrestling invisible devils and shit. He literally covered my entire living room with glass shards. Thankfully my friend stopped me, because apparently I could have killed him. We called EMS and they showed up and took the dude away, even though he had somewhat regained his senses. He ended up being alright, and had the balls to get my number from the hospital and apologize and offer to pay for damages. I told him I forgave him and there was no need, just be safe and don't smoke that shit again.

Let this be a warning to all, I've done lot's of drugs in my life, and many I'll never do again. This is the worst substance I've ever had the misfortune of putting into my body. I wouldn't recommend it to enemies, much less friends.
If this story sounds unbelievable, trust me, If I hadn't experienced it, I wouldn't believe it either.

Yeah my bad for not being more specific. It was Kush Klimax, but it can't have been the same shit, it had a whole different texture and taste. I've heard that they can reseal the bags so there could be anything in them really.

I'm definitely not anti-drug either. I smoke bud everyday and will readily advocate psychadelics as long as the person uses them as a tool instead of an escape. This shit can't be good for you though. It's evil, no joke.

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