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3rd Time Trippin Massive Confusion

So ya me n buddys got an ounce of mush and i had 8 grams i didnt know how much to take so i ate about like 2-3 grams.

So ya me n buddys got an ounce of mush and i had 8 grams i didnt know how much to take so i ate about like 2-3 grams. they took about 30 minutes to start feeling the effects. the first thing i notice was i got this intense body high like tingly sensation and almost like being on extasy. about another half hour later me n my budys were sitting in his room and started trippin hard. there were about 6 ppl in the room 2 in which were not on shrooms. i was laying on a bed and felt like everyone was looking at me like i was some kind of alien so i receted into a corner and tucked into a ball. i closed my eyes and put my hat over my face and saw intense closed eye visual. my budy kept saying turn off the light like 4 times but i couldnt understand was he was saying. I was horribly confused about the simplest things. i went to this other room by myself and tripped on his carpet theyre were thousands of ppl reahcin up with there hands at me. We decided to go to the mall for some time cuz we had nuthing to do. On the way to the mall i saw my mother driving past and she stoped on instinct i told her i was gogin to a friends house. after i told her i look at my friend and sayd did i just talk to my mom. wats a mom . i was so confused about everything. we got to the mall and pretty much bumed around but i felt so tired and like so confused and bad and like i felt like id been on shrooms for so like days. the night ended up rilyl abd cuz we stayed ontill it closed at 9 and then i went to anothe friends house and watched family guy... I was pretty scared and paniced. i dont know why i was son confused i felt so stupid like i forgot how to function in out world..i had millions of thoughts running through my head stoping me from comprehending what was going on.. anyways i hope that duznt happen again... it was rilly harsh well happy trippin peace..

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