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First Time Salvia Divinorum 50X

First Psychedelic Experience

I was with a good friend of mine, who had puchased the 50X Salvia from an online store. It was probably half past midnight on a Thursday. We had originaly planned on that Friday, but it had arrived in the mail that day, and the opportunity was there. We decided that I would go first, since I seemed to know more about psychedelics than he did. In truth, I was completely ignorant. I had never used any sort of drug or mind altering substance other than cannabis before, and the drugs I had read up on on the internet included mostly the classic psychedelics; LSD, mushrooms, DMT, Ayahuasca, and Ibogaine. I had read a little about Salvia before the purchace, but not nearly enough to know what I was getting myself into.

We used a small bong that I made from a tin coke bottle. Going in, I was expecting visual and auditory hallucinations similar to what i would expect an acid trip to be like. I sat on the edge of hte bed and burned the small amount of the enhanced leaf that I'd loaded and took it in one hit. I sat the bong down, holding onto the lighter for some reason My vision began to swim after about ten seconds, and I released the hit after twenty.

The first thing that happened was that the walls dissapeared. My walls are slightly off from white and extremely bare, so it seemed as if there were no boundaries to the space I was in. Reality as I knew it was no longer even a concept. I had become part of some sort of color based object that spread out and extended for infinity or either side. Afterwords I related the colors to those of the lighter i was holding and the comforter on my bed, but at that time, nothing was recognizable, and nothing existed but for the infinite band of blues and greens I was a part of. I could feel the consciousness in the band a short distance on either side of me, as if I existed in that whole section of the band.

Soon after, shapes and concepts became slightly easier to describe. There were no boundaries in the place I existed, no walls, and I could see forever in all direcitons, but there was nothing there except the band. The band had taken almost a human outline,  but still extended in each direction forever. Now it was in small segments, of which I was one. At this point I decided that I didn't want to be a part of it anymore, and I tried to pull away, That is when the band began to fold in on itself. It  was as if it was half of a zipper that only connected to the ground, and it was being unzipped. I experienced being uprooted and thrown into the sky through each segment of the band. I felt slightly panicked, and I asked "How do I make this stop?" although video footage shows that what I said was really "ha.. mai,,, stop this." The friend said "Stop what?" and suddenly his face and arms were floating in front of me as I was repeatedly uprooted.

His appearance signalled the end, and I slowly came back. All I could say was "What the f*ck?" and "Holy sh*t!" and it took about ten minutes after the trip ended for me to regain complete control of my body. What I am left with is a completely foreign experience, but one as real as any other I have.

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