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3rd time doing zooms

i had tried mushrooms a couple times before and liked the high alot.

i had tried mushrooms a couple times before and liked the high alot. so me and 2 other friends went to our dealer and got 9 grams that were baked into cookies. we ate in his car on the ride to our friends house. 20 min after eating them i started to feel the nice giggly feeling i always feel. we went downstairs and started to watch team america.

while watching the movie the room we were in seemed like a dome to me and as soon as the lights went off, the rainbow of colors started. i didnt feel that great as i was sweating alot and it seemed like i couldnt breathe on my own. i thought i was dieing because i couldnt feel myself breathe. we watched half the movie before we all realised everything was so weird. we couldnt hold conversations and seemed like we had mental problems.

we left and went to 7-11 which probbaly wasnt that great of an idea since we had to cross large roads with alot of cars. we left 1 friend at the house since it didnt seem like he could communicate at all. when we got back he was still in the room laughing and making noises at team america.

after that we smoked some weed and some cigerettes and i started to feel alot better and more in touch with reality.
my friend who couldnt talk at all for most of his trip started to get mad boogers. i dont know if this was from the mushrooms or not but it was gross.

if anyone knows why it felt why i couldnt breathe let me know. this was the only thing i didnt like because i felt like i was dead.

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