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Revisiting DXM


I’d experienced DXM around 10 years prior to this experience. At the time I drank a bottle of syrup, I can’t remember the brand, but do recall it had a terrible menthol taste.
This caused me to experience pretty deep disassociation and my depth perception was grossly distorted. I remember stumbling down stairs and lying in a dark room drifting in and out of sleep. At some point I recall seeing dark fields of moving diamonds, but that was pretty much it. I woke up the next day with a really nice afterglow.

I’m not sure why, but I decided to revisit DXM a couple of days ago. I bought a couple of bottles of Robitussin and one night did a tester dose of around 50mg to test for CYP2D6 enzyme deficiency. This appeared to have no effect, perhaps an easing of CEV imagery when I tried to go to sleep. But that could have been placebo.

The next night I consumed the rest of the syrup at around 10:10pm. I was trying to be cautious, so I drank around 70 mg every 20-30 minutes until it was all gone. After an hour I wasn’t sure if I felt anything, so started to worry I’d wasted my time. I might have felt some intoxication, but again, it was hard to tell from possible placebo effect. I should state that I find it very difficult to get drunk, and I never black out on any substance, so perhaps I have some form of high tolerance to becoming intoxicated. I feel the effects, but never get overwhelmed by them.
An hour and half later I started to feel some very nice movement sensations. I was wearing nothing but a big fluffy dressing gown, and the sensation of it against my skin was magical. So I found myself walking around in circles just to experience this. I tried playing music, but I didn’t really get anything from it.

At this point, it was nearing 12am, so I decided to go lie down in bed in the dark. Walking was ok, but I was definitely feeling something now.  I also experienced a buzzing sensation throughout my body.
I lay down in the dark and started to feel pretty out of it. I sometimes felt anxiety; it was like energy in my chest and arms. I acknowledged it, and using breathing techniques, felt it fade away. My cat jumped up onto the bed, then started to lick a drink I’d left on the bedside table next to my head.  I stretched over in the dark to try and stop him doing this – I managed to put the drink on the floor. Then I started to see pretty intense phosphine like CEVS and feel myself sinking into myself. This was accompanied by a building energetic sensation. It all felt too intense so I sat up and got out of bed. I then realised just how intoxicated I was - and it was building. This is the point where fear can usually encroach so I decided to go downstairs for a walk, but felt like I should take the drink from the floor down too. I bent down and was groping around trying to find it, I couldn’t find it and this started to freak me out slightly. I felt that I HAD to find it for everything to be ok. I realised what was happening and snapped myself out of it. I didn’t want to fixate on such an idea and get drawn into it.
As I walked across the landing I felt like I was being pulled to my left. I got downstairs and noticed some visual flanging. I decided to get a drink of water and gulped it down. The sensation of coldness felt weird and seemed to increase my feeling of intoxication. I tried listening to more music, but couldn’t be bothered so I went back to my dark bedroom.

The CEVs were pretty intense, more repeating patterns with other images overlaid. The first real thing I saw was like an eye, an alien face built up around it and it appeared to stay there for some time in the upper right of my peripheral vision. It didn’t seem friendly, but it didn’t appear malicious either.
I had the idea that the eye was built from a distorted spot on my right retina caused by damage. I have got a couple of damaged spots on my retina, but not really sure this explains the eye.
Other images appeared behind the face. They were like blue electric demon faces. I watched them impartially, for some reason they brought to mind a LSD trip report I’d read a few months earlier. As I let myself get drawn into the visuals, they became more realistic and solid.
I remember seeing ornate spiral stairways, cities, cars. Lots of the scenery seemed to be really close up, as if it was right against my eyes. I also experienced CEVs which seemed to be imposed over my perception of my bedroom. I could feel the bed, but I was also pouring a drink in the kitchen, then this scene flipped, and I felt like gravity had reversed and the kitchen units were above me. This created a sense of vertigo.
The imagery reminded me of the hypnagogic state, but more easy to maintain without falling to sleep.

As the night progressed I experienced many such scenarios and scenes before finally falling asleep at around 4 am.
I woke and still felt fairly high and my balance felt slightly off. I pretty much lazed and dozed for most of the day, but had to go shopping in the evening. Being out in public made me realise that I was feeling quite disassociated.  That evening I drank a bottle of wine and I barely felt it, but mixed in with the disassociation, it felt rather pleasant. Sadly, I didn’t experience any kind of afterglow like I did on my first experience.

It’s two days on now and I’m feeling mostly normal. Two interesting things have become apparent though. Firstly, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to orgasm and the darkness behind my eyes has a different quality. I remember this happening last time I tried DXM, so I know they’ll pass with time.
I didn't experience the disassociation or depth perception phenomena from my first experience, but I do recall how lucid my mind felt for most of the trip. Thoughts flowed easily and I did gain some insight into problems I've been facing in my life.
This is something I would repeat, but I'd take the DXM all at once and perhaps a higher dose.

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