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2nd trip: Good!

My first mushroom trip was a little over a year ago, and my second was yesterday.

My first mushroom trip was a little over a year ago, and my second was yesterday. Both were similar in many ways but different as well.

Yesterday I decided to trip again, and I felt that I should brave it on my own. Knowing I'd come out of it eventually, and that I am in control of my emotions I thought this time I could really trip as one should. I went for a bike ride that afternoon, and a hike that evening. Between I read a book, and watched a movie on Classical Greek philosophy. I've never really been a philosopher, but I figured philosophy couldn't hurt my state of mind before tripping. While on the hike, I took the shrooms around 7:30. I took them knowing that I would be back at my friends' house around the time they would begin to take effect. I've been house-sitting for them and I have the whole house to myself, they have a huge terraced garden with many colourful flowers and plants so I thought it would be a great place to trip, especially around sunset. So by 8:00 I was there and I was definetly feeling the shrooms. I took off my shoes and hat, grabbed a PowerAde to drink, and laid down on their back lawn at the base of the garden. I took almost twice as much this time so the nausea I felt this time made my first trip feel like a walk in the park. But I tried to remain still and let the trip take it's course. When i got to feeling scared I told myself everything was fine, and I should enjoy my surroundings. The colours in the sky were incredible, moving in and out back and forth. The clouds made neat patterns, and the trees waved at me. The grass beneath me hugged me. There were humming birds that came and went- they were really cool because their humming changed tone all over the scale. I saw some of my friends in the clouds, and then the best thing i've ever seen began to fill my view. Everywhere I looked there was a multi-dimensional fabric, receeding off into the distance. Everywhere, it surrounded the trees the clouds, even permeated the air and the empty sky. It was incredible. It was shortly (? time was irrelevant to me) after that I realized that I felt incredibly cold. So I forced myself to stand up and move inside . The shadows in the house were full of colours, and the rugs and the blanket I pulled over me was very bright. I put on some music and stared at their stucco ceiling. The patterns all over the stucco were neat, but I must say not as intriguing as the sky and that awesome space-time fabric I saw. I felt warm in the house, but not as comfortable. Eventually the phone rang and it was a friend of mine. I invited him up and I ate an orange. I got the idea for the orange off the FAQ. I cannot understate how incredible the orange was. It was like I was tasting pure bliss. Then the phone rang again, and it was my (now ex-) girlfriend. I invited her up as well. By the time she and Jason (the first friend) and his girlfirend had all arrived, my trip was pretty much over, and I began to feel some after-effects like fatigue, a slight headache, and my teeth hurt (strange stuff).

This trip was a thousand times better than the first for one reason- I told myself to remain calm and that the nausea would pass. I was there to have fun and see what I could get out of the trip. Based upon this experience with the morphing clouds and the moving colours, I would rate this a high level 2 to mid-range level 3. I don't know if I'll ever trip on shrooms again, but at least I know if I do, I can have a good trip!

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