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Hardest DMT Trip ever

Be very careful with DMT!!

Ok This was defiantly the hardest trip I have ever had on DMT and I really don't know what to make of it other than , Holly Shit!!

To start off with I would like to say I didn't even mean to do the DMT so that may have been why it was so rough. I was over a friends house having a couple beers and decided to head home and I ran into a friend who gave me another some rock cocaine to try. So I went home to give it a try. Well as fortune would have it I could not find anything to smoke it in . Then I spotted my glass vapor genie that I purchased specifically  for DMT. I usually clean the pipe out after every use so I thought nothing of it. So I popped the rock in and hit it very hard harder than I would have it I would have known there was DMT in it and quite a Bit of DMT I might add. The first thing I thought was what the fuck did i just do my knees got a little week and I caught my self on the bed. Immediately there was around a 2 foot see through figure laying on his stomach on the bed then another one formed behind him and pointed at its ass and looked at me and said your fucked. It was still getting stronger at this point so I was going to get on the bed to relax but I started feeling something coming up from my stomach it felt furry so i started picking it off my tongue and throwing it on the floor then when i was picking another one off my tongue I thought what is that and I looked and It was a W like the letter W so I threw a few more letters off my tongue and climbed on the bed where I could see myself in the mirror. then a gnome guy popped up in the mirror and said you think your tripping? then he said times 10. Then immediately a yellow box popped up in the mirror with X10 on it and boxes started filling up to the right and up the mirror until it was full and I could still fell it getting stronger. Once the mirror was full the gnome guy popped back up screaming fuck you fuck you fuck you then he said times 11 and it started all over again . I remember it getting to 12 and that's it. Next thing I was on my bed thinking what the fuck was that. Lastly I would like to say DMT is not for the inexperienced. I never do less than 18 grams dry of some highly potent penis envy mushrooms and have never come close to this shit.

Be careful with this shit!!

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