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to much oj, so much life

After inhaling an entire gallon of orange juice i began to chew on my 5 grams of cyanescens (i heard the longer you chew on them the quicker the trip kicks in) i began to walk, go on a journey, walking through the rolling hills of the bay area (i also smoked a bunch of weed), immediately my senses heightened, i felt like a cat, being able to focus on every minute sound, the next thing i knew i was sitting on a bench, the world around me began to kaleidoscope, i looked at the ground and there were little homer simpson looking heads spinning in circles making "pew pew pew" noises, a bug flew past me and a wave like sound of stretching time came opon my ears, it was so fucking intense o my god, i stood up, "o shit no" nausea, my friend previously told not to eat to much or i would trip ballz and throw up. Time was literally stretching before my eyes. i kept it down with happy thoughts, but could no longer grasp reality, i felt like a little kid, sitting in a corner of a room going insane, being completely distant from all that is reality, i looked at a stone and imagined myself as it, i wanted to be a stone, a mere piece of this world, sitting so harmonically doing its own thing, being a rock. Then the back and neck pain started to kick in, holy shit was it the worst, with the whole world around me spinning in circles and the morphing of life, the pain and the gallon of orange juice, it was all so fucking intense. I threw up, not like a regular throw up, but a fucking cannon; it came out so damn fast. i was still tripping ballz though, after i threw up it was like the whole world was better again, my happy thoughts had come back (9 am) so i decided to go home and eat 4 more grams and sit in my room and have the second most intense trip of my life.
             It was the best and worst thing that had ever happened to me, i learned shit about life, i gave me the sensation of being and feeling truly happy again, and to be able to look down at my self and my feelings after the trip and say "hey this doesnt feel right, i dont feel right" now my goal for this past year has been making myself feel better and be a happier person. The mushrooms evoked a feeling in which brought back memories, it was such an intense reality check for me that now im just about a completely changed person for the better.    SO my advise to you people out there, eat some mushrooms, trip fucking ballz, and learn something about your life, get intune with your feelings.


p.s has anyone had a similar experience?
 any life meanings

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