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15 grams golden teacher

THIS IS WHO I AM or lifechanging experience

Beyond the nutshell of someone that seems to be the average business student in the Netherlands is found ME. 

(The following parts will be kept as short as possible. They are not that important, however they are definitely worth reading. Sometimes you might feel like I state the obvious. The reason behind is that I will show this report to the circle of my closest friends and the facts are essential for them. The circle will be limited to 7 people. I don't want everyone to "enter my mind". 7 people during whole life. That's it.). If you are searching for some crazy and short reports, stop immediately. Furthemore, everything is written on purpose (first example of this is shown when I note my dad).

How it all started or what happened before the trip
  Despite many myths that surrounds the shrooms and their legal status in the Netherlands the shrooms are still legal. The active substance psylobin which is found in shrooms can be also found in the different and less known sclerotia. On the one hand  the body high is not as strong. On the  second hand the head high is as strong or even stronger (this explains their nickname philosophers stones.)

One day, I and couple of friends wanted to try the shrooms and just have some fun. Simple as that. It actually sounds funny when I look back at it. Really Funny.Anyway, as I entered the Smart Shop where the mushrooms can be bought I saw a menu with the effects of all possible kinds of sclerotia. To my suprise the effects of them were strongly varying. I bought the ones which were supposed to give me the deep thoughts and strong visual hallucinations. Oh boy the did. I bought the shrooms and hid them in my room. I was looking forward to have some fun and hopefully a conversation with friends. 

It all changed on the first December. My dad visited me and we had a great time in Amsterdam and in town where I live, in The Hague. He was supposed to fly in the morning of 2nd December. As I went home I saw the shrooms and my roomates had great time drinking and singing. Something inside told me it is the time and I ate the shrooms.  From now on I will divide the trip based on time. From the very beggining I had a good sense of time, however towards the end time really didn't matter. It is worth noting that I had empty stomach, so the effects came earlier.

0-30 mins-This was really spontaneous. However,I feel it was a good idea
Just fun with my roomates and a friend who visited them . The effects didn't kick in yet and they are trying to give me some alcohol. Yeah,sure. They are quite suprised that I refused.

30-60 mins-do I feel something?
I still wouldn't call this the start of the trip. I simply loved the situation I was in. They were drunk, I was tripping.They had fun, I was laughing nonstop. They sang the songs of my choice and was playing on my mini drum (well...kind of playing, I felt the rhytm more than usually though).

60-90 mins-I should go outside
Despite the euphory I felt, my heart wanted to go outside. However, it would be quite strange to just walk away. I made out an excuse that I have my dad's tickets to airplane and he needs them. 

I closed the doors and experienced a new world. A new life. It was night and every light seemed bright and beautiful. I jumped on my bicycle, put the headphones on my ears and the euphory's got even more powerful. As the melody was hitting my eardrums I felt like it is right time to go into  the centre of town. The Hague is town with over half a milion inhabitants and I knew that no matter what will happen next, it will be a hell of experience. If one would be watching out of window, (s)he would see a probably insane guy biking in circle for 10 minutes. That guy had the deepest thoughts in his whole life. He thought of everything. 
Of who he is- He was totally fine with his personality. This fact made him happy for the rest of the night. It will probably make him happy for the rest of his life. He was just happy with who he was.
What he want to achieve: The dreams of this guy are to become a succesful enterpreuner. He wanted to go to the better school. The better school is ranked as the 6th best and it is nearly impossible to get in, but he is motivated enough to achieve this. 
What about friends? He had many friends. Only a few FRIENDS. 

And what about love?
This guy loved by all his heart only once. And even then, it wasn't totally right person for him. He wanted to go to centre and meet someone. However didn't he already know someone? Shouldn't he wait to meet someone special? This is when the guy randomly aimed to the centre. 

My thoughts in that moment can't be described by letters or words. I just felt like I will go to the centre and meet someone OR if something will stop me I will go home with the new knowledge. Knowledge that I need to search for someone that will be perfect just for me. As I was going to the centre someone randomly yelled at me. I have no idea how 2 drunk guys knew me, since I had a hood and headphones.Anyway ,they wanted me to light up with them. Those guys invited me to light up at their place and I went with them. During the road we had a conversation and I realized that I want to save this "tripping conversations" for the people I actually trust and love, not for some randoms. I told them I thatdon't feel well and  aimed home, knowing that this won't sound like amazing trip for anyone else.
But I didn't care. I found what I was searching for.

I've just looked on the sky and it had beautifull orange tone. Then I looked at the clocks and it is more than 7AM already. This night changed my life forever and I still have my favorite and most inspiring quote in my head: "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"  -Eleanor Roosevelt.

As I am falling asleep I hear many cars passing by. They are probably aiming to their jobs, which they don't love. That is a mistake. Everyone has unique talent. The key is to find it

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