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2nd Trip, Intense, but rough!


So...This is my second trip, the visuals were very intense and very cool, especially compared to my first trip, but due to the setting and circumstances, the overall trip was not so good. We left my friend Jarrod’s house at about 5:30 to pick up the shrooms in Seattle from his cousin. When we arrived, he told us that they were very strong (I think they were called tie strand cubensis?); anyway we bought about a quarter and headed back to Jarrod's. After so random errands and instances in between, we picked up my other two friends and each ate 1.5g's of the cubensis at about 8:30pm.

Now before I get into the trip, let me set everything up. First off, I hadn't ever really been to Jarrod's house more than a few times and I had never spent a large amount of time there. Second, his parents were due to be home around 9:30-10:00, which ended fucking things up. Other than that, I new everyone I was shrooming with very well, so that wasn't a problem.

Anyway, the shrooms hit fast and we started to get giggly and experiencing very intense body highs. We also got real jittery and hyper. We put in old school and waited for the shrooms to take full effect. Not long afterward, the visuals started. I had to take a piss, so I left for the bathroom, took my piss and then looked around the room. The walls bent inward and flexed in out at me. It was very cool, but I decided to get out of there before I got freaked out or anything. I returned to the living room and my two other friends Ben and Chris were talking about random stuff and what they were seeing. We all decided to have a cigarette so we left for Jarrod's deck. Luckily his house is on a hill that over looks a lake and the mountains. The view was INCREDIBLE. Everything was flowing towards the center of the mountains. The water and the hills around the lake melted together and the clouds rippled like waves to that center point. Smoking was also very enjoyable.

After smoking we went back inside, Jarrod started doing dishes and the rest of us continued watching old school. Not long into the movie, I started seeing Red, Blue, and Green patterns in everything (Walls, Plants, objects, people's faces). The walls would begin to flow and the textures in the walls would melt together. People's faces had neon outlines around their features. The people in the movie also looked very fucked up. I decided to walk around and take in the visuals. I proceeded to the kitchen to talk to Jarrod, and the entire room felt as thought it was very tall. The room and everything in it had a bend or slant to it, it was very cool! When I looked at the ceiling, plants would grow off of it and then melt together and flow down the ceiling. I went outside and looked and the trees and bushes. The Plants would begin to swirl and patterns would form in them too. Up until now, the trip was great, than his Parents came home

I went back inside and sat back down to watch the movie, then his parents came home. It felt like hours for them to come inside from the car. When they did they went right upstairs which relieved me. However, the room was completely dark except for the TV, which was scary. Occasionally they would come downstairs into the kitchen and would talk to us, but it sounded like jiberish to me. Oddly enough, Jarrod was very smooth and comfortable around them, which was good. Never the less, I was still Nervis as hell so I decided to outside down the street to have a cig and get away from the dark room. When I walked out side, EVERYTHING was movie, flexing, breathing, and bending. I felt very small and the world was very large. As I walked away from the house, it got very small and I was scared of it.

As I smoked, I made myself relax and the lake was still amazing. I called some of my other friends and they decided to come and meet me down the street. After that, Ben came out and we smoked and chilled for a while. Then the worst thing ever happened. Jarrod’s dad came outside from the garage, and at the time I didn’t realize who it was, I thought it was Jarrod or Chris and didn’t learn otherwise till he was right next to us and trying to make conversation. I don’t remember really what I said, all I remember is terror.

Eventually Ben and I went down the street to meet may other friends at a walking bridge that went over the freeway. After my friends showed up, I relaxed and just did my best to enjoy what little of the trip was left. The bridge was cool cause the cars would fly right beneath you. One of my friends took me for a ride in his car and that was also cool. The gravel on the road started flowing and separating apart, I just started starring at it until Jarrod and Chris came down.

In the end, we went back to Jarrod’s and I got my shit and went over to Ben's house for the rest of the night. By now it was only 11:30 or 12:00. But both Ben and me we tired and wanted the night to end, so we had a smoke and went to sleep. BTW, Sleeping proved to be very difficult and took a long time to finally get to sleep.

Like I said earlier the Trip was good because the visuals were amazing, but emotionally, it was very stressful and scary because of his parents and the setting. All in all, a marginal level 3 trip off 1.5 grams of cubensis.

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