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Bad Trip (4.2 Grams)

Not good.

Before getting into this story, just gonna put in some relevant info. We started to get careless with ingesting shrooms. We lost the deserved respect for them, treating them like a party drug or whatever, not an interpersonal learning experience. 

After getting into my friends crammed car when getting picked up by my 4 friends and a friends mom, my friend popped the question that would confirm our plans for the night. "Hey mom," he began. "Can we consume tonight?" His mom was confused by the question, "what do you mean 'consume'?" He replied with "Drugs." We have shroomed a few times at his house before and his parents were usually understanding about it. But we didn't know that she thought we were consuming baked goods with weed in them. 

We arrived at his house in the evening. It was a Friday, so we didn't have to worry about school or anything. We weighed out the shrooms at 4.2 grams for each person. We planned to eat them ALL before dinner. His parents were grilling hamburgers. 

We were outside sitting at the table in his backyard. There was a big candle in the middle of the table so it was hard to see my best friend as he was across from me. We started to eat the musrhooms out of the little baggies each of us were assigned, washing the bitter taste down with some orange juice. 

Within a few minutes, SWIM was already feeling the effects of the psychedelic drugs he put into his body. It never kicks in that fast. SWIM tried standing up, but the wavy ocean-like grass his efforts so he sat back down. My best friend started to pass around a pipe, but SWIM was incapable of drinking water, let alone taking a hit. It was too hard to do normal things, so he sat in my chair doing the only 2 things SWIM knew how to do: look around at everybody and laugh. 

After maybe half an hour we decided to migrate to his bedroom, for whatever reason that popped into our heads. My friend D sat on his bed, while us others were walking around his room/sitting down/talking in circles. SWIM was playing around with his phone, and then he accidentally threw it and the back of the phone came off, along with the battery. Whoops. SWIM's phone was in pieces and was wayyy too high to problem solve. Someone else put SWIM's phone back together and handed it back to him. It ended up in pieces again a few moments later. When SWIM looked at Q's face, it would morph around A LOT. He had a weird face to begin with, and now top it off with mushrooms? Looked like he was a crazy Mexican with pupils the size of quarters. 

My best friend said to everyone "ughh, I think Im about to be sick." He threw up all over the bed, immediately making the whole upstairs reek of vomit. There were 5 of us in his room, with puke on his bed, heating up/reeking up his room. "Oh thats bad... This is gross... Smells like shit... We need to go," SWIM would repeat, but simple problems like moving to a different location were just impossible. We talked in circles for like half an hour!

His mom finally came in his room, noticed 5 shrooming kids, puke all over her sons bed, and conversations involving English - Jibberish. "Oh dear honey," she began. "Come on, lets get you into the bathroom." They left us, leaving us with a moment of pure silence. 

After getting him cleaned up, we were informed that his mother had invited a few friends over. People we didn't really know. We were not aware of this before we ingested, and that... was not good.SWIM was tripping harder than he has ever tripped, and reality was... Completely gone.He was not on Earth anymore, he was somewhere else. Walls were breathing, dripping, his moms head was turning into the form of a mushroom. You know how a mushroom is shaped? Cap on top, stem in middle? Sort of like that, except the cap would move continuously from the top, to the bottom, to the top again. But, it was her head.

The people were arriving, SWIM was sick to his stomach, lost in a hell he created in my head. This was not reality, this was... Hell. He was in hell, for all eternity. My best friend was... somewhere. Who was my best friend? Who knows. I would remember things from reality, like my Aunt. I wanted to call her. And then it would slip away... My phone number... Trying to remember who I was.  But then slipped away. My address! I would recite my address. Gone. No more. I tried so hard, for at least a part of me stay grounded in reality, not lost in a mess of information overload. But it was too late for me. *3/5 people were having bad trips at this point, I was one of them* 

One of the bad trippers actually ended up calling his dad. Told him that he was having a bad trip. Turned out pretty well actually, his dad helped him on his journey out of the bad trip, and he found out that his dad smokes weed too. There was a car accident outside of the house, (not related to us lol), police were arriving a block away because of a drunk driver... I met the guests, snapped back to reality enough to say "Hey nice to meet you." *Gone 5 seconds later*. One of the guests actually knew a lot about mushrooms, and he identified the shrooms we ingested as REALLY potent ones. Like 2-3x more potent than normal liberty caps. (Dont remember the kind). Maybe if we were grounded enough in reality it would have made the bad trip worse finding out that they were even more potent than we thought. Who knows.

I then got to the conclusion that.. I was not where I thought I was. Ever see that video on youtube where that guy takes a huge salvia rip (thinking it was weed), and everyone was gathered around him while he was tripping to the moon and back and everyone was just laughing? SWIM felt like I had ingested the shrooms, and everyone was around me while I was just tripping.SWIM wasn't where I thought I was. I would hear my name called, and saying "Come back, come back."SWIM would hear conversations around me like I was able of listening, but lost in another reality. 

For moments of the trip, SWIM was alone. No one was around me. My friends mom was helping her son with his bad trip, and others were off in different places. SWIM was... So gone. He thought, it would all be over if... He didn't exist. SWIM walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife. Even death was better than this existence. I think he started to cry, and melted down to the ground. "This is so bad... This is so bad..."

I remember choosing to stay, even though I have been here for an eternity. Trapped. SWIM went to search for his friend, and thought he was probably upstairs.He attempted the climb, but his motor skills were just too impaired. As he was crawling up the stairs, it felt like he was in a new place. It felt like he was entering a new planet, for some reason "Mars" popped into his head then, and "Mars" is still in his head now, so I call that place mars. My best friend was in his sisters bed, with his mom telling him "Everything is okay, you will be okay.." I crawled into the bed, looking at the ceiling as it turned into many shapes and forms... 

That was the worst trip of SWIM's life, and the worst experience of his life. Even having that bad of a trip, SWIM learned a lot about myself and psychedelic mushrooms. Bad trips usually happen because they need to happen. SWIM was scared to trip for a while after that. One of the other bad trippers would have nightmares, and couldn't sleep in the dark for a while. It definitely haunted us. 

But that being said, it was a few years ago, and SWIM have had many good trips since then! Just be careful, because shrooms will kick your ass if you get careless. Just be in the right mindset, right situation, and don't resist it. It would be like resisting a higher power like god, it wouldn't work. (I don't have a religion, just trying to explain it)

Hope to share some happier trips with you guys! 

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