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My... Other self?

Am I crazy? 0.o

Well this is my first post to any site like this. I'm ** years old, I have a lot of experience with psychedelics including mushrooms, LSD, AMT... But this last trip I had on shrooms left me a little weirded out. I mean, that's definitely a big impact with shrooms, they weird you out. Show you interesting things, with a new mind set and perception of the things around you. Well, I had probably less than a gram of blue magnolias. Nothing unusual, smoked a couple bowls, watched a new show that I was hooked on (Weeds), and I had this weird feeling. Control. I saw every little trick or twist in the show, with basically an all knowing point of view. Like I saw everything coming, and it just... Amused me. This isn't my normal mind set. I usually don't think like that, and I was only on less than a gram. I mean I had the breathing walls, bending of objects, things coming in and out at the same time... I was tripping. But with, some sort of control. *I just realized something as I was typing this. I have visited the shroom realm many times, and each time I visit now it seems like, "Oh, welcome home." I am used to this dimension I guess.*

But anyways, I am not even anywhere close to what I was trying to get to. Around after the peak of my trip, I went to my window to hit my pipe, and I looked into my reflection of the window. I heard a voice, my voice. It was talking to me, completely separate of my actual conciseness. I can identify when 'Oh, the ego is talking' or whatever, but this was... more. It was like I was face to face with another personality or something. THIS was the sort of... The state of mind I was when I was watching that show. Controlling, knowing, like a mad scientist or something. But we almost had this conversation. I can't quite remember what it was, because I was high when it happened and it was a few weeks ago, but it went a little something like, 'I am always here,' and then my consciousness thought 'Oh, you've done it this time... (wandering the dimensions of reality and finally losing my mind)'. But it ended with that side of me saying 'See you soon', and it almost implied like it was a threat... to me? 

I am just really not sure. I questioned my sanity that night, and decided that if I created it, I could destroy it. So I ignored it. But then I got to thinking deeper, is that what it wants me to think? I started to think that it was smarter than anything I could come up with to deny its existence, and by denying it, that side sort of... Wins? Exists? 

What do you guys think? Its not like I can just go search on google "I met my other self while I was tripping", or question my friends about my sanity. Any help would be appreciated I guess. lol

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