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A garden trip!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my report on my second journey with shrooms, I used to read these once in a while, but they take up some time, so I'll be as brief as I can.

I had planned on shrooming with a friend in a plant garden/nursery area located in my college. Its a fairly big location with some trails that show certain families and genuse of plants. I was recommended by my roomate at the time, but he was busy that day so I had gone with another friend.

The night before, I blazed up about 3 bowls of kron and stayed up playing some video games, this was not a good idea. Staying up made me feel all tired in the morning, not prepared for such a mild trip on shrooms. But nevertheless it was planned and I didn't want to let my friend down (it was going to be his frist time).

Once we made it up to the gardens, we sat at a bench and each ate about 2-2.5 grams. After 35-40 minutes, I was looking at the dirt trail and noticed the color range and differences that my mind perceived them. I told my friend that it was going to start soon. He told me the first couple things he notcied were the thoughts of doubt that such colors were \\\"real\\\". He pointed out the fact that the sky was a clear sky clue and there should've been more smog in the air. The houses in the distance were violet and flourecent colors. I told him that they probably were that color but the mind makes it seem \\\"unique\\\" in a way. A couple of the plants we saw were really amazing, the leaves would fall off the plant and my eyes would follow the leaves to the ground where I would spot dozens of leaves on the trail. Its really difficult to explain, but if you have seen the movie \\\"What Dreams May Come\\\" with Robin Williams who dies and goes the heaven, or the movie \\\"Alice in Wonderland\\\" (not the cartoon version, the version taht was on NBC a couple years back, with Whoopie Goldberg, Martin Short) if you have seen these movies, they have some parts where the plants will move and the leaves would fall in such a peaceful and artistic way. Its really enjoyable and relaxing.

My friend and I were enjoying the onset of the trip, once it had reached its full peak of the trip, my friend did not panic, but my thoughts were a little negetive and my appearance to him made it seem like I was not enjoying the trip. I had to remind him a couple times that I was fine.

The strange thing was, when we walked down the trail, we'd see a really beautiful scene in front of us and when we pass a really beaultiful part of the trail, it would change or the lighting and sun would change in contrast.

There was only one really bad part about the paranoia I had, I said I had to find the bathroom and the shrooms made me so confused that I would forget about wanting to go. It also made me lose sense of direction. But in the distance I was a part of the trail that looked a bit familiar. I said \\\"lets go quick!\\\" and cut the trail. All of a sudden, I heard a rattling sound to the back and right of me. I panicked and lost my balance. Since I cut the trail, I was in wet grass at the time, so I slipped on my ass and got some mud on my shorts and leg. My friend freaked that that point and we left shortly after.

When we did decide on leaving, the weather went from sunny to really cold and dark. My friend started to think that it was a sign for us to go back in the garden. But I just kept thinking it was a sign to leave, cause it was only gonna get worse.

From my experince, I'd recommend a couple things.

PLan your trip out if your gonna trip on shrooms. Being in a location that you did not plan on being at, like lets say if you shroom in your home town and start exporing the city, thats not a good idea, you'll have no idea who u run into. I'd recommend staying at home, doing it in a garden trail, or museum.
Second, if its out doors, know the weather so you dont get caught in the rain. Its almost happened before, and your mind will match the temperature to your mood. Its impossible to avoid that part.
Personally, the majority of the time of the tip out in the garden was really fun, melting and moving plants, really strong hallucinations, whacky thoughts. But it could've been better if I wasn't tired. Also, very important when you trip HIDE YOUR CELL PHONE! Sometimes people whould call when I tripped, and it created more confusion. Its just too distracting on a level 2 or higher trip.

Go out and explore nature on shrooms, this is the original way to trip, since hungry hikers that are low on food would take chances and eat mushrooms on their trail would trip and notice all the pleasures of nature. Anyway, good luck and remember you will have paranoia at one point in your trip, but if you out way the bad with the good parts, its okay and remember its only temporary!

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