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Touch the tree, my first trip

seriously touch the tree

Hey everybody, My first trip report

                       I had been planning on trying shrooms for about 6 months before I managed to find someone who could get me some. This gave me plenty of time to read just about everything I could so I had a good idea of what to expect. I had one other friend planning to try them with me and another who said he would watch us (we'll call them CH and TB). Getting them was difficult because only TB had a car and he was scared to have them in it, but I managed to convince him after about a week of nagging. So we went to pick them up, got everything without a problem (except the guy bringing them wasnt clear about where to be). I was about 16 at the time and my mom ordered 2 pizzas, we ate them and went back to my room. My room was special because it wasn't connected to the actual house, it was a storage shed we had remodeled into a really nice (but small) hangout area. I had a big speaker system in there and my xbox, and a couch and a bed. We decided to wait until about 10pm to eat the mushrooms because we wanted my parents asleep before we were tripping. So to kill time I explained everything to my friends because they didnt really know anything about shrooms. At about 9:45 we couldnt wait any longer, I ate about 6 dry shrooms, CH had around 4, and TB decided to try it and ate about 3. 

                    I told them it would probably take about 40 minutes before they kicked in, so we played halo 3 for about 30 minutes and talked about what we were expecting. After about 45 minutes we were a bit worried that we had gotten ripped off and had been sold some grocery store mushrooms. But at 50 minutes in I looked at CH and we both started laughing furiously, I remember looking at the ground and saying "Here we go gentlemen, down the rabbit hole". We were literally rolling on the floor laughing, TB was doing frontflips on my bed. I noticed my vision getting blurry and I picked up my guitar and played Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix and White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. CH went to lie down on my bed and look at the ceiling, Him and I had a weird connection during the trip, like we were seeing the same things and finishing eachothers sentences. I looked at the ceiling with him and noticed it was moving down and up and swirling a little bit. After what seemed like hours we decided to go outside, thats when things got amazing.

                 We all walked outside and a wave of cool air hit us, it felt like walking into a nice pool on a hot summer day. I was barefoot and went to walk in the grass, I sat down and started rolling in it, there was dew on it and the feeling on my skin was extremely refreshing. I saw CH and TB looking across the street at a group of trees, CH thought the leaves looked like a skull. I was to caught up in my own world to really care about what they were doing after that. I told them I was going to go climb "my" tree. It was a tall magnolia tree that I had been climbing for about 5 years, I could make it from the bottom to the top in about 9 seconds so I felt comfortable climbing while tripping. Before I went to walk to it TB turned to me and said something that I've thought about a lot since then, he said "I dont know why we fear the dark, we see even better in the night than in the day". It made perfect sense in that moment and seemed to capture the spirit of the trip. Thinking on it now to me it means that in the darkness your imagination runs free and you are more free to think, as long as you dont let your mind go to a bad place and have fear overcome you. After that conversation I walked to the tree and noticed that the first 2 branches on it looked like they were inviting me for a hug, so i hugged the tree. I thanked it for letting me hang out on it all the time and giving me a place to think and reflect on my life. I was about halfway up when CH and TB walked down the street and saw me. TB looked up at me and said "dude you know your a monkey right?" I said "of course I do" then i went to the top branches and sat down. TB started worrying that I might
 fall so he climbed up after me, we were sitting up there and he pulled out his lighter and started flicking it on and off. The light was reflecting off the leaves and making me feel like I was in another world.     TB said he felt like he was in a video game.
       We realized we were being assholes and had left CH alone on the road so we climbed down and went to find him. He was standing on the road and looking out   at a tall bush but he thought it was a man in a gas mask. I came to him and told him that he needed to come with me and touch the tree. He followed me and I told him that if he touched it he would feel alot better, He was skeptical and didnt want to look like stupid I looked at him and said "Hey man touch the tree, seriously touch it". He reached out and touched it then he looked at me and said "wow... thats amazing, thanks man". I dont know what it was with that tree but I always felt drawn to it. We decided to go back to my room and as we were walking we heard something growling at us. CH hauled ass to the door and I tried to follow him but  TB grabbed my arm cause he was scared. We both made it to the door and locked it. 

I said I wanted a minute to be alone so I sat down and listened to some Jimi Hendrix on my ipod, I was really zoned out then i felt the room shaking because TB had turned on Dethklok on my speakers.    This was the only part of the trip where I really freaked out for a second. He turned it off because me and CH told him it was making us feel shitty. 
after that we had a deep conversation, I dont remember all of it put il'll say the highlights. I was sitting on the floor and CH and TB were on the couch and I looked up at them and said "guys, are we even going to be the same people after this?" CH said that after any experience your not the person you were before that experience, I agreed. We all looked at each other and I said "hey you guys have to really try this because i think it will work,  lets communicate with only our brains" So we sat around for about 5 minutes staring at each other and occasionaly laughing. We think it worked a little bit but we may have been reading facial expressions really well. I told TB that he should get his girlfriend to try shrooms because I felt it would be wrong to keep something this incredible from her. He got mad because he really wasnt on board with using drugs but sometimes we conviced him do stuff. I didnt want to have an argument so I didnt press it any further. 

At this point they were starting to come down but I was still tripping pretty hard, I went outside and lied down on my driveway. I looked up at the stars and got completly lost in the universe, time seemed to
warp and I saw the stars moving through the sky, almost like i could feel the rotation of the earth. When I went back inside both my friends said they had been worried and asked where I had been.
I told them that i though I had only been gone a few minutes and they said it had been 2 hours. That was really weird. After that we put on some music and looked at the walls and some books with picasso
paintings in them. We finally came down and fell asleep around 4-5 am.

My friends left the next day and that night I ate what was left of the shrooms in some grapefruit juice, nothing really intersting happend because there werent very many shrooms left, so ill include what 
happend here. I ate them, listened to some Jefferson Airplane and Frank Zappa, I closed my eyes and became a drop of water in a rainstorm. Then I recorded myself talking, that was the most interesting 
thing I said "There are thousans of planes of existence, nothing is real, Everything is only the way it is because that is the way you percieve it to be. We are all one and we live inside our own minds, we are 
all god and life is a dream. I also had a thought that I didnt really think about until 2 years later when I read Slaughterhouse 5, I basically had the same thought on time as the Tralfmadorians in the book did.
which is that time is not a bunch of scenes with a beginning middle and end, everything is happening at the same time so no one is ever really dead. That was an interesting thought. 

Overall it was a really good trip, not extremely visual but definately  an experience I will repeat. If you haven't tried mushrooms I recommend you read up on them, read some more trip reports and then go 
for it. I don't think youll be dissapointed. And also everyone should read Slaughterhouse 5 its an amazing book. 

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