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25% Stronger

Living in Southern California has its perks, but a major drawback is the fact that it is quite an ordeal to obtain mushrooms.

Living in Southern California has its perks, but a major drawback is the fact that it is quite an ordeal to obtain mushrooms. That is why I was so stoked to learn that the batch I was buying came in capsule form. I was also told that this made them twenty-five percent stronger, and after this trip, I believe it! I bought an ounce, intending to sell most of it to friends, but I was told that sometimes capsules actually do not work. This was told to me by a friend who had had a bunk experience with E in capsule form. I decided to try three during a test run to make sure the goodies worked before I gave them to my friends. Being more potent, I figured that three would be enough to determine the potency. So I gulped down three 0.5g pills. I had saved seven for a buddy of mine, who was doing them the same night. He ended up only taking five, which turned out to be plenty, and I took the two that he had left, leaving each of us with five pills each in our empty bellies. An hour after after taking the first three pills and while taking the other two we smoked some chronic, and immediately the letters in the words on a white board in the room we were in began to crawl around the suface. I glanced over at another friend of mine who had fallen asleep because his breathing sounded irregular. He was wearing a gray, patterned shirt, and as his chest moved up and down the pattern swirled about one spot which did not move AT ALL! As the trip became more intense, the small dorm room I was in became cramped, and I became more claustrophobic. I had to leave the room. So the group of six or so that I was with, two of whom were tripping, mobilized and walked to another friend's apartment. Walking down the busy city street at nine at night was one of the freakiest but comic trips I have ever had. I felt as if I would be drawn into the street by one of the pairs of oncoming headlights, so I had to walk as far from the street as possible without getting tangled in the bushes on the other side of the sidewalk. The whole idea was even more preposterous then than it is now when I think back on it. I thought the whole situation was so hilarious! We finally arrived at our friend's place after what seemed like hours but was only minutes. When I stepped through the door, the visuals of the trip hit me like a ton of bricks. The walls were pulsating with energy and every pattern marched in time with the music I was making in my head. We went back to his room where he had techno music playing and smoked some more pot. As I was sitting moving my feet to the music from the chair in which I was sitting, I looked down at my feet and watched them shrink before my eyes. They began to resemble the feet of a fetus in the sense that I could almost see the bones, and then they melted into the carpet. I glanced to the center of the room to see the carpet open into a vortex which consumed the endless supply of carpet fed into it. The vortex spun and danced to the music around a center. It was amazing. During my trip, each person I was with took on the traits of a particular animal, but the only person whose animal I clearly remember was my friend Cam's. He looked like a little, furry gopher that was speeding away from me at an increadible rate becuase of the streaks that came from his body at the edges. His hair kept growing and receding every few seconds, too. Pretty soon, I began to feel a little nauseous, which usually happens with me and mushrooms, so I went to lay down on a couch in the living room. I closed my eyes, but the visuals and the feeling that my head was falling through the couch made me open them after a minute. When I opened my eyes the pattern on the couch began marching again, but this time it was a little more defined. After a while I started getting restless again, so I went and got my friends and headed back to our dorms. The same thing happened with the traffic on the way back, as well. Upon arriving home, the nausea intensified to the point where I needed something to drink, so I got my roommate to get me some apple juice. I downed this much too quickly, and ran to the bathroom to discard the contents of my stomach. Don't worry, the shrooms had been fully digested by this time. The experience of vomiting was absolutely amazing instead of the horrifying experience I was expecting having heard stories. Apparently, I had not yet reached my peak, and the vomiting brought me right to it. As I hurled the apple juice into the toilet, the room dissolved around me, leaving me and my toilet of barf. I stood up and watched the contents of the toilet bowl swirl into the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen. Feeling much better, I cleaned up and headed back to my room. Shortly after I returned, I began coming down fairly quickly, so there really is nothing left to tell. I don't know if I tripped so hard because I had not eaten all day, the shrooms were in capsules, or maybe they were just good shrooms, but it was probably a combination of all three. At any rate, having pills made the mushrooms much easier to ingest because I did not have to taste the nasty things! To all of you who are currently shrooming, haved shroomed, or are going to...have fun!

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