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Mindfuck in every way shape and form...

I first took mushrooms at a festival when I was 17, and had an amazing trip. I've since taken 4 different types of truffle in Amsterdam, and felt amazing. Endless happiness and a fully 'unlocked' mind.

However, I recently moved to Leeds in the UK and decided to try and find a reliable mushroom dealer in the area. I asked around and found a guy who told me he was selling 'mushroom dust', a substance I had never heard of before. I researched it on a few different websites and it seemed as though the trip was the same as mushrooms, so decided to give them a go knowing they would be OK.

They were cheap as hell, and came in red plastic capsules that i could take apart and empty the contents. The guy I bought them from told me to just take one whole pill if i wanted to have a good trip, and half if i was on a 'chilling ting'. I bought 4 pills as there were 4 of us taking them, and bought them back to my flat to show the others.

Luckily we decided it would be a good idea to split each pill into half, and bomb (put the contents into a rizla and down it with water) half the pill at a time. The stuff looked like a greyish powder, and smelt like cement/MKAT. I had never seen this substance before, however, but was still in a positive mindset and ready to trip the fuck out.

After taking half the stated dose each, my 3 friends and I chilled in my room for about 20 minutes and smoked a few joints. That was when the 'mushroom dust' started to kick in. At first we all started giggling, which was the usual deal when coming up on mushrooms, and I believed I was in for a great trip, one that I had had before in Amsterdam and through previous experiences.
We were all looking at random objects in the room and were amazed at how the drug was making us have such visual hallucinations; Everything was swirling and sparkling just like how it should be.

I decided it would then be a good idea to go outside, not knowing the full effect of this shit hadn't even kicked in yet. We were walking around for about 5 minutes and I could already feel this shit getting too powerful inside me, and I didn't know how stable I was at this point. It was then that i realised this high was nothing like a high from mushrooms or truffles. It felt like a seriously synthetic high and I almost felt like a crackhead off of this shit... I looked around at my friends and didn't recognise any of them. I didn't recognise my own surroundings and was scared of any person I didn't know in the street that passed me by. I had my arms crossed and sometimes put them infront of my eyes to almost stop the drug getting in the way of my vision, but this shit was so strong, that every time I tried to put it aside it would be straight back in my conscious again, fucking my mind up repeatedly. 

This was something completely new for me and everyone else, and it took us absolutely ages just to come to terms with the high and try to let it work with us, rather than against us. We slowly clambered back inside and we all felt like this shit was just getting stronger, and stronger. I went to my roommates room where she was chilling with her boyfriend (who had also taken this shit), as I felt completely vulnerable in my own mind. I felt like the drug had complete and utter control over my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and I was just a puppet to it's crazy circus in my mind.

We were watching some shit on youtube that was basically a still, painted image of an ocean. we all thought it was a moving image because we were so fucking tripping. We lost focus of what was real and what wasn't, as the drug had such an intense influence on our emotions too.
It seemed like the shit changed my personality completely, and made me lose track of my own mind. We were all trying to tell each other 'yo, dont freak out because then you'll be stuck in a bad trip. its only a bad trip if you make it one'. But that just wasn't the case... There was no such thing as a good trip on this shit - It was a feeling I never want to have again. 

One minute I was laughing at the high and the hallucinations  then about 5 seconds later I would go into a complete panic mode and the drug would fuck my mind up again. Then 5 seconds after that I would be laughing again. Because of this I felt emotionally exhausted, my feelings were just getting fucked with constantly for hours on end, and I was seeing some really trippy shit and couldn't force myself to come to terms with reality.

After about 3 hours tripping insane balls, we finally started to come down. We were all saying to each other that there wasn't a single point throughout the entire experience that I wouldn't have rather been sober. We all completely lost our minds and were convinced we would never go back to normal, and that was the scariest thing. Seriously if you get offered this shit, just watch out with it. I've never met anyone that's taken it before but I would STRONGLY recommend you crush up the pill/empty it, and literally, take a fucking quarter of what the guy has given you. This shit plays with your head so badly you feel like you dont even know your own mind. I felt guilty as fuck for putting myself through it and although I wish it didn't it put me off of psychedelic drugs for a long time. Seriously be careful with this shit. If anyone tells you 'yeah man its like mushrooms but its just the psilocybin in it's powder form', just take a tiny bit and see how it works with you. Who knows, this could be a great drug and you could have a great trip off of it, but in strict moderation. My guy told me he took 2 and a half of these pills. That's 5 times the amount me and my friends did. Without a doubt, if any one of us had taken that we would have ended up getting our stomachs pumped or going fully insane right there and then. 

Hope this helps anyone that's about to take this shit, because I learnt the hard way. If you enjoy getting your mind fucked every 5 seconds then by all means, enjoy!

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