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First Trip, Life was beautiful.

I'll never forget it.

It was a week after the Vans Warped Tour, where one of my best friends finally convinced me to try it. Me and four of my very close friends had a parent free house for the weekend. I was hesitant, even a little scared, but after a little positive reinforcement, I started eating the chewy, gritty, 2.9 grams of the best plant on earth. I got over the taste and we sat in the bedroom for about 30 minutes. My friends older sister was having a small party downstairs so we joined them in a few games of pong. At this point I only felt a little more smiley.

My buddy, who's house we were at, and the only one with real shroom experience, signaled us to follow him outside. We put our shoes on and started walking up the street. It was only about 40 minutes at this point, and we had reached the first street corner when I said "I don't think I feel anything yet". It was then when I blinked and immediately took it back.

It was around midnight so the only light's were from the streetlights and the stars, which I had yet to enjoy. The streetlight was hitting a garage door down the street, and all I could see was a pretty woman's face, like the classic Monroe type face, on the garage door. That was my first sighting so I got really excited! We started down the street where it turns left down a curvy hill. In the trees at the end of the road appeared knights on horses, jousting. This was from the shadow of the streetlight hitting the leaves, but we all saw it. At the corner of the road, I looked down into the ditch next to a driveway and a baby bunny, goat, and armadillo (so random) were just sitting there, I focused and it was just rocks. This was all in the first 10 minutes of my trip. I was so excited for the rest.

We turned down the steep curved hill we were all so familiar with from our skating days. My friend brought two of the light up bouncy balls, with the glitter and shit inside. We broke those out and rolled one down the unlit street. Blue, Red, Green lights rolling fast with my dumbass friend chasing it down the road. Fuck, headlights! The idiot was still chasing it like a five year old so I ran and pulled him out of the street. (Note: Everyone I was with took more than me because it was only my first trip) We all laughed at how he could have died and stuff, then headed down the street out of the neighborhood, to the park. This is where the fun started.

We were walking into the enterance, on the side of the fenced in tennis courts. The way the fence fractured the light and hit the grass made it look just like snow, so I got really confused.. It reminded me of Narnia so I started prancing around the grass. It was fun and then I was reminded that it was mid summer and it wasn't snow. We continued into the park, where the sky seemed very bright, and the trees surrounding the park looked very dark. There was a weird branch and we all agreed that it was a tree from The Lorax, it looked cool. Another tree, all on its own with the sky in the background, had what my friend said to be the lincoln memorial inside it. I looked deeply and sure enough, Washington DC in a tree. It was awesome, and I was amazed at how the shrooms could turn simple things into objects of your imagination. Whatever you thought something was, it was. And it didn't matter how stupid it sounded because for most things, we all saw the same!

That was the "imaginative visual" part only. Here came the stars, body high, and thoughts, and the reason I love mushrooms.

I was so amazed at what was in front of me that I hadn't bothered to look up at the clear night sky! Everything was so bright! It was as if I could see each star in the entire universe, like i'd never seen the sky before. I stood on top of a small hill where I could see a little bit of town, and a horizon. I looked from the sky down, and amazement smacked me in the face. The stars were like a waterfall pouring off the edge of the earth. It was like the sky was a dome, and the universe slowly wrapped itself around our world. It was magnificent.

We entered the baseball dugout, and layed down on the bench. That's when the body high kicked in.

When I tell you people it was the best I've ever felt, I mean it. I was in my own thoughts, gazing into the universe which was more vibrant and deep than I could ever imagine it, and I felt so warm and comfortably intense. The tickly feeling left me laughing and smiling like a happy idiot. I had never really expreienced a body high before, and it wasn't too much to handle, but it also didn't leave me wanting more. I felt perfect.

After star gazing we ran around the baseball diamond throwing the light up balls, just having good fun! My friend whipped the ball as hard as he could at me while i was running to third base, and it was inches from my face. It went in slow motion and I could hear it whistle past me. We all laughed, I could have died. So next we walk through the feild, and we all feel like giants for some reason, so we stomp around like colossal idiots until we reach the swing set. Swinging was SO FUN. I leaned back so I went upside down on the foreward swing, and I could see the trees behind me. My asshole friend made a slender man joke earlier so I got creeped out and stopped.

We left the park and walked down the street. There was a sign that said "Dead end" and I told my friends we should make it a "Live end" because i was being adventurous. Hesitently we all went down the dark street and there was a bad trip waiting to happen. A thin broken splintery tree stump was at the end of the road. It looked to all of us, like it was a dead skinny man in mummy wraps, sitting in the fetal position. It was the creepiest fucking thing I've ever seen. I had to proove it wasn't real. So we all walked slowly up, and it still looked like the dead man until I put my hand on it. We ran back to the neighborhood.

 We went to this small playground, and for the first time i saw "RIP JIMBO" spraypainted on the basketball court. Jimbo was an old friend, my friends older brother, and the guy we all looked up to when we were younger. He died earlier that year, so seeing this brought back some deep thoughts. I went up to his house and looked at the window where his room was and just felt a connection with him. It was sad, but really meaningful.

I won't explain here the entire seperate story of that night, where we encountered a homeless guy in the woods, you can use your imaginations...

So we're back at the house. I was still feeling great, but sadly the body high was long gone. We went and chilled with the party kids, who were a few years older than us. We were seniors so it was obvious we were talking about highschool with them. i layed in a recliner under this chandeleir, and the ceiling started coming down towards me. It felt heavy and pretty damn cool. We went upstairs, after I talked football with some of the guys that I idolized as a freshman player. We went out of my buddies window onto his roof and just layed there. The stars were forming geometric shapes, like star wars spaceships and stuff. I thought one of the bright stars was the doorway to another dimension of shroom people, so we all laughed about going there and eating everyone. The stars and thoughts and everything were quickly fading, and I felt really sad that it was starting to end. As I was trying to get inside the room, my foot slipped and my head smashed straight into the bug glass light on my friends ceiling fan. Instant sobriety. That's how the feelings went away.

All in all, it was a beautiful new experience. It was one of the best nights ever and opened my mind up to a whole new realm of thought. I have tripped one other time since on a higher dose and I'll post that night soon.  Thanks for reading fools!









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