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MDMA 200mg = One hell of a night

2 100mg capsules with nothing but sweet, sweet MDMA

I'm fairly new to drugs. I am 20 now, but when I was 15 I saw, smelled & smoked marijuana for the first time. Over the next 4 years I would smoke maybe a little bit over 10 times.
Then, this summer, I started smoking weed pretty much, I got a friend ( let's call him H ) who is a daily smoker & has been for 2 years, and I started hanging out with him through a line of coincidences.

So, like 8 weeks ago I tried shrooms for the first time, since shroom season was good and another friend of mine ( let's call him G ) picked a bunch of them.
Now, I have been wanting to do MDMA for like a year, but in my country ( Iceland ) there have been VERY scarce supplies and so I've had to wait, but last night I got a text from G "m&m back in stock - reserved 4 capsules for you"
I'm ecstatic... I don't have work, it's a saturday night, sweet ! So I call him and get over to his house ( he lives alone ) He brings me them drugs & I swallow a 100mg capsule at 11:30 pm.
We go to his room and smoke some weed and just talk, then I start to feel it... I try petting my clothes, everything feel soooooooo good to touch  ! I lie in the bed, fully awake, but totally fuckin' x-ed up.

About 90 minutes later H joins in. He had been downtown partying & knew we had m&m, so he came.
He took one at 1 and then another one at a quarter to 2,  and I was like "can I have another one, too?" And he agreed, so I took another 100mg pill 2 hours after I took the first one.

We start smokin' more bud and I am feeling so good, words can't describe it... Your mind and body do NOT allow you to become unhappy... You are chemically unable to become unhappy while on m&m, and it feels fuckin' fantastic.
After probably around 60-80 minutes I am itching in my skin, I want to go out so fuckin' bad.
H really doesn't want to go, so me and G go out while H is totally rushing up in ecstacy.
We go out and to breathe the fresh air was like to be reborn. We walk downtown ( very short distance ) and start walking the main party street in Reykjavik.
There're so many people & I just want to talk to them all & find out about their lives & tell them what I'm doing an so on.
G starts chatting to these two tourists from the US & I tell them that I'm doing X & how it feels & they were really envious to see how good I was feeling.
I was REALLY craving alcohol for some reason ( I had been drinking a liter of water per hour since I started, so I was a-okay ) but I had like 3 beers.
Then at 4 AM I went home because the bar was closing, but G stayed behind, said he was gonna see if he could go home with some chick.

So I start to walk home, and get to G's apartment where H had been alone in for about 40 minutes.
I walk in and he's in the weirdest position ever, he's lying with his back on the seat of the desk chair. As I walk further into the room I see that he's looking at porn, and I was like "Are you jerking off?" and he's like "no, I haven't started yet". He was staring at his phone, very fixated on it.
There was a girl that he was waiting to go over to and have sex with, so we spent the next hour smoking weed, looking at porn and talking about sex, in general.
Then, at around 5 AM, G came home, H went to see the girl and I put a mattress out in the hall to sleep on.
I went to the bathroom and tried to jerk off for probably around 70 minutes, but I was totally unable to. Either it was the alcohol or the lack of high from the X, but either way, I was unable to.
So at 7 AM I finallly go to sleep.
Wake up fresh as a pancake at 11:30 AM and have myself a wake n bake. Veeery nice  !

I am going to wait for 2 months until I try MDMA again. I am in love with this drug, but I have to respect it to earn the privilege to enjoy it safely. After the first time, wait for 2 months, then 2-4 weeks.
For this kind of unlimited happiness, I am totally okay with having to wait for 2 months now & then 2-4 weeks after that.

This is just so awesome !

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