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The beginning of a new era

The most wonderful night of my life

To start off, me and my trip partner (my girlfriend) had only done about 1g of liberty caps before and that wasn't anything special except for some modified thought patterns and colours seeming brighter. This time we decided to take about 2g of liberty caps each. We're both very much into the whole psychedelic experience field, also very curious about questions about our existance and higher powers.

The thing is we had the caps but just weren't sure when to eat them so we just figured why not on an october evening. When I look back I think maybe we should've been more prepared and the setting could've been better. I know it would've benefited ger trip.

So, we eat them dry, plain, at about 5:30 PM at my place. Then made some tea and decided to go out for a walk in the lovely park in my neibghourhood. It wasn't yet dark outside when we decided to sit down on a bench and drink the tea we brought. About 30min had passed and we both started feeling it. At first, it felt like the bench was rocking from side to side, then back and forth. Then we both started seeing linear patterns forming on the field in front of us and our distance senses were getting messed up. Also, we're giggling pretty much about everything. The next thing I know, the trees in front of us we're starting to form faces of they're own and breathing quite heavily. Then I understood - this is going to be epic. And it was. We sat on the bench for like 30 minutes more and just observed the people passing by and I realised that their lives are so meaningless, because they don't see the world like I do. They have no idea! I concidered myself to be very lucky to see the world like I do. Anyways, after being pretty judemental we decided to go walk around to the city centre.

Standind up after about an hour of sitting was quite difficult, but as I managed to get on my feet, the effects kicked in even more harder. I only knew we had been there for about an hour because it was dark outside, otherwise time was just a meaningless factor in our lives. So we start to walk straight towards the city centre. At this point, we we're seeing some beams of light coming out of the very blurri and so soft sky. She figured, it was just God, no big deal... The sky was just absoulutely gorgeous - it stretched toward me through the leafless tree branches and I kept constantly trying to grab it. We made it to a big street, full of traffic. All the cars seemed like limos to me - each had at least 4 wheels and they we're all morphing into some weird futuristc machines. I was stunned. By now, all my GF did was talk without pause. It was kinda getting on my nerves since she didn't say anything meaningful, just random chittering. But I didn't let myself be bothered and countinued on a journey to the city which was epic. At some point I felt like I was 10 feet tall and everyone else were just ants on my way. I bursted out laughing when I remembered the lyrics from White Rabbit :''go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall.'' Anyways, we figured that going to a store would be a good idea - wasn't. As we entered, we bouth got super paranoid, since we thought everyone knew about our situation and this place seemed like a goddamn prison so we bailed. 

On the way to the city, the trees on our way constantly breathed very deeply. At some point I saw the greatest visuals I could think of - imagine that you're inside a 70's music video. Everything was TOO colourful and people had 5-6 ''shadows'' that made uo the colour spectre following them on the way. The walls of buildings we're starting to bend over me. They we're quite friendly acutally - didn't mean any harm. Walls are nice. I was so excited  - everything was so interesting. When we made it to the city we understood that we had comme here for no reason and decided to head back home. At this point I understood that my GF was in another dimension - she refused to believe we had eaten mushrooms and thought this is the reality we've always been living in. She was so frightened about it and wanted it to end. I thought to myself - Oh fuck, please no. The way home was even more visual. Peoples faces didn't make any sense to me and by know I was thinking alot about who I really am, what is the purpose of my life etc. I have thought about these things alot before but now everything was starting to fall in place. I understood myself almost completely but the amount of information I was processing didn't let me get the picture totally clear. 

By the time we got home she was tripping really hard so I threw her into the bed and decided to just enjoy the view out of my window. The effects we're wearing of but I could still see the visuals. I went to bed with her and tried to talk her out of this false reality or whatever the fuck it was. She refused and all of a sudden sheed had very extreme mood shifts - at one point she was super horny and grabbed me quite viciously, then she bursts into tears and cries out for her mom. This went on for some time but I didn'nt concentrate on it since the laughing faces and cats on my walls we're keeping me entertained. At some point i thought they were laughing at us, but they turned out to be friendly hallucinations too. :) Then I turn on the light and yell at her: ''HEY! It's over.'' And luckily, it was. She snapped out of it, but she still didn't trust our reality and carried on very suspiciously. Thinking back, I can totally understand her since the line between another universe and the reality was so thin during the trip. We took a shower and tried to figure out what had just happened. Neither of us couldn't quite figure it out. Only after a few weeks, things are coming back in order to me. 

This was the most amazing experience of my life and I was really surprised that 2g of caps did that to us. Anyways, thanks for reading. ;)

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