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2.1 Grams of mushrooms and 3 joints

Ok, my friend and I got a hold of some mushrooms so we decided to go out driving about 45 minutes away from our hometown to Collingwood, Ontario where Blue Mountain Ski Resort is.

Ok, my friend and I got a hold of some mushrooms so we decided to go out driving about 45 minutes away from our hometown to Collingwood, Ontario where Blue Mountain Ski Resort is. There are many huge resort buildings being made that are unfinished that you can walk around in.

We ate the shrooms at 10:21 at night and then started driving to Collingwood. I hadn’t eaten anything that day since 11 that morning so I started feeling the effects after about 20 minutes! Getting sort of a cold feeling and numbness in my legs and such and also my stomach was a little upset and had a slight feeling of nausea. By the time we actually got to Collingwood it was about 11:00. We stop and get out of the car and then it really hits us once we start walking around were really tripping out. Every light seems much more vivid and some lights when shining on the ground even look like they are moving around and glowing in and out. We walk for about 10 minutes up to this huge hotel building that is half built and climb into a window. We walk up some stairs and they are wires all over the place, they are still working on the electrical and such. We walked into the first room we came to and there was a huge like 8 foot high window that was 8 feet wide as well over looking other resorts and a bar that is open. We can see many people at the bar and hear various loud noises/yelling and such. We pull out a nice sized joint and start smoking it. We were really peaking now just chilling inside this crazy room, some of the walls weren’t totally done and there were lights seeping thru the cracks. The marijuana definitely helped my stomach ache a bit and helped me forget about it and the trip was amazing for the rest of the night.

We ventured back to the car and started driving. We were pretty confused at some points not quite sure exactly what we were going to do or where we were going to go. We stopped at a Tim Horton’s and parked in the parking lot and started rolling another joint. We were just watching people drive into the parking lot and go into Timmy’s and such. Some random people were out front of Tim Horton’s talking and using Crazy hand movements and gestures I don’t know wtf they were talking about but it looked hilarious they were like moving up and down and they looked retarded. We finished rolling and got back on the highway.

Now highway driving on mushrooms can be VERY trippy. There were some cars behind us that were in a huge hurry I guess and were riding our ass. At some points I was like wtf is going on because the lights were really bright and he was purposely riding our ass. My friend Cole who is driving seemed ok for the most part. He was sometimes a little bit sketchy around corners he also ingested 2 grams of shrooms. We drove the speed limit and paid as much attention as we could. We began blazing our 2nd joint while driving. This whole experience is just crazy flying down the highway at nighttime while its STORMING out , there is lighting striking in the sky at random times and its raining on and off. Were going 80-100 km/h and smoking this joint talking about random shit and just enjoying the experience. I’m pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to drive in the state I was in, I wouldn't pay enough attention to the road. My friend has done mush about 15 times or so but he only drove once on like 1 gram of shrooms so it was a different experience for him too. We got back home and parked down some random street and parked and rolled up a third joint.

We just rolled down the windows and smoked there. Still tripping out were blazing , my friend keeps saying he sees something in the corner of his eye or in the mirror like someone is sneaking up on us or something. I remember at one point he said he thought he saw a dog run by or something but I didn’t notice or wasn’t paying attention. I was looking at the streetlights shining down on the road and still seeing the lights seem like they are moving around on the ground and they are sort of reddish in color.
Now it is about 1:30 am and I wan't some munchies and so does my friend. My friend HATES going into stores all stoned to buy food/drinks so I said ill do it.

I walk into the store and see this guy who picks up all the lotto tickets and drops them off talking to the store clerk. They are talking about someone who won the lottery in Quebec and saying how lucky they are blahblah. Pretty funny conversation to witness because these guys only know each other thru a couple nights a week at a certain time when he comes to do the pickup of all the tickets and shit. I walk around the store looking at the various items and everything is so bright and loud. I hear many different sounds and I am just trying to concentrate on getting some snacks and a pop. I grab 2 bags of chips. 2 things of Reese peanut butter cups and 2 cherry Pepsis. The reason I got the cherry kind was because it had the best advertisement. It was the first thing I walked to and I grabbed 2 of them. I proceeded to the counter and the cashier is the same guy I usually see when I go in all stoned. He starts having a WHOLE conversation with me, saying he hasn’t tried the cherry cola but has tried many of the other variations with like cherry coke and lime coke and all this other shit. I’m just trying to give him the money and I don’t even really know what I said to him. It was probably pretty obvious I stunk of weed my eyes alone probably gave it away. He was still as always very nice about everything and said to have a nice night and come again. I went back to the car and told my friend about it. He said he has had to go in with that guy working on various occasions as well saying “Yea man I always get that guy!". He referred to him as Mr. Nice guy which is probably the perfect name. He works the night shift most nights of the week and he is always overly nice.

We went back to my friend’s house and crashed on his couch and watched music videos. At about 3:00-3:30 am I started to feel sobered up again just tired and we both wanted to sleep. He drove me back home and I grabbed all my shit out of the glove department, shrooms, weed, grinder, scale etc. I wanted to check the car more closely in case anything fell out of my pockets but we were both so tired and didn't really think of it. I woke up today with a message on my msn that my friends mom found my silver rizluh rolling papers in the car! Something ALWAYS goes wrong even if it’s the littlest thing like that. But I think the trip night was pretty successful and again a very good trip.

I have done mushrooms 5 times now and this is probably the best trip yet, they seem to get better as you go. I was in a good mood while eating the shrooms and was looking forward to the trip.

*** I DO NOT reccomend driving on shrooms, it could be very dangerous, I would never do it myself. I was simply telling you my story of what me and my friend expereienced. ***

Well that’s my report! Hope you enjoyed reading it; leave any feedback, comments on your trips or any questions you may have!



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