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My first shroom trip

Wanted to try them before I started to grow them

Hi there shroomers, Iam 18, and this is my first trip report.

So, i bought (exactly :D) 300 shrooms, the guy I bought them from told me that they are pretty strong (but that says everyone :D ). When I came home I dried them under two fans for two days, then I made powder from them put them in a glass from which I vacuumed air and put it in the fridge. I invited my very good friend to try them with me, but since his bad trip on LSD with me on some festival during summer he is afraid to do any psychadelic drug. So invited my friends sister, that tripped me two times on LSD before and she said she would love to try the shrooms. So 7 days later, we skipped school and went to my home. We ate nothing to have empty stomach.

I dont know how much we took, I only knew how much they weighed after I dried them and that was about 15g. So I took a small amount , flattened it with credit card and made equal portions. We made some juice from lemons and put them in it. While they soaked we each took a hit of salvia (insanely awesome :D couldnt stop laughing) and then drank it (9 a.m.). After about 20mins I went to bathroom and noticed the wall is somehow different and I felt It is starting. After an hour colors were very bright, flowers in my room were brathing, The Beatles were awesome ( as always ) and I just started  dancing around and enjoying the feeling I was getting. We then decided to took more of the shrooms. So we took them, again with lemon juice. But it took some time to cut them and get the juice from them beacause we were doing everything except what we wanted :D Like laughin on water or eating apples... So we took them and went to my room again. I turned on my notebook and we were watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas  and it was like the best movie ever I could watch :D We were drawing pictures, talking about various random stuff and we wre laughing like on everything. Then I enjoyed closed eyes visuals (they were very clear and colorful) and then I was thinking about my life, seeing my problems from the other side, discovering my own faults and how should I imporve myself. We did really lot of stuff that day and it was one of my best trips ever. (11a.m.-12p.m.) In this time i felt it was a peak and I had the most awesome feeling I ever had in my life. I felt so super-happy and satisfied and wanted it never to stop. The coming down was good, no problems. Then around 15 p.m. we got in my car and went from house because my dad was about to come home. So I we were just driving around (I was ok in that time, it wasnt dangerous to drive and I was very careful) I then drove her home and I went home right after. Around 17 p.m. I got pretty strong headache that lasted until next day's lunch time.
I loved the trip and Iam looking forward to trip on them again.

So now I have B+ cubensis spores in syringe waitng to be inoculated. I will post photos then.
(sorry if my english is not quite understandable or perfect, I tried :-D but iam not native english speaker)

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