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My First Magic Mushroom Trip

First Mushroom Trip

Hello this is my first trip story on Magic Mushrooms, Enjoy :]

So first my original plan was to try LSD for the first time but dealer only had some Mushrooms. We ended up getting 6 Grams of shrooms where we split into 2 other friends. The dealer said it was some strong Shrooms.

So here it began, i ate the shrooms and they tasted like rub and very disgusting. i must say if i didnt have the bottle of Orange juice with me, i would have puked from the foul taste.

Within 20 minutes i began to feel a mild body high....and then by 50 minutes my body was completly numbed out. Thats when it was time to smoke the 1st blunt, it felt amazing.
my friends i was with were not having the perfect feeling as i was, they were feeling nauseous and they had to throw up. i lasted through the trip wihtout nausea.

by an hour and half, the shrooms were taking in to full effects. my friend told me to close my eyes and thats when the trip really began

at first i closed my eyes and began seeing mild patterns... i opened my eyes and after 10 minutes, i noticed everything i focused on seemed to be moving.... then it was time for another blunt :]

by 2 hours into the high, the peak had come, at this point colors were showing up at random times, the difference between fantasy and reality was blurred. everything started to move and act all wave
when i was alone, the trip went very trippy and i got somewhat scared. i began tripping and having hullucinations and overall tripped out but once i was back with my fellow shroomers, i felt the amazing safe feeling again

in my head i felt like my brain was stuck on a loop just constantly repeating

by 3 hours into the high, is when it slowly wave by wave started to sober up. at this point i feel very stupid i feel like im not in my body and im just not myself
i felt stupid for taking the shrooms at the point because it was so intese to a point i was smelling colors and hearing my mind speak to me. everything was going wavy..

this feeling was the best feeling i felt attached to nature. i was just more relaxed

the shrooms stsarted to kcik off and like all oter drugs ive done, such as LSD, & XTC , eating was actually in my mind and i had no doubt on resting, 

Basiclly i had a great day and learned alot about life and got to see it in a different way. I must say Magic Mushrooms are amazing. <3

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