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Third trip with the GF in the new apt.

Never felt so connected

Well id have to say iv had some pretty unforgetable times with my trips. One of the most memorible was my third time tripping with my GF it being only her second time.
Before she was a little iffy about doing them but i didnt wanna pressure her into doing it.  After awhile she decided to give it a try, so i found some with two other friend we tripped for a good 6-8 hours. Having done it before i tried to guide her into the best trip possible. With the other friends they kinda made it not the best for her.

After that i told her next time its just going to be me and her at home, it wasnt months later i got ahold of some the day of moving into our new appartment.  After moving all the stuff in and getting settled in we took about 3 grams each. After they kicked in we kicked on some music and smoked a bowl. After awhile getting further and further into the trip we turned off the lights and layed on the floor. I had a large masson jar with a bit of bud inside of it. I took the flashlight from my phone and put it to the glass to bend the light onto the ceiling. If you rotate the jar its will almost look like huge dark cloud on your ceiling and it just blows you mind.  Seeing faces and other images in the lights, i never though i would lay on a floor for an hour and play with a glass jar and my phone light.

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