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Never do shrooms at school!!!!

Never do shrooms at school!!!!

With out doubt the worst trip ive ever had in my life. Ive been doing psychedelics for 2 or 3 years now have done acid multiple times and have done mushrooms very many times and have tried DMX salvia and DMT. Ive been in public on shrooms and have had to operate and do normal stuff on shrooms and found it very easy depending on the dose of course, so i thought doing half an 8th at school would just be a breeze. I was getting a half 8th from a buddy at school who went picking and had found some small psilocybin Cyanescens. these were the first ones he had found this season and i offered to test them out for him. we both thought i wouldnt really trip too hard but he wanted to know how good they were so he could start selling them. Also a buddy of mine in my math class said he would give me 5 bucks if i did shrooms in class. He doesnt do drugs so has no idea what they are like. But anyways i got them in the morning around 8:10 after jazz band in the morning and then went to my first class which is AP US history and then after that class i had 15 minute break and went to talk to my friends. i sold one of my friends a few vyvance pills and they all know i had shrooms and were gonna do them so i went into a bathroom stall and started ripping them into tiny chunks and let them soak in about some lemon juice(for about 15 minutes) i had in a water bottle. i went to math class and about at 10:30 i drank the lemon juice with the shrooms in them. i had never soaked shrooms in lemons before this but had read about how it intensifies trips. i picked the wrong time to try it lol. anyways i didnt really feel much just a light buzz until about 11. i was starting to really feel it but wasnt getting any visuals yet but was very very confused. i had lunch at 11:13 and i left class and went and chilled with my homies in the lunch room but with all the people talking it was tripping me the fuck out and it was just making me more and more confused. so i walked around with some of my friends hoping it would calm me down alittle bit to go out side and get some fresh air but it was cold as fuck. i was also thinking "oh this has to me the worst of it i am probably peaking" because i was getting some visuals now just like things breathing. then i had to go back to class and then the peak hit me like a brick wall. i was freaking out things were moving and starting to geth the melting effects but the visuals didnt trip me out as much as the mind fuck did. the girl next to me new i was on shrooms and she kept bugging me and asking how they felt (she also has never done drugs) so how could i explain shrooms to her while the teacher was talking, i could tell how loud i was speaking, and i was tripping nuts. so i wrote on a piece of paper " im sorry but please shut the fuck up right now" and gave it to her. then the kid in front of her was like muttering some lyrics he wrote really fast but it was tripping me out and i thought he was just speaking like some crazy made of langauge really fast. the teacher doesnt like this kid so she called the school security guard to come get him from out class (she does this all the time) but i wasnt aware of what was going on so when the security guard came in i thought he was looking for me and i was like oh im fucked now but then he just got the kid (who got suspended during that class while i was trippin). i was getting some weird visuals at this point there were little piggies on the carpet running around and i was in a trance but then the teacher came around to see if we were correcting our home work and i was looking down at my paper so she couldnt see my eyes and she went on to the next person after she explained the problem to me and the guy in from of me was like "here ill help him" and the second i looked up he was like "jesus fucking christ dude your eyes are huge what are you on?" and i was starting to freak out because obviously the people around me could tell just by looking at my eyes but i figured no one would snitch kuz about 70% of the people at my school have done drugs and are chill about it. time was moving so slowly. it was about 12:40 now and i got out of math at 12:58 so i was so happy to get out of that class and was starting to come down a little bit. for the rest of class one kid was solving equatioins on the board and it was freaking me out because he kept repeating the equations and it was driving me crazy. then he asked for a volenteer to come up and finish a problem and he was gonna make one of his friends go up and do it and the girl next to me made the biggest bitch move ever. "actually i think jon should go up and finish the equation haha" and i was just sitting there eyes wide open in terror but the kid in front of me saved my ass and was like " no jon shouldnt do anything at all ill do it" and then that class finally ended and right as i walked out that class i felt so much better and could feel myself coming down. i talked to the kid who sold me them and told him about everything. then i went to AP lit and just chilled out as i came down and when the final bell ring i was just about sober but i was well enough to drive home. i have never tripped that hard off of so little my normal shroom dosages are normally 3.5-5 grams dried of good shrooms (i live in the seattle area so i allways can get great shrroms when fall comes around). it is incredably hard to describe the horrible feelings and the terror i was feeling in that class but for those of you who have had bad trips im sure you can imagine. i will never ever do shrooms at school again. i am geting an 8th of really good shrooms tomorrow though and i plan to save them form the weekend and soak them in lemon juice and chill out all day and just watch spongebob and play halo or GTA all day but yeah even after that experience i still love shrooms very much lol. Peace.

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