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2 much for 1st time

My first time on shrooms was about a year ago, there was four of us, all unexperienced to the wonderful drug.

My first time on shrooms was about a year ago, there was four of us, all unexperienced to the wonderful drug. I paid for a gram but what I got was atleast three grams (the dealer thought it would be funny to freak the shit out of us) same goes for my best friend but the other two had about five grams each which was really bad for all unexperienced users. I had no idea what to expect and wasnt aware of what settings can cause good or bad trips, that is a really bad thing not to know because we ended up in a tiny room listening to marilyn manson and orgy (not good music) worst of all everybody in the room hated atleast one other person. My friend started to trip after 20 min and was really freaking me out, she convinced all the other trippers that I was a monster and they all starred at me like I was going to kill them. I got fed up with not feeling the shrooms so I went out and bought myself a gram of pot, I came back, I smoked that and I began to trip really hard. My friend was so scared of me she tried to fly out the window to get away from me (not even thinking of using the door) I caught her from almost jumping out and she screamed and rolled her self up into a ball and started to wack herself in the head with C.Ds saying she has lost all contol over her movements and couldnt feel a thing. I remember looking at the few posters that were in the room, one of marilyn manson and one of Metallica (NOTE: do not look at such scary people such a Marilyn Manson, his face is not pleasant) Scared the crap out of me to the point where the picture had to be destroyed. One of the people there (who took five grams) couldnt take it no more and ran out of the room, I tried to stop him but he threw me, the other girl ran after him. So it was me and my best friend who was still convinced I was a monster. She cried which made me cry and after what seemed to be forever I convinced her I wasnt going to kill her. We sat in the room talking for what seemed to be hours waiting for the other people to come back. During our wait we had so many visitors looking for the guy who ran off, people were coming in and out of the room starring at us knowing that we had to be on something and were making fun of us. It was dark out side at this point and we where convinced that the universe had become the room and outside was unthinkable, our whole worlds where eachother and the room. We believed we would continue to live our lives in our new world forever. I couldnt even remember where I lived or my family, at this point I didnt even know what a family was. As she pointed out a dot on the carpet we both began to stare at it and the carpet started to fall into the dot, our world was being sucked in. Finally the other two came back and the stories one of them had where so unbelievable and constantly changing we still dont know what to believe till this day, the first story was that he ran into the forest and stayed in top of a tree for afew hours, another was that he was being followed by some thugs ect.. I asked the guy why he ran off and he said it was because of my bright red shirt, he said when I moved my shirt dripped blood and with one big movement I sprayed blood everywhere and the room was fully covered in blood (I then understood his urge to run away) By this time the trip was getting happier and happier so we went to the park, the trees and fresh air couldnt of been a better idea. We met a whole bunch of guys my friend kinda knows so we went with them not knowing where we would go but they ended up taking us to their house where they got me and my friend really drunk (on top of the shrooms) and thats my story, it wasnt long before I gave shrooms another try again and again and that was the first and last time I ever had a bad trip, these days shrooms are personaly the happiest drug out there (next to lsd). My point is that for the first time on shrooms make sure you read the trip tips, that would have been valuable information to know if I knew about this site before:)

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