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Salvia 20x

Really Weird :s

Hey Guys,

So I know that Salvia isn't as 'intense' as LSD, DMT or Shrooms but this trip was just MESSED up.

So my best friend and I were going to smoke some weed after picking up a new ROOR from a local headshop. She saw the Salvia behind the counter and decided that, hey that looks like fun. We picked up a pack of 20x Salvia for $40 then made our way out of town to a park in the country. Upon our arrival we got all set up with the new bong and Salvia. Rested for a while and then packed a bowl full of Salvia.

So I lit the bowl.. the taste was AWFUL, worse than Shrooms IMO. Anyways I struggled to put the bong down, then I went for water.. Unable to drink the water my friend, Shaelyn threw it away. She kept asking me "How do you feel? What do you feel like?" I wasn't able to answer because I was sitting there tripping out. After sitting for a minute I stood up walked five feet away fell over, I got back up and stood there. Now when I was standing there I had my arms extended to the sides, I felt like a machine with a million parts and every part was working expect one. I couldn't move.. AT ALL. Shaelyn was staring at me, she was bent over with her head tilted looking at me, it felt like deja'vu to the extreme. Anyways, I couldn't move and I stood there for a solid 5 minutes. After that I kind of started to come down, I managed to sit down and the only thing going through my head was "Don't smoke that".. What did she do, she smoked it XD. But that's besides the point. I honestly felt really messed up, I was sweating and it was nasty.

In the end I vowed to never smoke Salvia again.

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