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Dmt: The Entities

Same entity Multiple Times

So you all stay intrested lets jump right in!


 Me and J decide to Dark room it with some Dmt. If you havn't tried it, a Dark Room is a pitch black room. (go figure)  I recomend spending part of every trip in pitch black.

We prepared our bowls, a touch over 40 mg each Pancaked in some silantro.

We both rip,  The flames go out, And the Wave comes over me. "again!" i say And we flame on.  After i feel the first hit, Its as though the Bowl/bong becomes a device with one function. We all know what that function is obviously, But i never lose sight of it no matter what. I become engulfed in the bowl, And control it like some sort of computer, Programing my hit with how im vaping it, Watching it vaporize using the flame and its nature. Hold.

we both feel the second hit and get that Rush dase you get from the initial smack in the face. AND BAM, Im pushed back to concious, And shown my bowl in the darkness. I pretty much rose my voice and said Its been to long, another! J Didn't speak, But ROARED from within "NOOOOOOOO" in slow motion lol. Hes out

I hit it hard not caring if it burned, Held and blew out, And was Told by a million voices "just one more you can do it" While my conciousness is focused on the device. "Hit it as hard as you can" over and over

Last hit, And i disolved after droping the bowl. I disolved into my own kaleidoscopic skull, into my brain, and watched nuerons interacting, Fireing, Rampaging.... Then click, it all simmered down, as though it disconected. I floated above my body, While the entire real reality around Opened up. The house opened up, Every board, shingle, Nail. Tv's opened up "exploded Skul"l style, Everything expanding, Neighboors houses opening, the people inside, Its all speeding up, All expanding faster and faster

Until it became so fast everything seemed to implode on itself  some how,(lol it expanded into itself far far away)  leaving a center point. I was sucked into that center point, wich became my tunnel. Ive been here before but never made it out.

Im sucked through the tunnel and become Fully aware, Fully concious. I could feel myself again, In some far away region me my conection to people etc. As im passing i realize that the tunel isn't just kaleidoscopic patterns and colors. There was information, Physical information of everything ive learned or seen all catoragorized into AN ENTITY! As im passing if i looked at the entity it would Start making vibrational rainbow particles? idk but it was so easily understood, One would be All about Mamals, one physicsBUT When one would "open up" and start transfering information "branches" of them would form with relative information. I believe the human brain naturaly asigns An entity presence to things while triping, And i think this was me percieving the vastness of a brain with information represented by entities. I think it was my brain i was watching, those nuerons became entites, All "branching" out when i interacted with them. Them all being connected, and me percieving my own brain.

THen it gets sick. I get to the end of the line. A wall, ive reached it before but i always come too. I get to it and mold onto like clay or putty, then Am pulled through by a million hands, leaving the tunnel, leaving all connections to anyone i knew, including myself. I was being "rubbed" by a million "hands", idk how to desribe it because it wasn't physical. The rubbing was so comforting, like being pet if you were a cat. At first i couldnt see but the rubbing sensation was clarifying everything, I relized there were entities, What i believe were REAL entites, made of electricity plasma stuff,  I Was able to see, They were all concerned, The rubbing was pure love radiating from their centers. They calmed down, And i felt Great. I mean like, crystal clear. I could move and talk. i wasnt bound by anything. We spoke, There was one in particular that was "special" I favored it. She stuck out among the rest as the leader. She explained The place i was in, and many other things wonderful things youll figure out when you meet "yours"  Eventualy i started to fade, and disintigrate or somthing becoming clouded. They all swarmed me and the superior, and "waved" me good by in the form of humanoids. Saying over and over "we'll see you next time" They said they took on the forms of anything the conciousness felt comfortable around. The electrcity shit was thier true nature.

Next day, i broke through to the same group of entities talking and learning more with the female

third time Bymself i broke through again, met the same female superior, alone this time, And was taken to a great tree. I "sat" with her and a few other individuals in the presence of god. Some sort of omnimatrix beyond reality and time, Beyond understanding. There was no light, Only what apeared to be a black hole, or somthing along that nature. He(loosley using he) offered me no help to anything, not in my life not anything. That was the female that gave knowledge. He only offered me life.  A small portion of conciousness, an oportunity to be physical, To learn what i must, however i must. Nothing more. I asked questions and got extremley devastating answers. I saved the best for last, "were did you come from?" They all bid me farewell Suddenly as The black whole  comunicated "It will never be known" 

 "see you next time" "see you next time"  "see you next time"  "see you next time"  echo echo echo



Will we ever know what god is? How do i exist, How do you exist, How does anything exist man...



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