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First trip on LSD

Some acid, friends and a skate park.

Substance & Dose: 2 Tabs of LSD (little blue runes on them, not entirely sure what the dose in micro-grams is) javascript:nicTemp();

Location: Skate Park, Local small lake, my house at some points

Date: September 29-30th, 2012


Alright so ill try to explain what happened to the best of my abilities, i wrote down some stuff while tripping
as well as after when i remembered, i do recall the entire night pretty much but there are some parts that are foggy,
so please forgive me if im not as descriptive as i wish to be. 

So the night started out with a small family gathering at my house, i had the tabs which i picked up earlier that
day, 6 tabs for $40. I was beginning to think i wasn't going to be able to take them, our sitter got busy (which i should mention now
it was me and my close childhood friend planning to take 2 each and then have our friend come along and watch us, I wont be using names 
so ill refer to the sitter as "the sitter" or "our sitter" and ill refer to my friend as "C" )

Around 7-8 or so our sitter called and said he was available and asked if he should head over, i said yes and he got here around 9
he knows my family quite well so he talked with my uncle and a few other people for a bit while me and C sat in my room and talked about
if we were gunna do it and where. We eventually decided to just say "screw it" and fill a backpack with supplies and got the sitter and started
walking to the skate park (which is about.. 10-15 minutes from my house, and that's if your walking slow). We stopped up the street and around the corner
and popped our 2 tabs, i put mine under my tongue and moved them around my mouth occasionally. At the time of taking them, it was 10:46.

The walk to the skate park was extremely uneventful, it hadn't kicked in yet obviously so it was just the usual bullshit we always talk about.
I was getting pretty anxious, and it was also cold so i was shivering and twitching a bit :p not like.. full on twitching but you know when you get cold 
and your body shivers and yea (id like to point out im not very good at explaining things so, stick with me here :P). 

We finally get there, there's a few people around, its usually pretty empty around there at night but its kinda sketchy sometimes too (Definitely could have picked a better place to do it for the first time, but oh well). 
We stood on-top of this one part of the skate park, it was isolated from the rest, you sorta had to climb up to it. 
No one was at the skate park at that moment aside from a few people in the parking lot in a car (probably getting it on, the windows were foggy). Alright so, by now i've sorta stopped paying attention
to time, i was just relaxing with a monster waiting for it to kick in. About.. 30 minutes after taking them, sitting at the skate park, still no effects. This youth group shows up in a bus and comes up and starts
talking to us. Me and C weren't seeing anything yet, mainly just feeling abit giggly and anxious. We talked to them for a bit but the whole time i was thinking "shit... i just took acid, what if they stick around and i start 
acting weird, because they seem pretty chill but i don't want them around". They left shortly after talking about how cold it was out and such, and we moved over to a different part of the part where we could see
the entire rest of the park and fields and such. 

I finally started noticing some things, aside from feeling giggly i started noticing the sky was REALLY blue (it was a really clear night, probably around 11:30 by this time i think). Stars were more obvious but no obvious
intense visuals..... yet. So me and C started talking about how we felt funny and during this time the sitter had confiscated all our stuff (phones, and anything else we didnt want to lose). Once that happened, stuff really started to happen.
I remember feeling REALLY tired and i wanted to lay down and snuggle something, so i proceeded to hop down this half-pipe type thing and kinda stand/lay in it. Eventually i just gave in and got REALLY comfy, staring up at the sky and mountains.
I remember looking up and seeing my buddy above me on the top of the half pipe, he came down and layed beside me and stared at the sky aswell. I saw the deathstar at some point and then i watched a plane going by and remember saying 
"holy shit that is a BIG ass plane, look at that thing go!" dunno why i was so interested in the plane when there was a fucking deathstar right next to it, but yea...  (also ill take some pictures of the location and the view i had in the half pipe sometime soon, i want this to be as detailed, trip-wise and location-wise as possible).

We eventually got out of the half pipe, laughing a shit-ton and climbed back up to where the sitter was, there was a party bus pulling up across from the skate park, i started getting 
abit sketched out because it was loud and there was hot girls around meaning... extremely masculine, annoying males, not far... and sure enough.. what happens? The bus pulls away and BOOM, theres this group
of about.. 30 people i think, maybe abit less, but huge guys and really hot girls everywhere. Most of them dissapeared, but they started like.. play fighting each other (the small group that remained). They came over and hopped up to where
we were. This is what i think triggered my buddies bad trip (Ill explain that later to the best of my abilities). They weren't that tall but they were BEEFY, im not the biggest guy and im not very fight-worthy PLUS i was on acid trippin.. so bad combo..
They come up all serious for a second (i think about 4 of them). Then i remembered my sitter has a HUGE knife and a massive bottle of bear mace, which .... that shit fucking kills (pardon my language but if youve ever been hit by it, good luck getting up).
I was abit more at peace knowing that, but still i would be fucked in a fight on acid, specially cuz it was getting stronger every few minutes, i started seeing things moving on the ground like there was multiple layers like in photoshop
and they were like.. being moved around, then that transformed into little blood spiders EVERYWHERE. Just crawling away from me (i still see this on my ceiling randomly and its been 2 weeks, doesnt bug me at all though, blood spiders are tiny and i barely see them anymore)

The atmosphere changed drastically when i noticed the biggest one of the group was doing a bro-fist type thing and laughing abit with C (though im sure in his head, he was terrified, which i found out later he was). 
Turns out he knew him and we kinda gathered around and he was like "man your so glad we know you, we were looking to jump some kids" (they had no clue we were on acid and im not sure i wanted them knowing, didnt trust them). They finally left and i felt great, i started
enjoying myself abit more, laughing at nothing and i have this habit of grabbing onto poles and just staring at stuff (between me, C and my sitter its an inside joke now called "gluepoleing", or in other words grabbing onto a pole and sticking there like your glued, staring at EVERYTHING). 
Everything was colorful and amazing, specially the sky. We eventually just sat around relaxed for a bit, then an hour or so later, C announced he had to use the bathroom..
Now my first thought was "oh god this sucks, i don't wanna go wait around for him" but then i thought "oh shit.. we will be peaking probably by the time we get to the house, meaning hes gunna start peaking while taking a shit" and that thought made me laugh and we set off. Id like to point out, that these are just random thoughts i remember during that time, there was all sorts of shit going through my head this entire time its just too much to try to remember or type down. So im only 
typing ones that have to do with the main scheme of things.

The walk back to my house was fantastic, i noticed a tennis court and thought "damn, i gotta check that out when we come back" which i did, and man that was great, ill explain that later aswell. 
Now keep in mind it was cold as fuck and my friend didn't have a hoodie, he was wearing one of mine and getting snot all over it from a runny nose from it being so cold -.- Anyway, we got to the stoplight and this red car stops and i look in the window and see this fairly cute girl waving at me,
i figured i was just trippin cuz i swear the car completely disapeared after it went down the road because we went the same way. I found out later that it was an actual person, talked to them when i ran into them at the corner store about a week ago :p
I got my sitter to give me my phone back, i trusted myself, i was pretty in control of everything, i wasn't afraid of bad trips or anything of the sort and im a really mellow person usually. So i started playing doodle jump on my iphone on the way back to the house, my sitter and C, were absolutely dumbstruck when
they noticed i was playing perfectly fine, WHILE walking, and on acid. I even beat my highscore... o.O

We get about 3/4 the way home, and i found a fire hydrant, i was walking faster for some reason so igot there first and grabbed onto it and looked at this group of.. flowers or something, very tall ones, and i just sat and stared at them on the fire hydrant untill my friends finally got me to get up
and keep walking. The second we got to where we first took the tabs, i saw a fence and it had all sorts of shapes on it, it was such a horrible fence too.. it was different types of panelling and stacked ontop of itself.. it was just BAD, but i got some amusement out of the panda and tiger i saw forming in the side
of the fence, but i felt a shift in energy.. the entire time the sky had been AMAZING, out of nowhere.. i noticed everything was really wet (which is was, because it was really dewy outside) it kinda.. weirded me out, no i guess thats not the right thing to use but it was strange, everything felt like i was under water suddenly..
voices sounded like they were under water, everything was really blue and wet and i saw bubbles, not very noticable but they were definitely there. This was RIGHT down the street from my house (by then everyone had either left or passed out). 

It took me damn near 10 minutes to unlock the door, no joke either.. i couldnt figure out which key was what, i started looking at the sky, then the door.. it was a mess :p (i forgot to mention, i was listening to music most of the time during this, with my phone and headphones).
once i finally got in, i didnt think i would enjoy being inside so i decided to stay on the front little concrete part infront of the door... the very SECOND the sitter closed the door, i felt like EVERYTHING shifted, i turned and looked at the skyline, which is absolutely fantastic from my house, but
i noticed the house started moving up slowly, the skyline shifted a slight bit... then BOOM, its like my entire house went rocketing into the sky! Stars rushing past, planets and whatever the fuck else i saw but the entire house and neighborhood went with me... as if it was just a small chunk of my town that went thru space.
The sitter opened the door, and the second he did it stopped and i turned around and walked inside, sat down on the stairs and played with my phone abit, trying to get some good music. My phone screen was melting and shifting and colorful and shit was moving when it shouldn't be. I loved it.. but i got bored again and decided id go check on C.

Now, i have this creepy dark and weird downstairs bathroom, really unfinished and dark, black floor.. it was a bad place to be on acid i guess (i went in there by myself when i took acid the next weekend and i was fine though). I looked at the door and asked if he was okay, he said go away and that hes fine. I looked down towards the bottom of the door and
it was like.. paper, it looked super thin and i thought i could push it as if it was a paper drape covering the doorway, not a door. I tried.. got sad because i couldn't :p then i found my uncles room.. THAT was fun. He lives downstairs, but hes never actually home.. ever.. he hasn't been home in a few months XD anyway, i thought to myself "shit wait.. he has a water bed!"
i ran to the room like a child and slowly layed down on it, no one knew where i went, they found me a few minutes later just sinking into the waterbed.. that was a crazy ass experience. This entire time though the main theme of the entire experience was.. everything was happening really FAST, i felt like i was talking alot. I described it as "its like someone gave me everything and said 'GO'"
Thats the best i could describe it at the time, now i realize it was just being extremely hyper and everything was just super amusing and awesome :p but it was crazy.. 

Anyway back to the story, C had finally finished up and found me and the sitter in the waterbed room, theres a HUGE mirror on the opposite wall, so when you get up from the bed you see just HUGE mirror.. that was fucked up, i wanted to leave that room QUICK. So we got out of there, got some mroe stuff from the fridge, drinks and such and headed back out.
I dont remember AT ALL, what happened when going back up to the skatepark except for when we got back to the spot where that tennis court was. Its entirely blue/green and fenced in with some weird green mesh stuff on the fence, i wandered off and it forced them to follow me since i know they didnt want to go in there and wanted to go back to the park. I went and ran at it, but stopped because the shadow the weird mesh/chainlink fence was giving off was like an energy,
 it felt like a force feild of blueish green, i walked thru and it felt like the shadow actually cast onto me, like i felt the weight and the energy and even C noticed it when he got there too, we both kinda said "woah" at the same time then started laughing. We got in there and my sitter followed. I told them i had to pee and i set some californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers, because for some reason i wanted a good song to go pee to. I went in the corner away from them and it took me only a few seconds to go pee but it took me at least 3 or 4 minutes just to put my belt back thru the thing XD
 From there we layed in the middle of the tennis court and laughed for damn near half an hour and the sitter decided we should head out.... but theres a problem with that. I couldnt see the fences on one side so i thought THAT was the exit.. but there was fences surrounding the entire thing and one door that kinda blends into the green meshy fence stuff because it had the mesh stuff on it aswell, i kinda got
laughed at for it and i don't recall much about after we left the tennis court.. but i remember getting to this part of the park and a part of my song said "PEOPLE" and my buddy C goes "woah shit, people" i go .. huh? i look around, no one is there, and he goes "no look, PEOPLE!" and pointed to the ground (he actually didnt know what i was listening to so i found it pretty weird). Theres literally just some writing on the sidewalk that said "people" o.O..
totally random and stupid but we found it hilarious for about 10 minutes for some reason :P we found this spot right next to a small lake near me and by the skate park, pitch black and amazing, but i could see EVERYTHING like it was day time. The ground and the trees looked fake, it was a man made park and i guess that thought made everything look really fake, but eveything looked plastic and boring but
none of that mattered, that specific spot felt like it was the very tip top of the world. It was on a slight hill, you could just kinda see the lake because of the reflecting lights, most of it was either forest, trees or the skate park behind us. I remember looking at the sky and just being so dumbfounded. It was like somthing out of a trance music video thing. Like on youtube, for trance and techno theres always
pictures of crazy skies with all sorts of shit and galaxies in them. Thats what it was, it was really orange and any small clouds i saw, weren't clouds they were just different colors. Purple and blue and orange were the main colors i saw while tripping. 

From here, after all the sky observing and a small incident with water bottle and a concrete picnic table, we decided to head to the actual PARK part of the skatepark, there was a thing that is basically a big pole, that has a kink in it so the circle thing on the top can spin and your momentum can keep it going.. well i was absolutely baffled by it, i remember trying to figure out if the 
kink in the pole was actually there. From here i looked over and found these.. stepping stone type things i thought at first "damn those look fun im gunna go jump around on them" then i thought wait.. no probably a really bad idea seeing as i just spent 10 minutes trying to comprehend that there was a bend in a metal pole. I followed my sitter which found this huge.. Christmas tree type thing, where you can crawl in and it can spin while people are in it. Hard to kinda explain what it looks like, 
but it was HUGE, i looked at it, then at the sitter and totally straight faced asked "how the fuck is something THAT big not, NOT wobbly? I mean is it? Its gotta be wobbly right? there's no way it cant be!" For some reason i was REALLY into seeing if it was wobbly so i got in and got my sitter to push me (id like to point out i dont have a clue where C is at this point in time, i was spinning too fast it was like being in a tornado, except instead of wind and branches and whatever else,
it was bits of light and lasers and random park equipment and my sitter. I started freaking out abit because i was getting dizzy and wanted to get out. Once i got out i found out that C was just kinda laying in the grass somewhere.  We decided to head back gradually, but found this weird concrete bench/art thing. It said some stuff on the side which i didn't read, or don't remember, and C looked at it, then looked at me and went "i really want to jump up on that thing and run across but idk something is weird about it".
I looked at it and saw there was some holes (which i found out later there wasn't any). I looked at the holes for a bit and noticed those little red blood ants which were still running on everything, they had been the whole time i just didnt feel like mentioning it because i didn't really care about them too much (although the led somewhere, consistently . i just never followed it, maybe i should have :P). Anyway getting side tracked again but i observed this bench for a minute then sat down and went "its okay bro, it has holes.. its everything".
No clue wtf that means, probably just insane blabbering but i found it kinda funny for some reason. 

After all this, not much else happened, we walked home, saw a few more things like a crazy light rainbow through a van window because of a porch light... although maybe it was just me that saw that, but i definitely remember it. I changed my playlist on my phone one last time and kinda zoned out as we headed back. I dont even remember what we talked about or what we did, just remember that once we got back my trip was settling down ALOT, it was like.. 3 or 4 maybe? Maybe abit earlier, but mine was mellow and i was still getting visuals, 
but not many although my mind was still racing. I got back and kinda relaxed, and noticed C was acting weird. I guess his trip was stuck in some sort of.. multiple scenario thing. Anytime he saw a situation, he would see it 3 times. Now like i said i figured that guy triggered his bad trip because he recalls only remembering a small amount of it, but he remembers a fight and that his jaw hurt and he KNOWS someone punched him, when no one did. He thought he was naked at some point, very very un stable. He kept going into the bathroom and
washing his face, coming back and asking us all the same questions. His come-down was just him questioning everything. 


Final thoughts:

I definitely enjoyed all of it, my main goal this time was just to have a good time and see what it was like, now ive had a bit more experience with it,
i really want to see just how far i can go with it, im really into all the theories of LSD and Mushrooms. I've even been growing my own, infact this flush should be done tomorrow :)
but as for my opinion of all of it. I enjoyed being outside more then inside because i recently tripped inside. Although definitely didnt like how wet and cold it was that night... 
I plan to take lots more in my future, not from a druggy "hey i want to go have fun" kind of thing. Since my last trip ive noticed theres some really crazy and unexplained stuff mixed into the complex
world of hallucinogens and i want to see just how far i can reach into it and what i can figure out. I get amused by strange things i guess haha. Ill be definitely writing more of these.. im not very good at writing so i hope
this wasn't too unbearable to read >.< and some things might be missing and arranged weird. Ill try to keep more documented stuff on my trips. 

Ill be Taking some of my cubensis this weekend for the first time, testing out the potency and just all around going to see what i can experience. Im thinking of just sticking with a 2.5g dose for now because ive heard everyones
body reacts differently and i just want to be sure before i dive deep into it. ANYWAY.... thats about it, hopefully this doesn't all get jumbled up when i try to put it on shroomery, i typed it up with notepad XD also im sometimes horrible at spelling and such... you'll have to forgive me for that. 

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