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My first trip

That was a weird night, man

Hey guys ! So, last night I tried shrooms for the first time. I was with a friend who has done them twice before, and he had a small box full of them ( our friend was really active in collecting them this fall, got a few hundred at least ) which included around  90 shrooms all in all ( really small, though ) I have no idea how much they weighed, but we did 35 pieces each at first.
We decided to make tea, so we boiled the water - chopped up the shrooms, put the water in the cups, put each half of chopped up shrooms in each cup, added 5-6  teaspoons of lemonjuice and then in 10 minutes put some teabags in, and then proceeded into the living room.

At 8:10 PM I had finished my cup. I actually didn't dislike the taste at all, and had a much easier time to gobble up the rest than my friend.

Once we finished he went out to have a small joint. Since this was my first time using shrooms I didn't want any other substance to taint the effects of the shrooms, at least not the initial feeling.
So the minutes pass and we decide to play Yatzi in the living room ( his idea, I don't know ) and then it was up to 20 minutes. I had a tingling in my body, but I didn't really feel like there was anything else going on... 30 minutes. My mind was pretty clear, it felt like only my body was being affected, not my brain... 40 minutes. I knew the effects should be starting to be very clear at this point, since I had read a bunch of trip reports... 50 minutes. I tell my friend we should make tea out of the rest. We go to the kitchen... That's when things start to kick in for me. We were trying to find something to make a filter with, just some stiff paper, and so I hand him some cardboard paper, and he tries to make a filter, but complains about his hands being completely numb... We start laughing, and i mean, it was the most natural, awesome laughter I can possibly imagine... Faaaar better than when you laugh when high, because your mind is so clear, so it feels a lot less "forced" just natural. We probably spent around 15 minutes just laughing about absolutely nothing. We then chop up the rest of the shrooms and roll a joint and go outside. I down mine in no time, but he takes longer to sip his, and we finish the joint and return inside.

Now, the next 3-4 hours were pretty weird... At first everything started breathing, every inanimate object... there was a suitcase with a bunch of zippers on it and they all started moving as if breathing. I went to the bathroom to look in a mirror. My pupils were as big as the moon. The effects came in waves... It was really weird, like... you'd trip completely... , then "snap" out of it, only to fall in again. One of my absolute peaks was when I went into the living room and sat into a lazyboy we have in there, with my friend still in the kitchen ( the living room and the kitchen are right next to each other but you can't see between them ) and we were talking to each other, about rolling another joint and going out, but we were totally tripping balls... I started singing everything I wanted to do, then started to sing about some imaginary kid in a story I was making up on the spot... and I was so affected by my own story... It came to life before me, it was really weird, then for the next 90-120 minutes, I could only feel the parts of my body I could see... Like, If I could only see my legs, I felt like I was just a head and legs, no body, just limbs... And everything became REALLY big, or I REALLY small, because I felt like a small kid... maybe because I could only see my arms as I sat in the lazyboy, anyways, when my friend finally managed to figure out how to get out of the kitchen ( he was really tripping too ) I collapsed to the ground and begged him to treat me like a 5 year old... I felt like i was a 5 year old kid... Everything was so big ! I can't really describe it in any other way.
So, when I managed to drag myself off the floor we stumbled to the porch to have a joint.

I can't really remember every specific detail, but among other things I experienced were I felt like my friend was just a head... His body was just a part of the background, almost, only his head was talking to me.
We watched some shows, but I was really eager to go outside... Like I had ADHD... I was so hyper ! My friend was too paranoid to have a walk, and always talked me out of it then BAM a minute later I'd be running all over the house, wanting to go outside. Then I was like I'M GONNA MAKE A PIZZA ! So i proceeded to make the dough and bake probably the worst pizza this world has ever seen. It was so bad !

I probably drank around 4 liters of soda, too...

I'm sorry how badly this is written, I am still "hung over" ( this was only 12 hours ago ) But I definitely want to try this again... In a few weeks. Is this normal ? Like being hyper ?

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