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Indoor trip report

    Last night I decided it was a good opportunity to take a trip. I had the house to myself and an open schedule the next day. In preparation to eating 1.75 grams of cubensis shrooms I wrote some things down on a note pad that I wished to benefit from my experience. I put my phone up stairs away from me to avoid outside contact. Overall I was extremely excited to trip after a summer failed of finding any fungi in my community. I also had some slight nerves going into the trip as I usually do out of respect of these experiences.

       The Trip: It was a little past 10:00 PM when I ate the mushrooms. Chewed them up for a quite awhile before washing them down with a glass of water. While waiting for them to kick in I started doodling on my note pad to take my mind off of waiting. As I sat doodling and watching the Monday Night Football game I became somewhat fidgety. I filled up my glass of water and grabbed a couple of things I thought soon might come in handy. When I returned to the TV room I took a break from doodling and browsed for something other than football. Lucky as I was I came across Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back. And of course my favorite battle of all the Star Wars movies was about to begin: The Battle of Hoth! Now this was about 35 minutes after consuming the boomers and I noticed a change in body pressure. Simply I felt quite stoned and the feeling growing stronger. My body was becoming very heavy feeling. Thoughts were becoming peculiar. Ideas growing off other ones before the blink of an eye. Visually I didn't notice anything different. As the battle begun in the movie the mental effects intensified very much. The surround sound audio system gave me the feeling of being there with the Rebel troops about to be slaughtered by the Imperial Walkers. Not the greatest feeling while coming up on shrooms. By the time the battle was over I was completely blown away by what just happened. I love that battle but I didn't want to be a part of it... That was enough Star Wars for this trip and maybe next one! 

      By this time it was over an hour after eating the mushrooms and they were kicking into high gear. I put some progressive trance on my lap top and went back to doodling. It was thrilling to see my previous doodles dancing around with one another. Growing and twist binding into all together new patterns. I thought why not give them some guests to join the party. Though I am still a young guy being only 19 years old. Tripping gives me the joy of being kid again. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed sitting there drawing the looniest doodles and writing down song lyrics that struck me as being "significant". My heavy stoned body feeling had turned into a warm, cozy, and peaceful feeling. Pure bliss and euphoria was flowing through me in a tingly sensation. At one point I got up dancing to an upbeat trance song by Andy Moor and shouted out "OH YEAH". Some people say that the music you listen when you're tripping differs from your usual jams but I was delighted by my top rated playlist. Each song has a mood and feel to it. It can really change yours thoughts and perception of the environment. I had written notes on my pad that say "I am music" "Obsessed with the music" and " I don't know why I wouldn't just chill here forever". Haha good memories already 24 hours later. 

      I sat back listening to tunes and looked up at my ceiling. The ceiling is made of drywall slapbrush or crows feet pattern and it painted white. My eyes saw the ceiling breathe, stretch, and shift its position. I've seen the walls move while tripping but it never will get old. Sat there mouth open just amazed at how my eyes can perceive reality in a different way. Honestly the texture looked more like a rug than the dry wall. It is interesting because when I see visuals I can physically feel my eyes being stressed or moving or something. I can't described it in a good way but I think it is interesting. This trip was as visually intense as some of my other trips. However looking at an oriental patterned rug the design came to life merging together and at one point looked as though it was floating. Magic carpets only on magic mushrooms. I'm not surprised. Anyway the only other open eyed visual that was profound came later. 

      3 1/2 hours into the trip I started becoming extremely tired. I had been yawning throughout the entire trip which seems completely odd to me. I'm usually up beat and moving around while tripping. Feeling more awake than I ever have. However I was tired and my body felt so comfortable that I thought I might be able to fall asleep. I retreated upstairs to the restroom to take a needed dump. As I sat on the toilet I saw the wall in front of me moving out towards me. It looked as though it was opening up from the base that held it up. I was again amazed at how it would open and there being a black shade like a crack in a door. Laughing I tried giving it a little help by pulling it, only to be disappointed that I couldn't help. 

      I climbed into bed and told my mind to run free. Bad Idea. The closer I felt that I was coming close to sleep my mind would take off racing. Thoughts of random people, places, things rushed through my head. A strange thing. No control over the thoughts. Just being shown all of these things. Nothing that I feared, it was more of an annoyance because I felt so close to sleep. The strangest thing occurred when the thoughts went too quickly. The sounds that came with the imagery would speed up too and finally come to a scratchy almost screaming noise which was so loud and startling. It happened probably three times. Each time I would jump up and sit up for a minute. My thoughts slowed when i was up and aware. My trip was practically over besides me giggling at some of the spontaneous thoughts that occurred. The only imagery I remember that I was seeing when the sound came was of a woman. A very attractive woman and the image was zooming up and down her body and then that horrible noise rang. I have had very very rapid thoughts while tripping before but this was totally new and I didn't care for this noise. It probably wasn't until 3 AM until I fell asleep. 

    The next morning I woke up around 10 and felt just terrific. A great energy that stayed with me all day long. Overall the trip was a great experience and I am so thankful for it. I am disappointed that I my mind was not able to focus on some issues in my life that I thought tripping might give me some insight. Realizing this while I was on the trip wasn't too negative for me. I have learned to let go and flow with the trip. I have great respect for these little mushrooms and almost fear to challenge them. I did think over a few things but not in the way I intended on. If anything this trip provided me some peace and a break from the bullshit this lovely world can throw at you. This was the 6th time I have tripped on mushrooms and I feel that the whole experience makes a tiny more sense to me. It is extraordinary and mystical way of perceiving the world. I understand how it has helped people of our earth for thousands and thousands of years. But overall it is a mystery to me. I am planning to get some boomers within a month or two and get back to business! Until next time my friends. Peace

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