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Level 3 Trip at Hempfest

first bad trip

So I had been planning to go to Boston Hempfest for over a year since this past years was on my birthday.  For some retarded reason I thought it would be a good idea to eat an eighth of shrooms without even considering set and setting.  I was planning on going with some close friends but none of them could make it so I went with 3 kids that I wasn't that close with, 2 of them (Z and K) were complete idiots and the other (M) was chill as fuck but I didn't know him that well.  So I was on the train to Boston and I couldn't wait to eat the shrooms so I ate the entire eighth on the train.  I looked out the window and maybe 20 min in I started noticing all the clouds morphing together really fast.  Then right as we were getting to Boston I saw the word "See" written on a cloud in graffiti letters.  So we met some people as we got off the train who we walked to Boston common with.  We bought some bud from these guys at the common and smoked around 10 bowls then decided to walk farther into Hempfest.  As we were walking all the noise of the city was blending together and giving me an agonizing headache.  I felt all this pressure on my ears and head similar to the pressure you get on a plane or deep under water but about 10X worse.  So I told m and we sat down on a bench so I could get my shit together.  We were sitting down but I wasn't feeling any better and realized i was about to puke.  M said they needed to get me to the top of this hill so that I wouldn't puke on anyone.  The thing is there were literally hundreds of stoners sitting and smoking on the hill so getting up was like walking through a maze.  I got up and started walking up but I got all dizzy and started seeing kaleidoscope visuals everywhere.  Next thing I know I wasn't even able to see where I was going all I could see were these psychedelic visuals, then everything went black.  I couldn't see at all but I felt myself knocking into stuff and my face hit the ground.  I could hear people all around me freaking out and I knew I fucked up big time.  Somehow i got to the top of the hill and someone put an icepack on my head.  I got my vision back and saw all these people around me asking if I was okay.  I asked "What just happened?" and m told me I just tripped the fuck out.  Someone said if I didn't get off the ground they were going to call the cops which really pissed me off so I told them to go fuck themselves.  Then some kid came up to me and was wicked pissed because I apparently spilled his drink all over his phone.  I feel like a total asshole for that now but at the time I was just like "fuck off I just ate an eighth of shrooms."  This pissed him off even more but M who's a big scary black kid stepped up and basically told him to forget about it unless he wanted his ass beat.  This hippie family at the top of the hill made me sandwiches which was super cool and now i was feeling much better.  So the rest of hempfest just completely sucked and was way too chaotic for me to be tripping.  So me and M left around 3:45 to get on the 4:30 train.  As we were walking through the city I literally started traveling through time.  Basically as I was walking down the street time would speed up and i would walk a whole block in like 5 or 10 seconds, and everyone and everything around me sped up too (cars, people, etc)  Then the same thing would happen but only in slow motion.  So  we went to CVS and bought a fuckload of food and then went to the train station.  We got there at about 4:20 and it turned out there was no 4:30 train.  So we just sat and talked for the next hour or so and ended up becoming really good friends from this.  So Z and K showed up around 5:30 and we all took the train back home.  Overall I still consider it a good trip just because it was a learning experience and after talking with M I prioritized my life and got a lot of my shit together.

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