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Why time exists

Tea for two

I have a friend who likes his green tea strong. Even with 10g crushed cube B  added, it wasn't bad. The green tea keeps you up during the trip and masks the taste, so it's a good way to go. It's also good for you.

This tea was for two people. On this trip, I was outside of time. On previous trips, I learned that time was an artificial part of our reality. This time, I learned what time was all about.

It turns out that light is the natural state. Life naturally flows toward the light. That's why life evolves from the simple to the complex. Life finds a way because thats the flow. Darkness is only caused by artificial structures that we erect to block the light. Time exists to wear down these structures, allowing life to reach the natural light state. All of the walls that we build have a time dependency in them, so eventually they will wear away and all life will be free of its self imposed darkness.

This was one of my best trips ever. No visuals, as usual, but the overwhelming feeling of being merged with the oneness of all of life. I was the I am. When I came back, I knew that good would triumph over evil. There isn't going to be a Mad Max dystopia. No, evil ain't gonna know what hit it.

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