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Attack of the Cannabinoids!!

Intense Bad Spice/(K2) Trip

Okay, so I know you guys are probably used to reading amazing Shroom trip stories of enlightenment and ego death, but I have a surprising story for you of a terrible unexpected bad trip I had on Spice.

 Well, a few months back, a lot of my friends stopped smoking bud, and started smoking Spice (K2) because they had drug tests coming up at work, and couldn't smoke weed because it would show up on the test. (I won't even get into how ridiculous that is, that's a whole different story). And so, they got me into smoking it, saying it was just fine and safe. The first few times I smoked it were pretty alright, at first it felt like the high of Weed, but the thing is though that it wasn't uplifting, it didn't make me feel happy like when I smoked the real green, just messed with my head. About the 4th or 5th time I smoked it, I didn't recognize one of my friends I knew for years, it was pretty scary. I was just like "Who is this guy? What is he doing in my house?", and so I just wanted to turn off the lights and go back to bed because it was tripping me out. The next few times I smoked were pretty nice with no real problems actually, pretty decent body highs, one time it felt like waves were crashing in on me it was pretty neat.

Then one evening, my friend (we'll call him S), S invited me over to smoke with him, I agree not knowing the shit storm that awaited me, I didn't think anything would go wrong. So I get to his house, and we go into his garage which is were we normally smoke and he invites his two younger brothers (C & T)  and their friend (J) to come smoke with us. After everyone was in the garage S pulls out this home-made bong made from a 1 Liter Mountain-Dew bottle and he loads a really fat bowl, which we did a lot considering it was easy to get due to it's legality and quite cheap for the amount you got. S passes the bong to me. and I didn't get a good hit at all the first time because it was packed so damn tight, "You won't get high from that" S complains, so then I took an extremely HUGE hit, and just kept clearing it stopping for short gasps of air over and over until I had cleared the entire bowl of it. "Damn dude, nice!" S exclaims as I pass him the bong and lay back in the chair. I feel pretty alright for a few seconds, then I noticed my depth perception fucking up bad. I wasn't expecting this at all. Everyone sitting on the couch and the chair across from me seem to zoom in slowly as the whole garage slowly got smaller and smaller. I then start repeating "I shouldn't have done that, I'm going to be way too high." over and over until my words just trailed off and this is where I black out, everybody told me what happened after this experience.

 One moment I'm sitting there saying I took way too big of a hit, and then I just sit there in dead silence for about a minute with a blank expression on my face. Then I suddenly shoot up in my chair, with my arms arched back, and my head bent back, with my eyes rolled up and start moaning loudly. They said I was making very "retarded noises", like someone who is disabled. At first they just figure that I'm joking around, mocking our favorite movie "The EVIL DEAD", but then they notice something isn't right. All of a sudden I just start screaming at the top of my lungs and convulsing in my chair. They said they couldn't make out what I was saying except for "No! Mommy, please don't!" (which is weird, I'm not a child or anything I assure you.) And I apparently fell out of my chair, because the next thing I remember was on the floor. (This part was actually decently fun) I then literally felt exactly like I was on a roller coaster, I could even vividly hear the sounds of the roller coaster (which I later found out was probably the sound of my friends closing the garage door because of how loud I was screaming and it was late at night). 
I started coming back to reality, I remember everyone kept calling my name, and S on the floor next to me saying "Hey, are you alright?" gently taping my shoulder, and every single time he tapped my shoulder it felt like it pushed me really hard and sent me flying miles through the world, and then I would come back like a paddle ball until he sent my flying again, I never experienced anything like this in my life and I couldn't speak for some reason, I felt like I was trapped in my own mind. 

S then lifted me up off the floor and put me on the couch. And this is where things get REALLY BAD. I just sat there in a blank stare and then I started hearing this terrible loud buzzing noise that sounded like an old water-cooler, or an electric generator, it started off quiet and proceeded to get louder and louder, as I vibrated with the sound. At this point, I lost complete sense of all reality, and I entered this extremely terrifying imaginary time-loop where I felt as though I had jumped off a very tall building and was falling down, but I was like a movie skipping as I was falling, repeating over and over at a consistent tempo of about 900 bpm. I was seeing myself in third person skipping like this, my body tilted at a 90 degree angel, there was nothing but blackness around me. Then it felt like I was looking through a kaleidoscopic and I don't know what it was I was looking at, but it was very gold, brown, and white whatever it was. It was the worst thing I had ever felt, I just remember feeling like I wanted nothing more than to die and that I couldn't die, stuck in some sort of fucked up limbo. Then after what felt like years, I remember seeing a random hallucination of a cactus in the desert and it just got closer and closer as the buzzing noise faded away. I awoke still feeling verbally and psychically paralyzed, I felt something in my mouth that burned and tasted terrible. I came to realize, I was slouched back on the couch, chocking on my own vomit, but I still couldn't move, luckily S and his brothers, bent me over and grabbed the dog bowl for me to puke in. Once I was done puking, I came out of it feeling like shit, crying, I uttered a few last words to S before I passed out:  "Never again dude, fuck that shit.". The whole next day I was sick and puking. It sucked.

Since that really intense experience I have had memory loss and random feelings of confusion and for a few months had trouble recognizing people and family I have known for years, and now I just don't feel all together. After this experience whenever I smoked weed, there was a couple times where it didn't feel the same and I never got a euphoric feeling, and I got paranoid more and things just felt very confusing and scary. Anyways, it's been several months since then and I feel a lot better now. I just don't understand how I got such a crazy trip from just spice. I suppose it's worth noting that my birth Mother is schizophrenic, and I have a family history of mental illness, I've heard that can cause it. I have yet to try Mushrooms and possibly LSD, I really look forward to it, I don't want to let this one bad experience ruin shrooms or acid for me. Unless it's recommended that I don't, then please anyone let me know. My theory is just that Spice is some crazy terrible shit.
Thanks for reading, let me know if you or anyone you know had any similar experiences.

-Chewing Ghost

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