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Fiat from the future!

an lsd recap on some of the best luce I'll ever have

I just posted an lsd trip I had alone that was very detailed however the two tabs I took the next weekend were even more potent, from the same sheet though....this time I'm trying to tell you more of the visual/auditory experiences I had.  I didn't plan on writing another acid trip up again but this one far stronger than my last.

Dosage: I've only dropped two.  I am really curious what the a trip would be like on 4 tabs but I've only tripped 10 or so times and never done anything more than 2, yet the visuals and auditory experience (and the feeling while peaking) is so amazing I can't imagine what it would be like on double.

This time I was with another guy and a girl, Bob & Jen.  We dropped them at 6:30 p.m. and basically sat around for 2 or 3 hours.  I felt the effects 40 minutes in but I really wasn't paying attention so could've felt it earlier I guess.  An hour after we dropped we put on the iTunes visualizer while listening to music (my friend put on his music the whole night, which was loads of awesome edm like deadmouse); the iTunes visualizer was awesome but the Milkdrop 1.5 addon for Winamp is definitely better and more versatile, but he didn't have that.  The iTunes visualizer was really cool, it was usually in space and used lots of spheres and occasionally lines.  This would affect my trip later on.

Then we decided to go outside and take a walk to our college and sit in the piazza (a cement circle that has a rock fountain in the middle, but the whole circle is surrounded by grass which I've laid on before while tripping, observing the trees.  This was our objective).  First thing I noticed was I had stared at the visualizer for so long (about an hour, which was like 3 hours in acid time) that walking around my town (I guess you can call it a city but not many tall buildings till you leave the town area) felt like the visualizer.  I felt like I was in the visualizer.  The street lights represented the spheres from the visualizer. 

We working on the sidewalk when all of a sudden a Fiat pulled out.  It was the most EXOTIC, rich sounding automobile in the world, but at the same time since it was kinda small it sounded like a vw bug.  The only other way to describe it was it sounded like a sports car from the year 2300.  It was so insane, and then all of a sudden I heard BOOM BOOM BOOM.  Huge explosions, as if he was giving it gas in neutral to show off the immense power he had under the hood (which he didn't, I mean.. it was a Fiat.. :P).  I didn't realize until five minutes later the BOOM BOOM BOOM sounds were Disney land's fireworks in the distance.  But I couldn't tell it apart at the time and ti was just insane.  I wanted to stare at the car forever and just listen to its beauty, and this is coming from a nature lover (I'd usually rather trip in nature, since the city can be not so tripper friendly).  The guy stared at me weirdly as I started in awe, then drove off. 

Then we came to a main street, which I did not want to cross.  Cars were going back and forth, but we made it across.  After what felt like forever, we finally arrived at the school.  We were walking through the school grounds and it was just so beautiful (my school is rich so they got lots of nice shrubbery haha).  It was finally calm, no cars, no drunk people wondering why we were having such a good time.  But then as we approached the piazza, we heard sounds.  Loud talking, I thought I heard a sort of speaker like in a military base with voices coming out.  Then Bob or Jen remembered that they played movies on a projector screen in the piazza on Fridays.... great... well, we thought we'd be fine and go check the movie out, thinking there would be at least some people talking so we wouldn't stand out.  Well.... it was completely silent.  

We were walking towards the crowd when all of a sudden somebody in the movie started laughing.  We BURST INTO laughter, none of us could hold it, we nearly dyed.  We started walking past the screen, we were definitely noticeable.  All of sudden Bob swung a right through the library!!!  There's two doors so you can straight thru out to the other side.  I took his lead immediately as Jen went around the library.  Bob was in front of me walking so fast he might as well have ran.  I was hiding my eyes with my hand because those fluorescent lights were damn bright and there's no way I'd fit in.   It was the stupidest thing I couldn't believe I followed his lead thru the library.  But we made it out the other doors and were fine.  We couldn't believe we went through there on acid, while people were studying (though not many b/c it was a Friday), and of course the librarians were probably staring at us. 

Since we had nowhere to go chill and the other parts of town were filled with people either drunk or just walking around, we decided we were tripping too hard to stay outside amongst people.  We had to go back home.  

We made it back inside my friends place which was literally 4 or 5 feet from my place.  We sat in his living room.   The colors were ridiculous.... everything was that "acid" shade of colors.  I could see whichever color I wanted in too see in anything.  The ceiling was green (usually white).  The fan was making a warping effect which giving a nice wild effect in the air going WOMP whoosh WOMP whoosh in my air (the whomps were the fan blade, the whoosh is the air coming down twice as slow as when you're sober, haha).  Everything was melting rainbows.   All of a sudden we noticed the couch across from us.  It was the strangest couch ever, it was a washed out green color but at times would seem to be the most wild pattern even though there wasn't technically a pattern.  We eventually moved into my friends room and all sat on his huge bed next to each other, staring at the ceiling.  I noticed an alice in wonderland poster to me left that I couldn't see to well because I was against the way but I could see the colors from lying under it.  It was dripping red and green.... I couldn't believe it.  We looked over at some other posters, they were all insane.  The colors were glowing and dripping, I barely even remember them because they like 5 or 6 different posters we stared at.

Then I noticed the ceiling... it was fury.  I remarked how it looked like "carpet", and Jen pretended to pet it then Bob made some barking sounds and it was almost as if it was a coat of a dog (haha)... then I noticed that since the ceiling was like the carpet it looked like we were laying on the ceiling (like in alice in wonderland when alice falls down the tree hole and onto the ceiling, but then falls on the ground only when she notices she's not on it).  It was such a wild observation I told my friends and now I looked at the room as if it was all upside.  Crazy... I eventually felt like going to my place and possibly ... at this point I believe Bob was starting calm down off his peak (he had different acid which was awesome but he didn't peak as long, I peaked for another hour and a half; Jen had only 1 tab but got the tab from me and she was somehow still tripping hard though she had zero tolerance to lsd).  

I entered my place and my roommate was there, at this point I was in my head.  I couldn't exactly tell him anything that understandable.  I kinda mumbled saying I was tripping then went to my room.  I went into my room and it was far trippier than the last time I was on these same tabs (from the same sheet).  There were patterns in all the photos I had on my wall.  then the my favorite poster of all was pretty much a full on hippie poster, it was a painting with every color of the rainbow with lots of flowers, trees, grass, every animal of the world you could think of and a large female that was covered in all the different colors of the rainbow (aka mother nature), fighting mankind (mankind had slaves with people that had stuff wrapped around there eyes making them "blind" and people pouring toxins and death and destruction).  Now on acid, it was the most insane thing ever.  There were so many colors they all blurred and made an amazing collage of visuals.  The flowers practically jumped out at me... it was indescribable.  I turned out my lights and turned on my green lamp.  Everything was amazing, with green reflections off all the posters.  I was hot so I turned on my fan.  The air went around the room and under the posters against the wall, making the shake.  It was as if they were dancing.  I meant to put on music but I never really got to that unfortunately... kinda pissed I forgot about that. 

then I remembered I had to go the bathroom.  So I was on the pot and all of sudden I noticed some rainbow glares around a huge black spider..... GREAT I freaking hate spiders, I can handle them sober but I still hate killing them.  On acid?  Impossible.  Try doing the scariest thing in the world but on acid... I couldn't do it, it was so big!  I had never encountered that big of a spider in a house before.  I mean it wasn't insanely big, but it was large, black, and I could see that little fucker perfectly.  He was across from me.  It was so wild... the visuals I got from the spider and his webs were insane.  I couldn't see the web except when the light reflected colors at me.  The spider stood out as if it was a jewel in some scavenger hunt, just sparkling dark black a distance from me.  I finished my business and got my roommate.  I still couldn't communicate well, I basically just said "uhh..... come, spider.  I think I see a spider.." I could barely talk straight.  He came in with a hanger and was like oh shit how did you even find that spider?  It was in an open shelf in shadows barely even noticeable, but acid's visuals had my back and I had spotted that dude no problem.  He killed it but it was strange because the spider actually tried to come towards him... usually smaller spiders back off, but at least it wasn't a black widow which can be kinda common in places where I live...

anyways, I soon came down from the peak and used the remainder of my trip to ponder hard since just like maryjane or any other psychedelic you can think hard and openly.  All in all I probably peaked for about 6 hours.  My next trip will for sure be in nature, though I don't have any shrooms so I'll be using these amazing tabs, though shrooms are my preference for nature...  peace!

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