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1st trip, pretty interesting (read this one)

(sorry about the unfinished one, I hit enter and it submitted my report prematurely) My first trip began shortly after harvesting 2-3 grams from the first flush of my b+ casing (first-time growing, first-time tripping).

(sorry about the unfinished one, I hit enter and it submitted my report prematurely)

My first trip began shortly after harvesting 2-3 grams from the first flush of my b+ casing (first-time growing, first-time tripping). I quickly munched them down and noticed that the taste, although nasty, was somewhat subtle (which after later experience I find to be a trait prevelant to fresh mush) and easily manageable.
Within maybe an hour I felt something happen in my brain; I couldnt quite put my finger on it, nor could i even possibly describe it in words. Within minutes, my mom called my name (yeah, I know, bad setting). I walked out as she called again "mmaaAAArrcUUsss"; the words felt cold and echoed through my brain. I replied and ended the conversation as quickly as possible. speaking was still possible but I felt like I didn't even have to pay too much attention to what was being said; the speaking part of my conscious would handle the talking part while the actual essence of ME chilled in the subconscius. Walking began to feel both wobbly/clumbsy and yet incredibly smooth/graceful at the same time. I went to the bathroom to piss as the toilet was shifting in sizes. As i turned, I caught a glimpse of the mirror; I was shocked at the size of my pupils! I then staired at my face as parts of it began to move forward while others moved back. I quickly turned my head thinking this could wait for another trip (a bit much at the time). I then went to my room and quickly hopped under my heated blanket and experienced the most wonderful body high I have ever experienced; like fine indica bud only more comfortable and more mentally clear. I scrambled though the channels on my television, seeing images of explosions, morphing faces, and screaming cats. After flipping though every channel about 5x, I settled down and stayed on the SciFi channel. There was some crazy shit going on; lobster-people were lurking everywhere, zombies were running and some guy lit himself on fire, jumped in the water, and turned into a fucking fish creature and swam away ! None of this were actual hallucinations, but quite a specticle nonetheless. It was around this time I experienced the scurge of all my trips; the fact that after I start tripping, I go a little crazy and have to jump around all over the place. After jumping around my room got boring, I went outside. I went into my smoking spot (a small wooded area) where I sat on a stump. I stared at the ground and the leaves began rearranging themselves. As this was happening, I saw an image of what I can describe as the world, only I was seeing as one of those radars that you see on cartoons, where there's a circle and a line that goes across and beeps and shows a dot when something is detected; this feeling/thought process is extremely hard to describe. As all this activity slowed in my head, I started jumping around, admiring the moon, the changing geometric paterns of the jagged branches, and the beautifully brilliant flowers.
I arranged a ride with a friend to his house, where we discussed bullshit and sat around. He was already incredibly stoned and stumbled around alot and acted stupid. This pissed my off for some reason and I immediately stopped talking so much, thinking he is just stoned and stupid right now and was not deserving of my conversation. I told him I was tired and he smoked a bowl with me and took me home. At home I couldn't sleep for the life of me; I wanted to and my body even felt tired, but everytime I layed down, my thoughts raced and wouldn't stop; one thought would lead to another which would cause me to contemplate something else and so on and so on. I couldn't stop worrying about every little thing in my life that bugged me and I worried about these things over and over. With the help of 2mg alprozalam I passed out and woke up feeling both mentally exhausted and renewed, and for some reason, the ground kept breathing the whole day (;

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