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2s 5s & Bs

the night i went sane.

"how much for the NBOME?"
"$10 a dose"
"aww shit, this fuck said it was $5 (j said it was $5 i fucking swear) all i have is a 5"
"alright man, 5 it is, just this once"

so i lean back as he explains that each drop is weak, and hes giving me double. i trust him and agree, (as hes quite a trustworthy man) and i open my bottom lip
1..2....3... (huh?!).....4  
"woa that was supposed to be two?!"
"hahaha my bad, man, your not mad right?"
"not if your not??"
"perfect then!"

so down the road we went as fast as we could, me and my buddy J on a silent drive to the mansion, our mouths full of this analog chemical, slowly foaming up.
it burned a bit at first, then sizzled and numbed.
by 30 minutes my mouth was fo full i was spitting and drooling on myself like a god damn popsicle in the sun, but ive heard the NBOMEs take so long to absorb, that 4 drops held is stronger and longer than 6, spit and quit.
feel me?

we arrive, to an unfamiliar group, and my anxiety kicks in, alittle extra cause of the intense comeup of this drug.
i watch my words form and choke,
there is great release as the first visuals form as snakes, twirling in the grass, as snakes are common in all my trips. theyre twisting around eachother and much more abundant on this drug. like on good LSD.
so im staring off the very peninsula of this great balcony that wrapped the entire back side of this palace, one of the nicest houses in the richest neighborhood in orange county.... it was epic.
also it looked over the entire valley of cities and houses, all the rows of lights moved like great rivers, and ethreal soup poured down the mountains, and fed the rivers.

as the night grew, more and more people started showing up and i sat and formed systems in my head, categorizing minds, organizing and adapting to events as i fell further into my subconscious. as you can tell the first 2 hours of the party i was feeling to myself a bit.
but then something spoke to me, something that has changed my life to this day.
my cares died and inhibitions failed to constrain me, as they have so ravenously the past 3 years of my life.
my friend asked me, infront of the group of people "how the acid was" and i looked up and immediately said what came to mind, in stream of thought
"like 8 and 7 and lost hope and fight and fuck and love and who is this old woman who sings and she screams and screams and dies, she dies. she is me" (im a dude)
it wasnt this exactly
but many of their faces grew more and more worried as the sentence went on and ended in great laughter, with one of my good friends saying "oh my god, i wish i fucking got that on video"
and i replied "yea, you missed the chance haha" as it was a spontaneous release of alot of pent up emotion, and people could tell.
but that is where my last fuck was given.
and the snakes danced around me, and the table twisted and turned (this drug was amazing visually)

i went inside and sat and spoke with randome people about random things,
i had found the words id lost for years
and could easily strike up conversations id always worked so hard to avoid.
i picked my confidence back up and just spoke.. and to my surprise, the people found me to be funny... in an odd way. an odd way id missed! after all this time i was finally me.
id walk up to random people in a confused manner, and just get really close to them, only to walk the opposite way.
id lost my mind, or only just found it. wither way i was having the time of my life.
at one point id leaned over in my chair and felt it start to fall, and just decided to fall.
i tumbled onto the floor and all my friends gathered round as they knew i was on strange drugs with "2s 5s and Bs"
i reassured them, and remained on the floor, the visuals laughed with me, i hadnt had such fun in so long!

i walked around the enormous house and a buddy of mine on the couch told me to sit with him, as he was coming up on a drug called "moxy" and claimed a painting was talking to him
i laughed and watched with him, to no avail, and continued on.
at the very peak i was hearing noises shoot by me, the rooms changed colors, and the snakes were fractaling and i met the snake whom ive only met one other time.
he is enormous, easily 300 feet in length and draped over about two to three large trees. he is blood red with jet black stripes. he is dosile, too large and old to attack, but i can feel the anger raging in him, i speak to him emotionally and he returns in temptations
i ignore him, but i taste his hate.
this encounter is short lived and i walk into the house and am grabbed by my a buddy, C, and told to hide, were playing "haunted house"!!
i hide under the staircase and in the darkness the walls move and my energy is everywhere, i can here the seakers and as the come down the stars, i round the corner and they jump, great fun,but you get the idea..... im only 18 as of 30 minutes ago so fuckoff
(i keep forgetting im telling you about the drug as this night was just so great)
im coming down and many people are leaving, and i start drinking and hitting the gasmask.
at around 7 hours in the drug is still going strong, with a slow comfy comedown, leaving mostly a very visual rolling feeling.
i feel great as most of my friends are passing out and decide to go on a walk, it is now 2am and i am wandering down empty main streets with a chewed up teddybear in my hand.... god it was great
i was recounting my experience and mouthing what id say to the police if theyd pull up
"come on guys, just let me roll with you tonight"
i was up for anything, even jail for the night sounded entertaining, as long as i could spread joy and laugh with people, as i was certain i could befriend anyone.
so its now around 4 and im getting ready to turn around and make may way back, the street is no longer vibrating under my feet and im running out of things to say to myself
i jump the gate to my friends house, only to realize it was his neighbors, laugh, and make my way around the back of the actual house (had i taken 7 drops, that could have been bad;)
i found my friends at the far end of this giant balcony, smoking bowls in the gazibo. it was my buddy J who id taken 2cb-NBOME with and M who was on the moxy, of course, they were still up
so we smoked bowl after bowl until the light of day, ate our hearts out, and fell asleep to strangely realistic visuals of colorful shapes with numbers on them.
this drug was such a great release of pent up anxiety, i feel myself these days, like id lost him for years only to find him again, older, more respectful and wise, and a head chalked full of drugs and experience.
it was a true coming of manhood, all it took was a realization of how young i really am.

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