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2mg DOC

Musical bliss and euphoria

2mg DOC, pressed pellet

Let me first start of by saying that prior to this experience i have eaten mushrooms approx. 7 or 8 times in doses anywhere from 1.5 to 7 grams, done LSD twice both in relatively low doses, smoked DMT once, Salvia twice, and ingested MDMA once. Oh, and i also have a decent amount of experience with DXM including doses up to roughly 700mg.

DOC, in my opinion, comes close to trumping almost all (if not all) of these experiences. 

In the day leading up to the trip, I ate a relatively large lunch at around 12:30pm, and had no drugs in my system other than a cup of coffee that i drank that morning. It's also worth noting that I had no tolerances which would have affected the experience either.

So.. now to the trip itself :trippinbawelz:

6:05pm (t+0)
I swallowed my pellet with some water and sat on my computer patiently waiting for the first effects. At about 40 minutes, i began to sense a general sort of weirdness and it was obvious that i was coming up rather quickly. 

7:05pm (t+1:00)
Music is starting to sound REALLY REALLY good that this point, euphoric/tingly rushes through my legs and body began to come every now and then. Definitely reminiscent of MDMA.

7:25pm (t+1:20)
Visuals are starting to become increasingly apparent. My computer screen looked warped and almost like a fish eye, and patterns on the walls begin to warp and shift. Overall, I'd say the visuals looked very "natural" due to the fact that they were practically everywhere (didn't have to focus on something to make visuals appear AT ALL) and it seemed like they were almost meant to be there.

7:35pm (t+1:30)
At this point, i began to experience music appreciation unlike anything i had ever felt, euphoric rushes throughout my body came perfectly on cue at various times throughout songs, and the tone/mood of the music had a huge effect on the overall atmosphere around me.

It's worth noting that i was listening to Godspeed you, Black Emperor at this point - my favorite music to trip to :grin:

7:55pm (t+1:50)
Visuals still intensifying with consistent warping and patterns on the walls and objects all around the room, details such as pockmarks on the concrete ceiling and blotches of charcoal on the back of a drawing grow and shrink in a beautiful way very reminiscent of LSD. I closed my eyes to see what the CEV's were like at this point but found it hard to keep them shut long enough to find out due to the stimulation on the come up. Strobing around the edges of my vision was also relatively apparent both now and throughout the trip.

Trippy thoughts were also coming on strong at this point. I was very easily distracted and found it a huge chore to type, wanting to go into EXTREME detail about everything but then realizing how silly it sounded and going back multiple times to rewrite a simple sentence.

8:05pm (t+2:00)
Decided to leave the comfort of my bed and go outside to both see how things looked and go pick up some cigarettes. Aural hallucinations were apparent as the many noises of the city intrigued me in ways that they never had before, I made it across the street to the store and bought cigarettes, but froze up for a few seconds as i was about to cross the street back, getting slightly overwhelmed with the situation...then eventually made it across :shrug:

Now my favorite part of the experience:

I returned to my room at this point and again laid down to listen to music. After turning on more Godspeed, I closed my eyes and slowly drifted deeper and deeper into both the music and the CEV's. I saw subtle kaleidoscopic patterns and waves and incredibly detailed tentacle like creatures/objects which seemed almost mechanical due to their extreme intricacy of detail. I was so incredibly engrossed in the music that it's almost impossible to describe... I was literally enveloped in the sound and felt the vibes of the experience and even my perception of time changing drastically with the tone of the music. I began to feel a sense of cleansing and increasing spiritual purity as i navigated my way through the changing sounds, becoming INCREDIBLY blissful and euphoric - on a level i have never experienced before. Suddenly, when the music became intense, I started to feel an imposing and dark presence/vibe sort of creep around the edges of my perception (again-this is all closed eye) but told myself to simply surrender to the experience and let the trip take me where it will, and as i did this, it was as though the negative energy closing around me was brought into myself and cleansed from the inside out... it's almost impossible to describe this feeling... and as this happened i again became euphoric and peaceful on an incredibly profound level. Just after this happened, the song ended, and i opened my eyes to be greeted with an incredible feeling of cleansing and rebirth. 

This same type of experience was repeated several times, but the above experience was by far the most memorable. The best way to describe this whole portion of the trip would be a feeling of "cyclical rebirth", which subsided at around 9:05 (t+3:00).

10:05pm (t+4:00)
I decided at this point to put on the Beatle's, "Love" and got out my sketchbook to draw for a while. The first song i put on was "All You Need is Love" (naturally :smirk:). I began to draw essentially random flowing lines that felt almost eerily natural as the music spurred on my drawing. I was overwhelmed yet again with a feeling of content and love for both myself and everything around me (as is reflected in my drawing) and the page was filled faster than i could believe. AMAZING experience. This chemical has huge potential to potentiate creativity.

12:05am (t+6:00)
From this point on, the visuals and overall trippy thoughts began to subside and i was left with little more than an overarching state of utter bliss. I was completely content with everything and both my body and mind felt perfectly calm. I wandered outside for awhile admiring sculptures and artwork and watching passersby, while coming to numerous conclusions about people and life in very natural and clear-headed ways.

I eventually returned to my room yet again and laid there for awhile enjoying the remaining visuals and eventually wishing that i could go to sleep, while being too stimulated (not uncomfortably so) and eventually fell asleep at around 4am (t+10:00)

So... i'm definitely skipping out on a lot haha.. and this was still wayyyy longer than i thought it'd be, but it's hard to remember everything that happened in those roughly 10 hours :shrug:


DOC is a nearly PERFECT drug, and in my opinion i would count this experience as one of my greatest to date.. if not my absolute favorite.

The duration was shorter than expected (not necessarily a bad thing at all), and it's worth noting that most drugs hit me "hard and fast" rather than long and drawn out.
e.g. shroom trips almost never lasting over 4 hours, 6-7 hour acid trips

The visuals were awesome but not obnoxious, and seemed very natural.
The mind was extremely clear-headed.
The body load was essentially non-existant... other than some VERY slight jaw discomfort later into the trip.
The body high was AMAZING. Better than MDMA imo :strokebeard: and incredibly euphoric
The spiritual/enlightening aspects are all there too. I detected no sense of "lacking something" that some people describe on various synthetics. Even into the next day I feel overwhelmingly peaceful. 

Well, that's all folks, happy tripping, and lemme know if i left anything out :thumbup:

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