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Amazing, funny, profound - my first trip

Explaining the mechanics of hallucinations and thought patterns

Me (boy) and my cousin (girl) decided to try shrooms this past Saturday so I grew some at home and we went to her place at around 4 pm and cut the shrooms in little pieces and mixed it with honey. It wasn't bad at all and went down in a few minutes. I had only eaten a few fruits that day so I had very little discomfort (only in the first 15-20 minutes after I started tripping). About 20-30 minutes after I ate the 2.5g of Amazonian PC shrooms I started experiencing the effects. First I noticed I had some strange tingling sensations in my body and my sex chakra got stimulated a lot and throughout the whole experience I just wanted to fuck something lol. The table started breathing and the books above my cousin%u2019s bed were about to fall over. It was really cool and I started getting all giggly.


As time went by me and my cousin started reporting what we were feeling and at one point we found ourselves tripping on the floor looking at the different objects in her room. We had previously decided to meditate but everything was so damn interesting that we knew it would have to wait. I even came to the realization that everything was meditation on shrooms! At one point I closed my eyes and I saw many different complex rotating forms mainly in green color. It was vivid but I decided to open my eyes and experience the amazing open-eye visuals. I realized that no matter what I thought or did I couldn%u2019t go wrong. Every action took a life of its own and I could dwell as deep as I want to. By this time I was tripping pretty hard and everything was astonishing! It was as if the Universe was projecting onto everything, creating all the matter that our vibrational reality consists of. I could see what appeared to be holographic walls and energetic patterns all around the room. It seemed as if there was a thin layer of transparent holographic forms covering everything around us.


  I have been studying the nature of our reality for quite some time and I knew exactly what I was seeing. My research has lead me to conclude that the Universe is one big massive consciousness, creating reality through energetic patterns and sounds. There are layers upon layers within this consciousness and they all vibrate with different frequencies. It's like a radio that can pick up many different frequencies but they don%u2019t interfere with each other so you are not aware of the other frequencies until you break loose from the reality you live in.


The infinity of the alternative realities is easily explained by several Quantum Physics experiments, mainly %u2013 the Double Slit Experiment. Electrons exist in an infinite number of places at the same time. They are waves of potential that lock themselves into just one position (a particle) once it is observed by an individual consciousness. Our own individual mind, being locked in the realitywe live in, experiences everything through the prism of the filter we are given%u2013 our brain. Every living being in our reality shares the same locking mechanism which results in everyone experiencing the same exact consensus reality rather than any of the other infinite number of realities. The chair that I am sitting on consists of multiple electrons and other subatomic particles but if there was no consciousness to observe it, there would be no chair because electrons collapse from a wave of infinite possible positions into just one particle only when they are observed. It is a very sophisticated illusion that starts to get clearer once you dwell deeper in its basic construction elements.


The fact of the matter is that atomic and subatomic particles are 99.9999% empty space. So how do these building blocks of emptiness create the solid world we think we live in? The truth is that we are living in a virtual reality, a very complex one. Just like in a video game. All the graphics, the interaction between different objects, the physics laws like gravity %u2013 all of this is a result of the code %u2013 the Matrix. Most people don%u2019t realize this at all so their perspective on life always stays narrow and zoomed in. Thanks to Mother Nature, we have the keys to unlock our reality and take a peak into the mechanics of the matrix and fluidity of the Universe we live in. One of these keys is, of course, magic mushrooms.


Once we ingest this gift, we are quickly zooming out of our fixed dimension and we start perceiving the energetic template of reality itself. What we call hallucinations is simply the observation of randomly generated informational code and energetic waves that are close to our dimension. In other words, if we think of the sober reality as a fixed reality when we perceive only one certain position of each of the subatomic particles, then when we are tripping on shrooms %u2013 we see many fluctuating positions of these constructive elements,jumping from one place to another. The more psychedelics we take, the greater the fluctuations of the informational code, the greater the hallucinations within the virtual reality we experience.


My first trip on mushrooms was an amazing one. It was as if the whole room was dancing in the rhythm of the ambient music coming from the computer. The music was the template for everything else. When the music stopped %u2013 the holographic forms stopped dancing. Once it started again, everything came back to life, more vivid and more intense than before. During this time I was mainly on the floor rubbing myself on every object I could see while my cousing was looking at an apple and trying to convey her complex thoughts to me. We both realized that the languages that society has created are simply too limited to express our higher thoughts. Most words mean concrete solid things and concepts and we were unable to describe the fluidity that was all around us. But we still knew what the other one was trying to say%u2026


Throughout the trip, I could find myself making little revelations about everything I thought of. It was as if every thought my mind was presented with I could observe from all angles and the speed with which I could make logical connections was far greater than the speed with which I could assimilate and verbalize them. I felt like in the movie %u201CLimitless%u201D but at the same time I was very very confused about everything. I couldn%u2019t keep up with the pace of the experience and I was always left behind trying to grasp the new knowledge before another major revelation came up and I forgot about the previous ones. I kept saying %u201Cthis is sooooo amazing!%u201D, I kept praising the Universe for its beauty and power. At the peak of my excitement, while I was once again on thefloor I yelled out loud %u201C I want to fuck the Universe creating a new one!%u201D.


At the comedown me and my cousin sat on the kitchen table and started contemplating what had happened to us. The experience was so profound and inspiring that we were pumped up like no other time. We were ready to change the world as funny as it sounds. This is how empowering nature can be. We knew that we had to tell others and share with them the key to the Universe. It was the start of a new adventure - the direct relationship between us and the Universe. Only time will show where it leads us but we are both very excited to have started it.

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