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Aztec gold

sex and other activities on LSD

We (me - a female psychology student, my friend - a male film student) place the blotter tabs under our tongues and wait for it to take effect, all the while watching What's Eating Gilbert Grape. In the course of somewhere between half an hour and an hour we notice that the movie is starting to get more and more saturated, everything looks very sharp and beautifully captured. Suddenly we realize the movie has become less interesting and decide that the trip must have  begun.

In a short amount of time we split up in the room and I am not quite sure what my companion was doing at the time but I found myself standing in the middle of the room underneath a hanging lamp. There were about six flies just flying about, minding their fly business. I was so mesmerized by the way they almost did a dance or a routine of some sort, at times moving faster and at times - slowing down, each at its own pace. It also seemed quite interesting to me that all of them were flying in the middle of the room, not in the corners or close to the walls. I felt some kind of friendliness towards them and I wanted to get closer and get a really good look at them, but whenever I moved closer, they somehow moved away and I decided they didn't want to be friends with me after all.

I found my friend lying in the bed. I got next to him in order to see the trip from his point of view - literally. We checked out the grungy wall of the room - the cracking paint formed into flowing textures and patterns, sometimes even resembling little volcanoes from up high, erupting with green powder over the red/yellow base.
I was so amazed at the visuals that I laughed a bit about how ridiculously cool and amazing all of it was. I laughed harder and harder and as I laughed, I felt some sort of ambient happiness wash upon me - as I continued to laugh, tears started to pour down my cheeks. I could not get a grip of what the hell was happening, so I laughed and cried and curled up over my friend's hand, in a sort of embrace, and in tears in my eyes and all over my face I said: "I'm sorry, I'm just so happy!"
After a while I calmed down and we decided to take a break. My friend went over to his desk, where there was a bottle of water to have a drink. I felt very hot, and I suggested that we take off our clothes right now, for maybe later it would become even harder to do than it seemed now. I got off everything except my striped shirt, I was lying on the bed, with my hands in the air, trying to get the shirt off me, when I felt that I had melted one with the shirt. I felt the fabric had become one with my skin and it was a weird, but a good feeling. It seemed quite natural.

When we had both finally gotten of our clothes, we lay down next to each other in bed, on our sides, looking at each other. I remember looking at him, caressing his hair and just admiring his incredible beauty. To you who understand a thing about photography, it seemed I was looking at him with a 50mm lens at an aperture of about 0.1 and with a shifting focus, so it was quite beautiful and amazingly detailed. I could see every line in his skin, even the thin and most delicate wrinkles around his eyes.
We were just looking into each other's eyes and I could touch his mind with my mind. I was caressing his mind with mine and it felt like mind-sex, I can find no ther name for it. I felt the tips of my nerves somehow transcend into the metaphysical plane and I kept enjoying this weird, out-of-this-world touching of the minds.
We started touching each other physically, just caressing the skin, and it felt so amazing that I gave in. Just the slightest touch of his fingertips to my legs, my knees and my thighs gave me goosebumps like all goosebumps I've had in my life combined, and it felt that my nipples had never been as hard and my skin felt extremely tense and also relaxed at the same time. I remember looking at my friend and seeing sunlight shine on him, but whenever I looked out the window, I saw it was cloudy and gray outside. At other times, I looked at him and I saw some kind of miraculous shine coming from between us, reminding me of Aztec gold. Lying next to him I felt like opening a chest of hidden treasures, shining their golden light onto us.
I don't remember the exact sequence of events at this time, but this is what happened. The sex was amazing. Like no other sexual experience I've ever had previously (to some extent it reminded me of some of the sex I've had on weed, but only because it also created some cosmic-like sensations and feeling at one with everything. In no way was the weed sex as powerful as the LSD sex). The only detail I really remember was that I completely lost track of our bodies, the boundaries of the physical world disappeared and all that existed was white, blinding and holy light, which joined us in one and it was like nothing had ever stood between us and we were not two beings, but one - joined somehow by or within the light.

The sex felt orgasmic all the time, so it was quite hard to actually orgasm, I am not sure if it even is during a trip (possibly), but if it is, I would be scared to lose my mind. During the time, it really did feel like I was losing my mind by all of this. This is when our next break occured, we had some water and then lay next to each other in bed, naked. He touched me, caressing my arm, and I giggled. He asked me, what was it. I replied: "Let me show you."
I then raised myself higher, lying on my side comfortably and propping myself up on my elbow. I then raised one finger and ran it across his stomach. I smiled at the sensation I was feeling, and I knew he was feeling it too - as I touched him again and again, I could actually feel the touch from both sides - mine as the giver side, and his - the receiver side. We smiled at each other, acknowledging the fact that we were both feeling both sides of the touch. It was like there was no boundary of skin or body. I remember clearly that I also felt his erection as my own (this was quite extraordinary, you might imagine, as I am a woman). It seemed quite interesting and a bit odd, but in a good way, and I remember it feeling very natural. As if this was the only and right way in which he, she or it - whoever created the world and is responsible for all of this existing - intended it to be: people conversing without words and no boundaries in the form of skin or body.

At this point, we realised we hadn't eaten all day and decided to eat something. We had a little of this, a little of that. My friend sat on the windowsill, eating yoghurt, and I was walking around the room with an open bottle of water. I went to him and stood next to him, quite close. After a short conversation about something I don't remember he looked at me quite seriously and said: "I'm sorry, I need some space." On one hand, I took it quite personally, because I still felt very connected to him, as if we could not even possibly be apart in any way. At the same time, I realised the trip had been very intense up to this point and I completely understood what he meant, so I left him at the window and lay down in the bed and once again drew my attention to the grungy wall.
This time the wall was changing colours - the green slowly went from salad green to crocodile green, the red at some moments seemed more like brown, at other moments it was definitely deep pink. The textures morphed into some sort of tribal ornaments with lizards and leaves stretching out from middles of circles, swirling out and about.
It was about then that we both felt the room had become too narrow for us. We both knew what was to be done - we got dressed and prepared for going out to the local park which was in the distance of about a 5mins walk. I remember feeling quite silly and fearing that everyone on the street would definitely notice that I'm tripping. As fast as we could we got ready and went out of the apartment.

When we got outside on the street, at once I knew I did not like the city. It was instantly very loud and dirty, with cigarette-butts and garbage everywhere around. I wanted to get to the park as soon as possible. It was rush hour, so people were buzzing around and we felt that it would be quite easy to lose each other in this labyrinth of a street, so we held hands and bravely made our way to the corner of the park.
There my friend decided to go for it and try to buy us coffee to take to the park. He went into the little shop on the corner of the park, while I stayed out in hopes that nobody I knew would pass by. I watched the people rushing in all possible directions. I was desperately trying not to look too trippy, even to this day I have no idea if I was any good at it. In what seemed like half an hour, my friend came out with a cup of coffee and we were ready to go to the park.
We went inside the park and found a spot. The day was cloudy and it was starting to drizzle just a tiny bit, but this was no obstacle for us. Sitting in the grass and drinking coffee, we watched the people in the park. Looking up I saw raindrops slowly and very cinematically falling down straight at my face. Getting to know the new environment, I looked around and noticed a bumble-bee not far from us. I lay down on the grass to get a closer look and I saw that its legs were packed with pollen. I felt for the little guy, and I wanted to get to know it better, so I took it on my finger and examined it.
Its wings were magnificent and very detailed, I could see it almost like in a microscope. My friend was sitting next to me and we talked about something, then he mentioned one of his friends who had called the other day and had sounded quite sad as he was spending time alone in the countryside. I agreed that it would be cool if he would be here, and we decided that it was ok (and possible at this trippy state) to give him a call. While they were talking on the phone, I kept getting to know the bumble-bee. Examining it from all sides, I felt deeper and deeper empathy for it and its heavy legs carrying pollen. As there was a bit of a drizzle, the bumble-bee also got wet and I felt its wings becoming heavier and heavier. I felt that it was in a way trapped in this situation - with such heavy legs and rain, and wet wings. It felt like maternal instinct, and all I wanted in this world was to protect the bumble-bee, because I now felt a huge responsibility towards it. I discussed this with my friend and he assured me that the bumble-bee would make it on its own and that it, too, had its own trip, but we should go on with ours.
So we left this spot and found ourselves by the fountain in the park. With benches all around, we chose one and settled down there. Then we experienced about 10-20 different cinematic situations concerning the people around and the overall setting. There was a boy on a bike who kept going around the fountain, we could hear live music from the outdoor cafe nearby.. The mood of the music changed from jazzy, to folk-ish, to something more like pop, to.. And the cinematography of the fountain and its surroundings changed as well, it was like many, many different and completely coherent mise-en-sc

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