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Tripping with siblings

Having a shroom trip with brother

I thought id share my experience, since I love reading other peoples.. 
The night before i had taken an enjoyable 1.8 gram dose. I had not gotten too strong of effects, but had a extremely fun time. So knew I had to try it again shortly.. The next night my older brother and his friends invited me to a night of tripping. I couldn't resist, considering they are quite experienced with psychedelics, and none of my friends are really interested.. So i had desided i would finish off the rest of my beautiful shroomies :)

They were at a house about an hour away, so i had decided to drink them down using the lemon juice tek.. Basically you grind your shrooms and put them in lemon juice, and wait about 15 minutes for them to soak in, then drink it all. And its supposed to make the trip come on faster and stronger... and oh boy did it..
I had thought since i had tripped the night before, i would have a really strong tolerance.. but i must have been mistaken, for i had the strongest trip i had ever imagined..

I drank down about 3.5 grams in the lemon juice. It had started to kick in about 10 minutes before we got there, i just felt very strong euphoria, and felt like something big was about to happen.

When we entered, they were all finishing down there shrooms, and listening to trippy tunes.  After this i had known i should do this right and finish off my last mushroom. it was about 2.4 grams, and i had asked my friend, my age if he had wanted to split it.. but he refused, and said he hated the taste too much.. but after i had begged, since i didnt want any leftover, he agreed to eating the stem, but i had to eat the massive cap.. i didnt mind, because at this point i still thought my tolerance would play a big factor.

About 20 minutes later i started feeling strong effects of the first bit i had eaten. everything started to look fuzzy, and anytime there was a build up in a song,, it would feel as though i was part of the song, and when it was chill and mellow, i was chill and mellow.. but when it was fast and exiting, my heart would be pumping, and adrenalin would be pumping. I had felt comfterable in the big group, since we were all tripping. and i had known everyone that was there threw my brother.

Once the cap that i ate started to kick in, I was thrown into the strongest trip of my life.. seeing so many visuals, and having every question you could think of flowing threw my mind,, like what is life? what are words? what does the word beside mean? what is time? who made time? its not natural.. and we see it everywhere we go.. right when we turn on our phones, or when we turn on the TV.. our lives revolve around 
this so called "time" But it didnt feel right.. 

Then we had desided on walking to a corner store, which was litterally like 5 houses away,, but on shroom time felt like 8 blocks.
when we had went inside, all of the lights were SUPER bright. it had felt as though every little light was a flashllight flashing right into my soul. i had wanted to leave there soon, because i knew i would look silly while tripping.. after i had grabbed a few waters, and beef jerky, i had went to the till. where i had handed the guy my food, then stood in stupidity.. not knowing how to pay. he had asked for the money, and i wasnt sure what he had ment. i had no clue how much that was. so i wasnt going to hand him any cash, i had to kindof make a sober decision, and went with debit.... but the machiene was pretty much alein to me,, i had no idea how to use it, it felt like i was there for a solid half hour trying to remember my pin.

On the way back i decided to look down at the ground while walking back.. The sidewalk and my feet walking then started to loop, and seemed like a continuous loop for atleast 3 hours, it was kind of frusterating, because i had asked if we were there yet around 8 times, and am sure the people i was with were getting frusterated, or annoyed :P

Then when i had gotten back it had felt like the peak was coming, as they turned on super trippy music, and had just turned on a red light.. nothing else.. that really got the visuals going..

And i had taken a new seat when i returned. this time right beside my brother.. the weird part was, it had felt as though i could feel everything my brother could, it felt like i was inside of him almost... even though it was a weird sensation. i kind of liked it,, and had never felt that connected with anyone in my entire life... not even close.

Then i had realised i had been here before,, like deja-vu.. but it wasnt deja vu,, i had actually been there before, tripping on shrooms with everyone.. 

This started to kind of freak me out, as the world started to unravel before my eyes... i had known everyone in there before. but not just in this life time, like thousands of years ago.. it just took the shrooms to remember, i had the exact same feelings, and thoughts back then as well... then i had started to think, what if life is like one continuous loop? Just as some feelings on psychedelics are.. and what if when we die, we just come back as the same person, but make different derisions, or do the same. Maybe this is where deja vu comes from??????  then i had started to think even deeper, trying to remember if i had indeed lived along time ago, and had thought about this for probably 30 minutes, but still to this day have no clue...

But that was my trip story, i had felt this was the most spiritual one ever. and was very interesting tripping with my brother. I would suggest taking a large dosage with a family member, and seeing if you feel  the connectivity that i had felt.. Or if you have please comment telling about it, i will answer any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read my Trip!! and will hopefully be posting more soon

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