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A Midsummer Night's Dream

So much more than words...

This trip begins with this guy who I am really into. Let's call him "N". We met a couple of months ago and have had plenty of time to share our thoughts/experiences on drugs etc. We decided to take a shroom trip together and have a blast of it. Based on my previous trips, research and objectives, I was ready to be the trip guide for the first time. Before he arrived I set up my living room as our main chill-out space. The floor was covered in pretty blankets, fabrics and pillows, with a silver plate full of candles in stained glass holders and other pretty baubles and trip toys tossed around. I bought 6g of cubes from my lovely dealer and had to cautiously guess at a decent dose for both of us. I divided the bag up into thirds and hoped each would be about 2g. We made PB&J & Shroom sandwiches and sat down on the floor to start. The taste was alright for me, actually I didn%u2019t feel any nausea at all the entire night. I sat back and relaxed and we talked about what we could do later. I think he started feeling effects fairly soon which surprised me. We hit the bong a few times to really kick things into gear. I lit up a sage bundle, sprinkled some holy water around the house for good measure and turned on my favorite Pandora station (Shpongle, like no other). My mood was already improving vastly. The sun was going to set soon, so about 45 minutes in we decided to take a cab to the beach. Once we got into the car, things started pleasantly, gradually changing in inside my mind.
To get to the beach you have to drive over this tall, curving bridge that goes over the harbor in my hometown. As we reached the top I looked out and saw the most brilliant orange ball of a sun. N made a slight gasp as we saw it, we looked at each other and just smiled for a few seconds. It was deep golden-orange like a sun that is a few million years older than ours. The clouds around it were incredibly gorgeous. It was like a nuclear bomb had gone off in the Gulf of Mexico. The wind was whipping our hair tickling me. I had to close my eyes from the intensity. I opened them again and saw the driver looking at me in the mirror. I realized how dumb I must have looked with my eyes closed and the biggest grin on my face. We made our way down to the water. N was tired of walking so we sat down. The clouds were looming over the ocean, they were just too big at the time, it was intimidating. Every cloud grew a face or became some animal. I had to close my eyes or I was going to die. The atmosphere above us was suddenly so vast. We looked at it and could sense its height and curvature around the planet. I had to focus on something smaller. I laid down on the sand--bad idea! The first star had come out, glowing faintly, and I could almost perceive the light years of distance between me and it. I felt the Earth moving in space, spinning with me glued down to it with almost crushing gravity. Like a mother holding a baby while she's walking around. Earth knew I was thinking about her.  I held N's hand which helped me keep control over the experience. We sat back up, and I tried to magically make the clouds change into other shapes. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't. One cloud was flipping me its middle finger--that one I know was a direct message from the shroom god, playfully telling me I was in his world now. Sometimes I could influence N's clouds and make him see what I was seeing.
We walked down to the water. The sand was wet, gray and unyielding, and small waves were creeping back and forth around us. I closed my eyes. "N, it's like we are standing on the back of a whale!" "Whoa yea". The sand was like whale skin, I felt its bones and heaving breath under my feet. We tried another patch of the shoreline and the water was warmer. It was like walking on the back of a fish. "Bleaaah let's get off of this...fuck you, fish!". We walked back to the main road and attempted to find a belt for N's shorts that were threatening to fall off of him. Thank God that didn't happen or our altered state would have been easily discovered. Going into these beach stores was too disorienting. Bright ugly lights and weird tacky beach souvenirs everywhere, no thanks! The shrooms told me to get out of these places whenever we tried.
We eventually found a cab home. The sun was set now and the world was darker. The lights from streets and buildings glowed like plasmonic jewels against the dark. I'm sure even in a sober state I would have thought that the driver was kind of a maniac. But tonight it was like some kind of roller coaster across the harbor bridge. I grabbed onto N for dear life. The console of the cab and the windshield looked like a glowing skull whose eyes were the world rushing by us. I always see skulls everywhere while on shrooms. I had to stop and control myself from laughing. Every once in a while N would make a slight groan. We were probably being very obvious at this point. At least on the surface I was aware enough to give the driver directions home, but it took a concentrated effort.
We got into my house, the setting was just perfect. Cool air, darkness, pretty little things to play with, and my DOG! I let her out and she went nuts. Dogs, especially this one, pick up on our moods so well. She was ready to help us experience the next phase of the trip. We took her out to pee. She kept pulling us over here, over there. Showing us her version of the shroom world and what she found interesting about it. She was so happy to be with us. When we came back in though, things were getting a little weird. Resting and darkness help visuals pop out at me at this point. The dog was flittering around the room. Disappearing and reappearing. Sometimes she was in two places at once. She jumped onto N and licked his face which sent him giggling and squealing. I went to the bathroom to get the sand off and change. It took forever I think. When I came back in he said "So what all was going on in there?" I told him how I was wrestling with my shorts and as I pulled them up it was like they were trying to eat my dick. Next N went to the bathroom. I laid on the floor with my dog, staring up at the ceiling fan that was staring back at me with the face of a white mantis wearing a Jacobian ruff. Suddenly my imagination started heading in a dark direction. Thoughts of horror and dead family members judging me from beyond the grave. I opened my eyes "Everything is ok, everything is ok. Anything that happens tonight is all imaginary. You are at home, you are safe and sound. Where the fuck is N at?" I went to the bedroom looking for him, partly to check on him and partly because I was afraid to be alone. I found him laying on my bed staring fascinated at a painting on the wall. My dark blue walls were covered in glitter and the texture was a tesselated stucco pattern like you used to find on Windows wallpapers back in the 90's. We came back to the living room to cool down and get a grip on reality for a bit. The music was popping, it was so good. Pandora had been planning these songs for us while we were at the beach and she was curious to see how we'd react.  I was talking to my dog when my voice decided to borrow N's mouth for a bit and I was speaking in stereo. He laid his head down on my chest and it felt like his skeleton was made of metal and his skull was a steampunk machine. "Aaaah get off me you're made of metal". "That'ss what I felt about you too!" We sat up and I decided to talk.
Except it was mostly me talking, rambling like I usually do on shrooms about the structure of the universe. The whole of human history stood before me in its intricate web of relationships. The idea of a national identity, the role of President Obama, the life of Galileo, Plato and Pythagoras. There was a strong desire and a pushing of my will out into the universe to bring the next great thinker into our world. Someone who would revolutionize science and force us to completely rewrite our textbooks. I was pontificating about quarks, galaxies and mathematics in a way that makes sense only at that time. I won't even bother going into details here because it's pointless.
One thing that made the night particularly magical was my complete openness with N about things I rarely ever shared with anyone. Secrets about my life and history that I always felt that no one would understand. I poured these into his ears and he understood me. It was like therapy. I came to some closure about my life after studying for the priesthood and leaving seminary, trying to find my new place in the world and go on from there. Then once I started thinking about God and religion, it all made sense. My biases against other people and religions melted away. Then I melted away and became like nothing. Then God melted away and there was just the Universe. Then I was at the energy-death of the entire universe and all was as it should be and nothing that ever happened to anyone ever mattered. Eventually, somehow, I found my way back in my mind, in my body and on the floor next to N. It was good to be back. I was confident in myself, but also humbled and down to earth. A whole human being, for once in my life.
I look at N and kissed him gently. The moment stretched for much longer than what a clock would have told you. Then we talked about all the thoughts that were going through our head during the kiss. I turned off the music, laid next to him and meditated on his presence. In some way I could see inside his mind, and felt like a welcome guest. It was a pleasant moment of silence and long stretching eternity. We got naked and started to explore our bodies which were now more or less normal as we were both coming down from the experience. Everything was moving slowly and comfortably. Eventually we both gave up trying to think and talk and move, and went to bed around 130AM. The total trip lasted around 6 hours.
The next morning, we woke up refreshed and relaxed. We sat around the house watching funny stuff on Netflix and cuddling until it was time to get up and do things in the day. Colors and light outside still seemed fresh, new and crisp. The entire day was completely pleasant and good.

The moral of the story: your trip is whatever you make of it. Be prepared, maintain control, have fun and above all show your respect and gratitude to the Shroom.  

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