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Bad Cannabis Trip.

Fucked Up.

So about 3 or so months back i had the worst trip of my life! (So far, I plan on taking shrooms soon, I'll share that experience when that happens) Well anyway it was me, my brother (M), and
my close friend (L). I am 14, 5'5, and weigh around 100. As you can tell i am very small for my age. I have smoked about 10 times before this incident. Anyway me and my brother were riding on our bikes to L's house who lives about 25 minutes away. Our plan was to meet about halfway with L and go back to his house to smoke. Me and my brother arrived at the spot we were supposed to meet L at, when it started POURING rain. So M and I got cover under a nearby tree. After 5 minutes or so L comes on his bike. He gets off and M and I give him high fives and stuff. We then decided to wait under the tree until the rain stopped. After waiting for 15 minutes talking and stuff the rain never stopped, so we just decided to smoke the weed (dont know what the strain was) me and my brother brought out of my glass pipe.

So we packed the bowl and sparked up. After about the 3rd bowl (we didn't even smoke a gram yet) I began to feel really drowsy and i knew something was not right because we didnt even
smoke that much by then. I ignored it and continued smoking. BAD IDEA! Immediately after the next hit i started seeing little yellow and purple floaters.(Little clouds in your field of vision. Like when you close your eyes and see colors. But your eyes are open, not closed. Look up "floater" on google to see a picture.) At first I ignored them because I get floaters occasionally. But then there started to be more of them, then more! At this point i just wanted to leave and go home i was so scared. I remember i kept on saying "Lets go hurry up!" (For some reason i thought leaving would make me feel better)  There was more and more floaters until i couldn't see anything! There were so many floaters everywhere i couldn't see! It looked like TV static but instead of black and white it was yellow and purple! Then i passed out.

While I was passed out I remember how peaceful it was, how quiet it was. (I hate when I don't feel good and its really loud.) I remember seeing myself in 3rd person. I was in empty space.
I was just floating in nothing. There was nothing around me, just blackness. I remember talking to someone, i don't know who it was, I just remember talking to someone. I don't even know what we where talking about. It felt like we were talking for an eternity. Then i woke up, on the wet floor. L and M helped me up. I convinced them i was joking around even thought i wasn't. Everything was really bright, even after we got on our bikes. It wasn't "vivid" or anything, just bright. It looked like if you take a picture and put it in Photoshop and turned up the brightness. We then went to L's house.

Conclusion- I don't know why that even happened. I barely smoked any. I thought maybe it was laced but L and M didn't feel anything different. I dont know.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.


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