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My first trip


So I had my first trip last night, and I must say I was very pleased. I had just a really strong level 2 and when people say you really can't understand it till you do it they are so right. I tripped with one of my friends, we both had like 1.7 dry. Has anybody ever put the shrooms in a peanut butter sandwich? It was a little hard to eat lol. We had others people there with us but they weren't tripping, just drunk.  I'll be honest I was really nervous about the trip but when it started everything just fell into place.  I didn't throw up, freak out or anything. I've never felt more at peace with everything and the beauty of the world, we just stared at the moon and stars for what seemed like forever. Definitely going to go for round two with a much higher dose next time. I really discovered part of myself this time, now I want to try a level 3 or 4 trip.

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