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1st trip w/ others

Alright i haven't shroomed in about 4 months on good mushies in about 4 months since Albany,Ny phish show.

Alright i haven't shroomed in about 4 months on good mushies in about 4 months since Albany,Ny phish show. I finally find these mushrooms in town which is usually dry and if u get any mushrooms they are usually horrible, but finally i got excellent mushies:) I get into the kids car and examine every bag he has they look really small but i take a closer look and they are totally blue and have gold on them:) right there i decided the kid had a deal. I get home around 6:30 and eat at 8:00 just so i can get everything situated before i started to mushroom. This is my first experience shrooming with any other person i have shroomed by myself 10 times and never did it with anyone else. Boy was i in for a suprise me and my friends D and A decided to eat all of are bags about 30mins apart so we each down them , and they tasted great. We each wait for it to hit us and then bang all of us had smiles on are faces and having a great time we start wandering in are normal hangout spot in the woods and check out the sky and the forest. By this time it was getting to be a level 2 trip excellent body feeling and decent visuals this was about an hour into it so i knew i was in for a fun nite tonight:) When i started tripping hard strangers came by and stopeed to talk to us but i got really bad vibes and got frecked out so i ran away and went home. I decided to bypass my parents and get on the computer as fast as possible but when i look at the screen i start seeing mass colors and about 30 faces all over the puter then i take a look at my wall and it starts hitting me with it breathing. By now i knew i was in a level 3 heading to 4 possibilty. So i decided to get off the puter and got listen to some music:) my pick allman brothers and SCI. I start playing some nice video games but i feel like i am the brain of the universe and start thinking about why human life is so fragile and hard , for the rest of my trip i start figuring out the universe peice by peice so i started to figure to much out but of course:) and decided to lay down and when i feel asleep for about an hour i knew the answer to life but to my suprise forgot it rather quickly:( and then i went back to sleep again and i woke up staring at my wall thinkingi was in heaven which i was kinda in a sense:) This was the 2nd most intense trip i have ever experienced in my life on shooms if i had the chance i will do it again and again:0 hope yeah liked my tale
andi will right about my new lev 5 trip experience some other time:)
happy shroooomin

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