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Recap of my first trip

Two grams of Golden teacher

On my first shroom trip I took around two grams of Golden Teacher%u2019s. It wasn%u2019t the most intense trip, and it didn%u2019t come with any serious self realisations. It was fun though, and definitely a beginning of me becoming a calmer, less egocentric and at the same time more confident and more loving person. (I apologize for my english in advance)

1. Countryside it is.

We step outside of the car. There are four of us - a jolly crew of film students with a bag full of shrooms. I'm a virgin in this - nothing but weed in my resume. Same goes for our lone female member of the crew, M. Both she and I are excited and scared about the things to come. It%u2019s a warm and windy summer afternoon. We are in the countryside - the lack of all seeing, judgemental eyes of fashion experts encourage us to wear something more comfortable. We get to the point where all of us agree that we look ridiculous enough for the journey that lays ahead. It's time to pack our gear and go into the unknown.

2. Waiting for the Unknown.

For now the meadow looks just like a meadow should - mainly green. It took us around half an hour to get here. We find a nice spot next to a wooden huntsmen tower - these are going to be the headquarters of our trip. We cover the grass with the blankets we took with us and get comfortable. K - the most experienced member of the crew gives us each a handful of dry, rather ugly looking mushrooms. I take a bite - not as bad as I was told. Moments later our bellies are full. K looks at me and smiles as if he was a giant black guy with a deep sexy voice sayin ''oooooooooh yeah''.

The wait begins. Twenty minutes have passed and I notice that the final member of our crew, C,  has this stupid grin of satisfaction on his face. K explains that C is already there - he always gets there first. Another twenty minutes pass and I have this weird feeling in my belly - that little tickle that you get from driving down a tiny hump at a high speed soon spreads through my whole body. I lay down and try to relax. Suddenly a weird sound makes me turn my head around - there is nothing there. I look at the clouds and burst into an exponentially growing roar of laughter.

3. This is how they invented the telephone.

We all are laughing for no apparent reason. A dialogue is played out in my head.

-Wait! Are those clouds moving?-

-Of course they are moving - ever heard of wind?-

-Nah dude! Take a closer look. They are actually moving!-

-Oh shit! You're right!-

Ten minutes (or ten hours) have passed and I have this sudden urge to get up. I get up. I look around. Can someone please explain what the fuck has happened to... everything? Where to begin... Ok, so the clouds have turned into acrylic that is melting in a blue sea formerly known as the sky, those trees in the distance are performing a sensual dance to the beat of a hot R'n'B tune and my crew is looking even more ridiculous than before now that their faces are morphing nonstop. On top of that someone has color corrected my vision. It's hard to describe the new look in terms of color change, but one thing is certain - this is how I want the world to look from now on.

- Fuck yeah! The colors are amazing!

- K? -

- Yes? -

- Did you just read my thoughts? -

- No! You were thinking aloud.

- Oh... -

I disconnect from the group although this happens only physically for there is a sort of mental bond between the four of us. Everything is too much to take in so I start framing my surroundings - I look at one thing for a while, then cut to something else, and then come back to first thing again. It feels like I hear more than I should and see more than I ever could - this makes me feel grateful and I enjoy the moment as much as I've ever had.

It feels like I'm 100 meters away from rest of my friends. They seem so very far, but I can still see them clearly. C's face looks green - dark kind of green.

- Dude, your face looks weird! -

- You%u2019re the one to talk. -

- Wait! What? You can hear me? -

- Yes! -

I take ten steps back and quietly ask

- Now? -

- Loud and clear. -

I turn around so he can%u2019t read my lips

- Now? -

- Yes, I still hear you! -

- Wow! I guess this how they invented the telephone! -

4. I shut up and the time stops.       

The visual intensity is at it%u2019s peak. I feel happy. I feel connected with everything - my skin is connected to the molecules of air, my feet melt into the grass. This is beautiful. We ask how M is doing. She is just laying on the blanket and listening to the classical music in her head. Well good for her.

Suddenly I feel something touching me. Again. And again. It turns out to be the rain. Everybody is starting to panic - we weren%u2019t prepared for rain. It doesn%u2019t bother me that much though. I can tell it%u2019s raining pretty hard, yet when I touch my sweater it seems perfectly dry. A beautiful and ridiculous thought strikes my head.

- It doesn%u2019t matter how hard it%u2019s raining, it%u2019s all about how wet one gets! -

We hide under the huntsmen tower. I take a look around - it%u2019s not the rain coming down from the clouds, it%u2019s clouds themselves that have decided to drop in for a visit. I suddenly feel everything becoming very quiet.

- Guys! You hear the same thing? -

- What? -

- It%u2019s so quiet... -

- Yeah! It%u2019s because you are not talking anymore. -

This makes me feel guilty. Have I made everyone%u2019s trip horrible because of my annoying babbling? Are they just pretending to have fun with me? Am I having fun? What am I doing here in the middle of nowhere, stuffing my face with illegal substances?

These thoughts race through my head while I notice a waterdrop that seems to have stopped in the mid air. I%u2019m still watching it fall. How much time has it been? Ten minutes? Ten hours? A year?


After that the intensity of the trip dropped together with the intensity of rain. Listening to Nicholas Jaar%u2019s %u2018%u2019To many kids find a rain in the dust%u2019%u2019 we marched back to the cottage we stayed in. We then drank whiskey and shared our experiences with one another. I slept like a baby.

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